1. R

    (1) Sundown ZV6 2-OHM 12" 2500W RMS - Suggestions on Automotive Electrical Help and Amplifier Recommendation Needed

    I currently own a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier that I am currently building a subwoofer install in. My complete and current installs: New Kenwood KDC-BT378U radio with built-in speaker amp, All new door and deck speakers. (COMPLETE) Big 3 Kit, Mechman 270 AMP Alternator, (1) Sundown ZV6 12" 2-OHM...
  2. T

    Indoor audio setup

    I'm building a portable speaker with car auto parts, I have a 1000w amp for the full range and a 2000w for the 4 subs. The last power supply I had for it was a 12v 40A and I blew it up because it couldn't handle it. I'm wondering what I need to get In order to power the thing.
  3. blakemcdonnell

    Subwoofer / Amp Issues

    I recently recieved this sub/amp setup from my uncle for my birthday. 600W MegaVox Competition Amp and 2 x 10" Marathon subs in a Marathon competition sub box. I have a 200W power supply that I used to test them as they are 20-25 years old. When connected to the 200W (12V @ 18A) power supply the...
  4. R

    System power load and source calculation help please!

    The system I’m building is, in comparison to some I’ve seen, mediocre, but I want it to perform flawlessly and rather maintenance free. Here is what I’m currently running. This is a 2002 Cadillac Escalade base, not EXT HU: Alpine ilx-207(4v pre-outs) powered via vehicle ignition. Was using all 6...
  5. R

    New Radio Not Turning On

    Hello hello, So, I recently purchased a new radio for my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I bought the wiring harness and antenna adapter, and went to hook everything up, but the radio didn't come on. I checked the wires with a multimeter and my ground and constant wires seem to be fine...
  6. A

    Adding capacitor to the power of the reciever

    I was planning of doing something like this video so that my stereo does not power off and loose bluetooth connection when the starter kicks. This will only power the reciever, and will not run any amplifiers. But I do not know if it is 100% safe or if pre made kits are available for this...
  7. KoolMuziK🎼🔊🔊

    Kxa1600.1 is it enough?

    Hi guys, new here, sorry if asking the same question. Please help! (Speakers) 2 12inch L7S in kicker ported box wired at 2 ohm. (Amplifier) kxa 1600.1 mono Is this enough to get that rumbling bass? I 1st installed it and i know it has potential. But my 1st time with the kicker brand. I feel...
  8. G

    Combining Power for Amps

    I am planning out my install and want to run a single power cable from the battery to the trunk, then split into two 4 gauge cables to power a sub amp and a speaker amp. Each are rated for 4 gauge power. My thought is to use a larger fuse at the battery and then 2 individual fuses at the split...
  9. Hags222

    Basic question about calculating RMS and total wattage of my set up

    This question may be quite straight forward, but I cannot find an answer anywhere. I am new to this forum but I found the formula to ballpark estimate my total amperage. I do not understand one part. When you calculate this, do you add up the total RMS of the amplifier AND the subwoofers it will...
  10. Cuznfkr

    1ohm and 2ohm model?

    I am new to car audio , anyway , the taramps HD3k has a 1ohm and a 2ohm version , does this mean 1/2ohm stable or does this mean it will produce 3k at 1/2ohms?
  11. B

    COMPLETED Looking for RF hx2 D4, Punch power 501bd

    Putting together an old skool system for my summer toy. Currently have 2 OG rf amps, looking for a punch power 501bd and hx2 10" { d2 or d4 doesn't matter to complete it}. I would be interested in a few different amps though. 551s,500a2,p600.1bd, if its fairly old school 2 channel or mono and...
  12. P

    Help with alternator/battery upgrade

    Hi people, first post here and I'm building my first system. I will be running an Orion XTR-2500.1Dz amp powering an HCCA 12" black coil sub. I've currently got a 150a alternator on the stock electrical in my Mk7 transit sport. My question is what alternator/battery combo will I need. The amp is...
  13. A

    Subwoofer RMS question

    Hi! I recently removed my subs in my ford escape because I wanted to get my cargo room back and am forced to use a shallow 8" subwoofer for the factory enclosure. So I bought the MB Quart DS1-204. It's a 200w rms and 400w max sub. Anyway! The sub channel on the amp I have in the car says...
  14. Woofer install!

