1. S

    Speakers work but no bass

    Hi, I have an F10 BMW with the HK sound system. The speakers and subwoofers have been upgraded to the bavsound ones. The bass no longer works at all. It hasn’t worked for the past month. I had one of the subs replaced and the bass still doesn’t work. Any idea on what it could be? I was thinking...
  2. RubyPuma69

    Remote wire on 2017 bmw 330i

    I’m looking to install some subs in my bmw today. I have gotten everything i need to know besides where to put the remote wire. i’ve looked everywhere and i can’t find where the remote wire would be on the bmw. Would it work if i just used a 12v cigarette lighter as the remote instead? Please...
  3. R

    Upgrading Electrical For First Time?

    I just purchased a 2000 Chevrolet cavalier LS 4DR. I am going to be purchasing (2) Sundown X 12 2 ohms (1500 watts a piece) and (1) Crescendo Bass Clef 6000W Amp In the next coming weeks. I will be custom building my box. I was wondering what electrical upgrades I will need to power this system...
  4. C

    Need some help deciding on what subs to get. Going into a Honda Accord.

    I’m trying to figure out what subwoofers I want to invest in that will give me the best bang for my buck. I know I want 2 12’s or 10’s depending on the deal but can’t fit a 15 in my trunk. I was looking for something around the 1000 watt range so I wouldn’t have to upgrade my electrical system...
  5. F

    Any info?

    Has anyone used the atomic subs recently? look at an ELE 15....anyone know if it could be a good daily sub? Can get one for a pretty good price but cant fine much info about them. Was also looking at the FI SSD V4.... anyone with any knowledge on these would be great....would go in the back of...
  6. Scary_boy_dave

    Subwoofer turns off! Plz help!!!

    I have a rocksford Fosgate 1200x1 amp with 2 p300 subwoofers and when I turn the bass boost up on my stock head unit sometimes the subs will turn off. They don’t just stop working but they will just turn off for like half a second and idk what’s going on. And the “clean” input and output lights...
  7. D

    Help with HO alternator and AGM batteries

    Ok, to start off im electrically stupid so i am here to ask for a little advice. i purchased a HO alternator 300a upon recommendation of the manufacturer (fairly certain i was just up sold on it big time), i will be running a 2.3k watt @2 ohm mono and a 500w 4ch. i have a 80ah agm under hood and...
  8. Hags222

    Basic question about calculating RMS and total wattage of my set up

    This question may be quite straight forward, but I cannot find an answer anywhere. I am new to this forum but I found the formula to ballpark estimate my total amperage. I do not understand one part. When you calculate this, do you add up the total RMS of the amplifier AND the subwoofers it will...
  9. O

    Best subs for a 2011 Silverado crew cab

    I have a 2011 Silverado crew cab, I’m undecided to on what size and brand of subs that I should put on my truck. Also what 6 1/2” speakers do you recommend. I want some nice deep bass and a clean sound. Thanks for your recommendations.
  10. R

    Prefab or box building help

    I have never built a box before and I’m not sure if I’m ready to do it yet. I bought a pair of kicker 07 CVR 12s recently and they came in a cheap sealed box. I’m trying to get more sq out of the speakers and I’ve found a few ported box designs on amazon, and I want your help to guide me in the...
  11. trainey3009

    Looking to upgrade subwoofers

    I currently have 4 12" MTX Terminators powered by a Hifonics BE35 1200.1D at 1ohm@34V. I know the MTX Terminators are budget entry subwoofers and I bought them before I knew any better. I'd like to upgrade my subwoofers to either 2 better quality 12" or a single 15" hopefully using the same...
  12. G

    Trying to sell equipment. Newbern NC area

    Two shallow audiomobile gts2110 10” subwoofers (single 4ohm 400w) retail for $250. Ported enclosure will come with no scuffs in the felt got it new for around $110. Skar Lp-v2 1000w monoblock amplifier never seen power. Want about 350-400 for everything but will negotiate.
  13. T

    Best Shallow Mount speakers for SPL?

