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Luis Fernando Newbie
Hey guys- so I have a skar monoblock amp being fed by an LC2i loc, I just upgraded it  recently from a passive loc and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on tuning this set up. My main issue is that I want to use the bass knob that feeds into the bass boost on my amp since I already have that installed, but I still want to take advantage of the accubass on the lc2i as well so I’m not losing any possible signal from factory roll off. How would you guys go about pairing these two for the best, clean and boomy bass? Do I even need accubass from the lc2i if my amp already provides bass boost?

p.s I tried to ask my local car audio store owner and he was literally no help, told me to do it by ear and hope for the best


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both are just artificial bass boosts and the one at your amp is more centered around 45hz while the accubass tends to boost all around, i'd use that one over the amp bass boost and bass control on the LOC. Just use the main and accubass relatively high so your gains on your amp doesnt have to be too high.

Key things to remember,

- Set gains with your hardest hitting song, not a test tone, a 0 db test tone will leave you pigeonholed for output and you play music not test tones.

- if it stops getting louder or gets super loud all of the sudden and stops getting louder as you turn up the gains, You've already gone past clipping point, back it off.

- Play for a minute and check woofer coil and amp temperatures then keep checking every minute for the first 3 minutes then do a 10 minute run to see how hot either of your gear gets and lower gains if needed.

if you arent getting the output you want, consider tapping into a different speaker source or going to a head unit or grabbing a dayton dsp and bluetooth dongle.

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