    Woofer install!

    2 Fosgate T213 woofers. Box is 8.43CF after bracing and displacement, tuned at 35hz. 148.6 DB trunk build
  15. Woofer install!

    Woofer install!

    2 Fosgate T213 woofers. Box is 8.43CF after bracing and displacement, tuned at 35hz. 148.6 DB trunk build
  16. 1


    What secound battery would i need for a orion hcca 12.4 2000rms 4000 peak also will be running a pioneer 4 channel around 320 rms
  17. H

    No sound comeing from speakers, no power to amp

    Last night everything was working fine, sounding like it should and this morning i woke up and had no sound comeing from my speakers. I get power to my radio, and it is showing that its playing but its not, im not even getting static. Pulled over, popped my trunk, and the amp isnt even powered...
  18. J

    Subs losing power

    Ok so i have a 15" 3600W pyle subwoofer hooked up to a 1000W amp. I just put this in a few days ago and ive noticed that when i first turn my music on, the sub hits but it definitely doesnt hit like it should. The second thing ive noticed is that after playing my music for about 15 minutes the...
  19. J

    Subs losing power

    Ok so i have a 15" 3600W pyle subwoofer hooked up to a 1000W amp. I just put this in a few days ago and ive noticed that when i first turn my music on, the sub hits but it definitely doesnt hit like it should. The second thing ive noticed is that after playing my music for about 15 minutes the...
  20. adulbrich

    Too many power/ground runs?

    Ok, so I crunched some numbers today after cutting holes. I have enough wire and lugs to do sixteen runs of power and another 16 of ground with my Sky High 2/0 OFC. Now, I'm not completely stupid. That's wayyyyy overkill for just about anything. My question for yall' is how many runs you...
  21. bs199sg

    Upgrading My Electrical System

    Hey, I am looking to upgrade my 2007 ford focus SE 2.0l's electrical for my system. I have a 5000 watt sub amp and a 600 watt door amp. I know I'm running the stock alt, so that's 120 amp max. Aka that's around 1600 watts max. There are 2 4 gauge wires running to the amps. I'm looking at a 370...
  22. L

    Amp power...setting gains and ohms law HELP

    I'm a teenager in high school with a cheap setup in my car. I realize my components are low end and bad but don't try and bash me too hard. Anyways, I have a 4 channel 1000w what amp... which is 90w RMS a channel. Currently I am running 2 6x9s, which are 60w rms each, on individual channels...
  23. S

    Power concerns

    My question is if my car can handle my amplifier and if not why do I need so it can? I've been putting a sound system together piece by piece for about 4 weeks now I bought a 1600 watt massive audio amp and 2 1400 watt 12' pioneer champion series I'm currently waiting on the box to arrive and...
  24. C

    Car Amp Cuts Out - Please Help!

    I have a pioneer GM-D8601. After hooking up, i turned the car to ACC and set the amp gains. Later when I turned the car all the way on to drive it out of my garage, the amp's power was way less. It sounded a lot quieter. I experimented and still can't find the issue. Occasionally with the car on...
  25. O

    HIfonics Brx 1600

    Review of Amplifier: Post name, details and review of the equipment you're reviewing. This forum is for reviews only! No questions should be posted! I know everyone loves the subject of hifonics and many are wondering about the new brx series. A couple days a go i received my brx 1600 in the...
  26. T

    Power Inverter Questions

    Hey guys i'm just wondering if i plug a 300w inverter into the 12V outlet in my car will it kill my battery faster than a 140W inverter would? or does it only draw what it needs for the appliance plugged into it?
  27. F

    Batteries for SAZ-3500D

    None of the "special" car audio batteries will work because the shipping for these are like the price of the battery itself (at least the places that I've seen). What exactly are the specs that I'm supposed to be looking at as far as voltage drop for the load of the amp? Are AGM's the only...
  28. S

    NEED Advice on What speakers to get

    I need help on what speakers to buy! I have a 4 channel Kicker amp (650 RMS) powering a pair of 6.5's, 5.25's, and 2 dome tweeters. I'm thinking I need at least 100 watts RMS each speaker, but not sure what to get. I would ask the shop that did my complete install, but they assured me my focals...
  29. tpatten12345

    Getting an optima red top.

