Subs losing power


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Jan 24, 2016
St louis
Ok so i have a 15" 3600W pyle subwoofer hooked up to a 1000W amp. I just put this in a few days ago and ive noticed that when i first turn my music on, the sub hits but it definitely doesnt hit like it should. The second thing ive noticed is that after playing my music for about 15 minutes the bass barely even hits at all. It seems like it just starts losing power after i start playing music and this happens every time. Anyone know what my problems could be or have any suggestions? Anything would be appreciated.




Nov 6, 2013
1. Check the wiring of the subs. Make sure the connections are solid.

2.Have you tried adjusting your amplifier? Try increasing your gain.

3.Is your low pass filter on the correct setting?

4. Lastly, try using another amplifier to see if its your sub or the amplifier. The amplifier may be bad.

Good luck.

Read the instruction that cam with your amplifier. Is it capable of driving your sub.



Oct 14, 2015
antioch, ca
I had the same problem and found out it was due to not having a good enough electrical system ie ho alt/batts

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