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Audio System Setup

Found 5 results

  1. I have a fusion fp-402 amp connected to two sony xplod subs , there hasnt been a problem with it since i connected them at home about 1,5 years ago , just last night i turned them up and they were cutting out , when the volume is turned up the protection light starts flickering when the bass hits , the amp is also powered by a 620w pc powersupply
  2. Sundownaudio01

    Help! Sub not acting right. Is it blown?

    Okay so I’ve had this Sundown Audio SA-10 v2 in my car for about 1-2 years. It’s been running at 1000 watts rms which is 250 over spec however everything I read up on said these subs could take way more than that. Anyways here in the past few days the sub had been cutting out making very little autible noise in the cab of my car. However it’s still moving and I’ve attached a video of what sound it makes. Thought Maybe tinsel slap or something of the sort? Don’t think it’s overpower and topping out because I’ve ran it exactly like this since I’ve had it. Could it be blown? I’m going to test impedance tomorrow and will update just looking for a quick response If anyone knows what this is. 4D4E29B8-1524-44E0-A390-13CCCD33BA21.MOV
  3. I recently installed 2 6x9 Alpine SPR-69 speakers in my 2012 F-150. I added an Alpine MRV-F300 amp to power all speakers. The headunit is a Kenwood DDX9703S. It sounds ok but something seems off with the distortion and can't get the clear bass I'm after. I'm wondering if having 2 way speakers in the front doors now with the factory tweeters still hooked up is causing issues with Ford's factory crossover? I've messed around with every setting on the amp and headunit and just can't seem to get it right. I was thinking about moving the SPR 2 way speakers to the rear doors and just installing component speakers up front. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. So I have a somewhat crappy aftermarket head unit (Boss 460BRGB) so that if my car is broken into and it is stolen it wont be too bad a hit. Anyways I recently installed a Hifonics Zeus ZXX-1000.4 amp for my 4 kenwood 6x9 speakers. The two door 6x9s are rated at 115w rms at 4 ohm and the rear 6x9s are rated at 45w rms at 4 ohm. The amp is able to deliver 125w at 4 ohm x4. I have the amp set at a low voltage until I am able to correctly set it. The amp is connected to the head unit through 2 sets of rca cables. For some reason when I turn the head unit past half way the speakers start smelling and burning up. There is no possible way the amp is delivering more that 45w rms at that low a volume. Before I added the amp the head unit by its self was able to hit 115db with the same speakers. The head unit can supposedly output 18w rms x4. With the amp added the speakers start smelling at 110db. The only possible way I can figure this is if the head unit is delivering serious distortion through the rca output which is amplified by the amp and causes the speakers to rapidly heat up. This is quite annoying problem because I am now getting less out of the system with the additional amp and would prefer not to destroy my 6x9s. My question is do head units put distortion/ clipping into the rca outputs? Should I upgrade the head unit or upgrade the speakers to ones with higher rms rating?
  5. I'm having an issue with my new car audio setup at high volumes. My head unit goes to 50, but after 35 or so the high and low pitch noises become distorted; the mid level pitches sound fine. I have pre-amp wiring going from my head unit to my amp that pushes 60 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms to my speakers that take 6-60 watts RMS (120 watts peak power). The only issue I can see in the distortion is the fact that I ran wiring from the amp back up to the head and spliced it into the original speaker wires. That, or I need an amp with a higher RMS. Any thoughts?