The Société des Automobiles Alpine SAS, commonly known as Alpine (French pronunciation: [alpin(ə)]), is a French manufacturer of sports cars and racing cars established in 1955. The Alpine car marque was created in 1954.
Jean Rédélé, the founder of Alpine, was originally a Dieppe garage proprietor who began to achieve success in motorsport with one of the few French cars that were produced just after the Second World War, the Renault 4CV. The company has been closely related to Renault through its history, and was bought by it in 1973.The Alpine competition department merged into Renault Sport in 1976 and the production of Alpine-badged models ceased in 1995.
The Alpine brand was relaunched with the 2017 introduction of the new Alpine A110. In January 2021, as part of a company revamp, Renault announced that Renault Sport was again merged into Alpine to form an Alpine business unit.

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  1. I

    Upgrading hesd unit in a 2016 Ram 1500

    I have a 2016 Ram 1500 Quad cab with the base stereo system. I've wanted to upgrade things for a while. Last year I ordered a simple, single DIN Alpine from Crutchfield. It came with what I thought was everything for the install, but after tearing everything apart there was one connection coming...
  2. B

    Alpine MRX-M100 opinions?

    I have an Alpine MRX-M100 mono amp. Are they any good? Worth installing? It’s never seen power bnib so I am considering selling it. Any idea what it’s worth on the various marketplaces in Canada. the Info is appreciated Thank you
  3. AnthonyO

    All Alpine speakers

    Well I decided to go all Alpine speakers. 2 - S2W10D4 subs Running off Stinger MT1000.1 2 - Sets of S2-S65C components Running off Audio Control ACM4.300
  4. S

    Alpine iLX-F511E Unit, Poor Features for the Price (My opinion)

    Evening, New Member, I have just purchased and installed an "Alpine iLX-F511E" into our motorhome, to update the system and after starting it up for the first time, I have been very disappointed with the features of the unit, for the price that this unit is. Would welcome responses from other...
  5. lista

    Speakers have to be unplugged and replugged to work (Alpine - MR2)

    Hey all, I’ve recently installed an Alpine CDA-7846J paired with an MDA-5050, and also wired in an FM modulator. Everything was working fine yesterday (see video: ), but now everything is working fine other than my speakers. The issue I’m facing is that I have to unplug, and then re-plug in...
  6. lista

    Silver disc - Alpine CDA-7846J

    Hi All, this is my first post here - I’ve recently picked up an Alpine CDA-7846J for my car, and I heard a rattling in the unit and found this (pictured) - does anybody know what this is, and if so, where it needs to go? Hoping to try and get it sorted and in my car in the next week or so - any...
  7. Chrisefta

    alpine 3522 amp

    I Found an Alpine 3522 amp but no manual to go with it, and was wondering what info was out there, and how good they were. My dad said it still works but, he couldn't recall anything about it.
  8. Spectre412

    Alpine ilx-w650 USB Shuffle mess

    For anyone that has an Alpine ilx-w650, do you have a crappy shuffle feature when using a USB or is it just me? A little background, I have around 1200 MP3s on a 32 GB USB flash drive and it's plugged into my Alpine ilx-w650 (I use CarPlay, but I don't feel like plugging/unplugging my phone...
  9. A

    Alpine DDDrive 12 (DDW-F30A) Value

    Hi all! I have (2) fairly rare/ specialized subs- brand new in the box- Alpine DDDrive 12- DDW-F30A… I was hoping someone could tell me roughly what they worth… I know like 15 years ago they were Alpine’s flagship model. But I have no idea what they are worth now. (And yes, I know something is...
  10. L

    Speaker recommendation

    Hi there, I have a 01 Chevy Silverado, and have a new engine and other items replaced. Currently it has an Alpine CDA 7894 which has a rms of 27x4W, freq response 5-20000Hz and 105dB signal to noise Ratio. It’s old i know, maybe later I will upgrade them. For now, I am looking for 6.5...
  11. F

    Floating ground adapter not working in combination with KTP-445A mini amp [For the old timers!]

