Best Upgrade Options for Sonata SE

Which is the best next upgrade?

  • Option 1 (Custom components)

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  • Option 2 (Amplifier upgrade)

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  • Option 3 (Sound deadening)

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  • Option 4 (Upgrade rears)

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  • Option 5 (Head unit upgrade)

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  • Option 6 (Other)

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PsiPhiDan Newbie
Dec 3, 2019
Plainfield, IL
Hi Everyone! First post here. I currently have a cheap amp which is doing fine (Crunch PZA900.4 - $65 roughly) powering a pair of coax Polk MM651 and a pair of coax Polk DXi650 (rear). I also have an LC6i since I have a stock head unit.

What would be the best next move to improve sound quality?

Option 1: Convert coax fronts to component
-I would buy a pair of Polk tweeters ($50) and mount them in the sails of the doors. Reroute wires from external crossover (that currently go with in tweeters mounted to the woofer of the MMs) to the new tweeters. Should elevate sound stage a bit and replicate component speakers.

Option 2: Upgrade amp
-I can get my hands on an Alpine MRX-F35 for $100. I assume this would be a pretty nice upgrade over the Crunch, but would I noticed any improvement in sound quality? It's class D and my current amp is class A/B... Should I be worried about that? I assume Alpine is much better quality compared to Crunch.

Option 3: Deaden sound in doors
-Buy a couple Dynamat kits and do the doors, minimally.

Option 4: Upgrade rears
-I could get a pair of MM651s to match my fronts for about $65.

Option 5: Upgrade head unit
-This is probably off the table for the time being due to budget issues. It's definitely something I'd like to do down the road.

Option 6: other?
-No idea!

What would be the best bang for your buck upgrade, where I'll actually notice improvements and be happy with my purchase? My current plan is to implement 1 and 2 next, with 4 as a distant 3rd option. I'm very torn about the amp though. I just worry I'll sink $100 into an amp and not notice any difference whatsoever. How important is amp quality?

Thanks in advance everyone!


nauc Veteran
10+ year member
Mar 22, 2005
what DONT you like? not loud enough? not enough bass or treble? features?

PsiPhiDan Newbie
Dec 3, 2019
Plainfield, IL
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what DONT you like? not loud enough? not enough bass or treble? features?
Great question - I wish I had a better answer. I think overall, it's sound quality I'd like to improve, especially midrange. The details (cymbals, and high effects especially) sound amazing. The bass will be improved with my sub. Sometimes the mids just seem a bit... Muddy? Things get all smooshed together and I don't feel like it's high quality sound. Volume is no issue, but any amplified sound system has no problem being loud. I want to feel like I'm at a concert. I want to hear separation between instruments clearly, have a wider sound stage, and not feel like all the vocals are coming from down low (I'm hoping the tweeter relocation helps with that!).

I hope that helps. I have trouble describing what I am looking for or missing sometimes.

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