    Last week I ordered an optima red top for my car, it is scheduled to come in in another week. This morning on my way to work my cars battery died so later today i am going to buy another optima red top locally. Currently i only have a 90 amp stock alternator however in the near future I will be...
  30. L

    Do I have enough power? Help!

    Hey guys, first post! I have a question about the current setup I'm getting ready to install: So far I have: -(2) 12" MTX Terminators in a closed box, 400 watts RMS each -(1) MTX Terminator TNA251 amp at 250 Watts RMS -(2) 6.5" 3-way Kenwood KFC-1664S at 35 Watts RMS -(2) 6" x 9" 4-way...
  31. P

    Help! 2 Batteries or one big one?

    Hello! i have an 03 civic coupe and a Crescendo BC2000D on all stock electrical. Stock Battery and Stock alternator.. I have done the big 3 and i am very close to putting it all together but the questions is.. Should i replace the front battery with a good ~100ah battery or stick with the same...
  32. willfordbrimlee

    3 Obsidian Audio 15's

    Thinking about running 3 obsidian audio 15's and was wondering how much power you guys think should be ran to them, since they are conservatively rated for 600 watts a piece?
  33. I

    Powering a JL 12W6V2

    Right now im running my JLw6V2 at 8 ohms on a Solid Audio F11D, Its receiving around 200rms. I was wondering if it the JL could handle being run at at 2 ohms for 760rms abouts? From what ive ready its been usually mixed advice and opinion so far on whether it would be wise to.
  34. T

    Boat wiring help

    I am installing a sound system in the boat and have multiple questions. Any help is appreciated. I have run the power and ground under the dash. Since the boat is all fiberglass, my only option for a ground is the battery, making my ground wire 10' or so. What problems could this present? I...
  35. fieryhooligan

    Looking for some Power Wire (1, 1/0, 2/0)

    Hey there. Looking to upgrade the electrical in my car. Want to do a dual battery setup. Looking for some long thick power cable. 1/0 or 2/0 would be best, but would do 1Ga if its high quality. Would LOVE some flex a prene or other welding cable. Would love to get 50' on a roll, but 2x 25'...
  36. S

    500W 12V to ±45V DC-DC convertor for car audio

    Item(s) for Sale: 500W 12V to ±45V DC-DC convertor for car audio Item(s) Description/Condition: http://www.siliconray.com/index.php/500w-12v-to-45v-car-audio-power-supply-module.html Description This is absolute a super cool and MUST HAVE product as a audio DIYer! It convert 12V of car...
  37. S

    help with xplod 222w amp

    hey guys i know it's an average as amp, but it does the job.. just have a quick question for anyone that has owned one. i just finished installing it into my 68 beetle. it's all working sweet as and actually sounds alright. when i finished i noticed that the power protector light was on (and...
  38. R

    New Rockford Fosgate T1's are BEAST!

    I work at a car audio shop. the 2010/2011 Power T1 subs are insane. 12" 800RMS. In a big slot ported box with more than enough power they are crazy loud. Power rating is very, very conservative. On 1000RMS it barely tickles it, even after extended periods. The voice coil cooling is absolutely...
  39. kyle3194

    Need Switched Power

    Hey everyone, I'm working on my cousins '05 GMC, and i need a switched power source. The guy he bought if from had one running to the fuse box in place of the 4wd, but it was just basically stuffed in there. We are wanting to find a different area to run it to, one that will be more stable...
  40. S

    Amplifier Issue

    First post in this thread, I hope I do a thorough job. Alright so I'm planning to use a car subwoofer AT HOME. I was planning on using the Renegade GTR1200 subwoofer. 300 watts RMS, 4 ohm impedence, comes with enclosure. The problem I have when buying an amp, (which is what I need advice with)...