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my situation (probably fairly obsolete these days) Quick rundown of the parts: Ford E250 camper - has "common ground" speaker wiring. Only one ground is shared between all speaker positives. Alpine UTE-BT73 head unit - has "floating...
  12. Richard F1

    COMPLETED Alpine PKG-M780 Headrest Video PackageDual 7" LCD video monitors $400

    Alpine PKG-M780 Headrest Video Package Dual 7" LCD video monitors pair of 7" LCD video headrest monitors mounting kits connection box 2 pairs of dual-channel IR headphones (requires AAA batteries) 3 audio/video inputs (2 dedicated, one selectable) works with Alpine's KCE-415i Video iPod...
  13. S

    Alpine IDA-X301

    Hey guys! I just bought an of course used Alpine IDA-X301 for my e46. I read that it has iphone support. I was wondering if it still works with the new iphones too because the latest iphone that is mentioned in the manual is the 3g :S Is there anyone who has one and can confirm that the...
  14. gduncanson

    Alpine ut-73bt controls for Subwoofer?

    The 73bt has dedicated rca outputs for a sub and a setting under Audio for enabling the SUB. I've installed a KTP-445A amp inline to boost the radio's amp for it's front and rear speaker output. The SUB is an Infinity Bass link II connected to the RCA sub outputs. I've tinkered with a few...
  15. G

    Head unit cutting in and out

    Hello all, I have been having an issue with my head unit lately and need some help. Whenever a song with decent bass is playing and I turn the volume past 20 every time the bass hits the music cuts out and the head unit goes black for a split second then comes back and keeps playing but the...
  16. tvnner

    ISO any alpine graphic equalizers

    ISO any alpine graphic equalizers for sale pxa-h510, era-g320, 3342, mda-5755 let me know what you go, PayPal ready‼️ 808-855-5166
  17. Y

    What RMS should my amp have when paired with a Kicker Comp R 10" DVC 4ohm (48CWR104) sub in a BRZ?

    What RMS should my amp have when paired with a Kicker Comp R 10" DVC 4ohm (48CWR104) sub in a BRZ? Going to connect the DVC in parallel to form 2ohm at the amp.
  18. H

    Amplifier Integration into 2014 F150 w/Sony Amplified system:

    The original Sony sound system in my F150 sounds ho hum. It does not allow streaming music to go too loud and needs way more base than the little 10 inch sub-woofer under the rear right seat is capable of. I will be installing an PAC AmpPRO amplifier bypass to add Alpine amplifiers for front...
  19. MilitiaRobbo

    Diodes on Head Unit’s Negative?

    Hey Everyone, Robbo here, from Australia. I have been facing a hiss sound with my Nissan Patrol for months. I have taken it to multiple car audio installers and their complete failures owe me nearly $1,500AUD in labour fee’s. To test the theory of it being a faulty head-unit, I took it out of...
  20. 8

    COMPLETED Alpine G320 Brain

    Looking for just the brain let me know what you have.
  21. A

    Alpine Single Din vs Double Din Connecter

    Hey there everyone, Have a dumb question and wanted to get some help before I purchased anything. I currently have a single din CDE-164BT ( installed in my 93 MR2 Turbo. Purchased the correct harness and everything is...
  22. O

    COMPLETED Lookin For Alpine 3339 EQ and 4932 Kit

    Looking to recreate stereo had in high school, car is completing restoration and will soon be shipping to me. Ideally would like to get started on stereo shortly thereafter, but am in need for a good condition 3339. Also very interested if you have also or only the optional 3339 quick...
  23. doodlen03

    COMPLETED Alpine CVA 1005 with NAVI unit

    Hello everyone! I am selling this unit-Alpine CVA 1005 +NAVI unit-Alpine NVE 852a(navi disc included) + remote-Alpine RUE-4190 +manuals. Everything works like new I can send pics or videos if interested. It came with the old merc that I bought from Italy. Have a nice holidays!
  24. S

    Sub not hitting like it should

    Hi I am looking for some insight into why I'm not getting the performance I'm looking for, I have seen videos on YouTube with smaller amps shaking cars to s**t. The Sub is a Alpine Type R-10d4 wired to 2 ohm load it is in a Scar armor box with a 1" wide kerf port (1.4 ft³ @38hz) the amp is a...
  25. npal_77

    Sub amp issues

    Hey everyone, So I just recently switched my sub and amp to a car I just bought. It's a 05 Acura TL, which has a stereo that's difficult to remove and retain all channels/speakers. I tapped the stock subwoofer remote wire, ran that and my power to the back, tapped the stock sub's signal and ran...
  26. F

    Keeping a constant Bluetooth stream to older Alpine receiver

    Hi everyone, It's my first post here and I have a bit of a technical issue with Bluetooth on my new Alpine UTE-42BT when streaming sound to it from my Pixel 2 Android phone. It's installed in my class B camper van (and home) and wired into the house batteries so that I can use the car's audio...
  27. J

    Will this amp be enough for this sub?

