Opinions on a single Kicker L7S?


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Nov 1, 2017
Kansas City
Hey y'all! First post here so please forgive any errors.

Anyways, I recently bought a 2014 Taurus (my 2011 was recently totaled) and I'm shopping around for a sub to put in it. I had 2 12" Kicker Comp R's in my last one and enjoyed them. However, I'm a guitar player that hauls a lot of gear around so this time around I'm trying to save some space and go with a single sub setup. I'm leaning heavily towards the pre-enclosed 12" Kicker L7S (the all black one not the black and silver L7) but can't find any reviews floating around for it. They're all about the standard L7.

My questions are, will it provide me with enough low end (since I'm coming off of 2 12's) and how is the quality of this sub?

I'm running an Kenwood Excelon KAC-X812D and the sub will be wired at 2ohm. The amp will put out 913W RMS at that impedance.

Thanks ahead of time!


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