    I'm doing my first sub install and picked out an amp and sub. I choose the Alpine S-W10D4 ( because its the perfect sub for my small sealed enclosure I have but was wondering if this Skar RP-800.1D...
  28. Flaktoaster

    Question: Alpine Track Display

    Hi guys, this is a question for anyone using an Alpine CDE-W235BT or similar models/firmwares. While using Bluetooth audio, the default display is play time elapsed. I can change it to show track name manually, but I cannot find a way to keep it there permanently. Turning the car off and on...
  29. J

    Alpine rw12-d4 making weird noise.

    Hi my alpine rw12-d4 started making this noise shortly after I got it last June. If anyone has any idea what this noise is that would be great before I take it back under warranty.
  30. eric_marciniak

    Why is my car still dropping RPM's when the bass hits?

    So to start things off I have a 2008 Infiniti G35X with the stock head unit with an Alpine MRX-M100 mono amp hooked up using pre-amp the signal going to stock Bose amp, a Singer 200 amp alternator, AGM battery, DC Audio Level 2 wired at 2 ohms and 0 gauge Knukoncepts OFC power and ground. I...
  31. ELS122

    I had this alpine radio which probably was rare idk.

    so I had this alpine "finish line" head unit, it had a 4 track head, cassette player that could switch directions automatically, also had a small LCD at the corner, had a volume pot which doubled as an on/off switch and a balance control, it also had sliders for the high's and low's tone, it had...
  32. daBee

    Alpine CDE-122 MP3 "Unsupported" Issue

    Hi folks. My Alpine CDE-122 car stereo is giving me a headache with some MP3 files that are "Unsupported" (actually, "Unsupport"). I have no clue why. If I have to redo the MP3's, I can, using ffmpeg, but I need to know what the problem is first. Anybody know why this is happening? Anybody...
  33. PsiPhiDan

    Best Upgrade Options for Sonata SE

    Hi Everyone! First post here. I currently have a cheap amp which is doing fine (Crunch PZA900.4 - $65 roughly) powering a pair of coax Polk MM651 and a pair of coax Polk DXi650 (rear). I also have an LC6i since I have a stock head unit. What would be the best next move to improve sound...
  34. ContV

    Boss head and alpine speakers (clipping?)

    Hello, I have just installed a cheapish 80 Watt Boss BVCP9685A and a pair of Alpine SPR-50C (100W) in a Mercedes Sprinter using the factory wires. The crossovers are set to -4db. The problem is the speakers are clipping (or distorting?) as soon as I get to around 30% volume with the twitters...
  35. rfluvinmf

    COMPLETED Alpine MRX-f65

  36. B

    Subwoofer randomly fluctuates up in volume.

    Hey, all I recently just installed an Alpine type S 12" sub in my 2013 Ford Police Interceptor. While I'm driving, the sub randomly spikes up in volume, and then does back down again. There's no coherent pattern that would link it to acceleration or braking. Some context: Ive got a Clarion...
  37. F

    Audio randomly goes very loud on rear right speakers

    Hi there, Ive bought a 2015 Yukon slt with an aftermarket setup that gives me some issues. From what I found out I have the Bose oem amp audio that goes to the JBL MS-8 and from there to an Alpine pdx v9. From the alpine using passive crossovers (1 for each front side and 1 for the rear 2nd...
  38. Deleted User

    20hz-20khz on a budget. Critics welcomed.

    Not everything is pictured, like the Infinity MX20 I installed in the coin tray and the ashtray, or the JBL GTO19T in an empty button slot and center console, both of which are running on deck power from the Alpine UTE73BT as an add on because the Rockfords were inefficient. Just didnt want the...
  39. KSB

    Upgraded speakers and subwoofer

    Hello, recently got a car (2000 Suzuki Wagon R+ 1.2) and not satisfied with the current audio setup. Bought an Alpine UTE-200BT head unit for Bluetooth connectivity and USB and fitted it, works a dream. However, I'm not satisfied with the current speakers in the car. From what I can find it only...
  40. D

    Bad to run 120rms to 100rms speakers

    I have alpine type r 6x9’s and was wondering if I bought the alpine Xa-70f amp that’s rated for 120rms to run the speakers which call for 00rm but 600 watt max ? Thanks