    I'm looking to put a system in a 1989 GMC k1500 short box regular cab, but of course being a single cab it makes it much harder to find decent subs due to the limited space. I was thinking 4 12' shallow mounts behind the seat as there should be enough room along with some skar audio super...
  14. O

    For Sale 2 JL Audio W7 13.5 w/ ported box and 2400 watt amp

    View Listing For Sale 2 JL Audio W7 13.5 w/ ported box and 2400 watt amp 2 JL Audio W7 13.5 for sale $500 each! $1000 for both including custom ported box and 2400 watt amp hiphonics! Advertiser Ol Skool T Date 05/05/2019 Price $1,000.00 Category Subwoofer Classifieds
  15. A


    Truck Photos and Enclosure Headrest Solution for Seat Lift Inspiration Please view the photos and video before reading:) Essentially I will custom build my own box and get it as close to the reference photos as possible. Using a router, a rasp set, and some basic sanding. Four 8" subs...
  16. L

    Help Needed - New Subs Are Quiet

    Hello, I am new to car audio. I tried to read up and watch as many videos as I could to make the process smooth but now I'm stuck.  I have all brand new equipment. I wired everything up and got it all into place and when I turn on my music, the subs work but are extremely quiet. If I am sitting...
  17. T

    Solution to rear view mirror tilting from hella bass

    Alright so If you cut a piece of cardboard to the same shape as the mounting bracket and u fit it into the rear view mirror after you've unscrewed it u can shove it back on to the metal plate and that will help eliminate the tilt.
  18. O

    I Know Nothing and need help

    Helloooooo Just to be clear i literally know nothing about car audio installations and i need help so i came here. I have a renault clio hatchback 2007 and i am wishing to install the skar audio spx-65c component system to the vehicle i dont want it to be runnning very loud, so i would like...
  19. mendon mafia

    2 sealed vs 1 ported. My experience so far!

    Hi everyone, Before I get started, for reference: Vehicle-1994 Chevy Caprice 9C1 Electrical - stock, 1/0 from battery to amp, grounded to trunk floor, needs big 3 or more but suffices for now Amp - Wolfram Audio 2400.1d (has clipping indicator bass knob!), subsonic 10hz, hpf max Woofers -...
  20. Z

    Listening / Testing the EDGE EDP122SPL-E6 subwoofer from the Machete M800

  21. D

    How to match Sub-woofers To Amplifiers

    Here i m bringing you clear ideas about how you can match Sub-woofers To Amplifiers. How to match Sub-woofers To Amplifiers So you’re in the process of coming up with an ideal car sound system? Matching subs to amps is a crucial step in building a powerful audio system for your vehicle. Both...
  22. S

    Opinions on car audio set up and options.

    Right now I have a T3 components in the doors, T1652s in the rear (T400-4 amp) and 2 P212s (R5001xd 619 @ 1 ohm birthsheet). Ive been looking all over for an upgrade, first I thought maybe T015s and a T1500 amp. That set up would've costed me 3500 and it would've just been a big *** box in my...
  23. J

    Subwoofer Ultra Low Bass

    Item(s) for Sale: Subwoofer ultra low bass tester - works great if that link doesn't work for some reason, here is another way to get to it: Item(s) Description/Condition: Great for...
  24. Zackster

    MTX Audio Terminator Series Package. Worth it?

    Here's the package deal: I'm looking to upgrade my system but I don't really want to spend a fortune on some...
  25. Q

    New to Car Audio

    So I've never put in or picked out a car audio system, and I'm having a hard time deciphering all the brand's and types of systems there are. I wanted to know what kind of subs, amp, and wiring I could get for $500 and what would fit behind the seats of an 86 Pontiac Fiero.
  26. J

    Amp Recommendations

    I recently purchased a .5/2 ohm 18 inch HDC418 from soundqubed because of the amazing reviews and overall decent price. The sub peaks at 6000W and has a 4500 watt RMS. I am thinking about getting the SoundStream Tarantula to push it, its 6000W peak also. Would that work? I will also soon be...
  27. C

    HELP! subwoofer funny smell

    hello, just a disclaimer i am 17 and do not know much about car audio , around january of last year i bought dual kicker comp-r 12 inch subs, along with it i bought a 1200 waat mono kicker amp which i installed myself. recently i have noticed when turning my volume up it lets off a funny smell...
  28. bullheadaudio

    Looking for amp

    Okay looking for a powerful amp at the minimum 2000 RMS @ 2ohm amp no more than 2500. Leaning towards a more bass punch amp than sq. I had a nice amp (idk the name) that you could feel the bass in your chest. The amp I just brought seems mor like a sq one. Any help here
  29. T

    Hard decisions... Need help

    Okay so my truck is a 2008 GMC Canyon. Its a extended cab and the truck is relatively small. So I found a box design that I like and.I know some custom box builders and I can get one built. But my problem is I don't know what subs to get. It's either going to be 2 Soundqubed HDS215s and the 1200...
  30. bullheadaudio

    option's on rear metal side panel flex

    Okay I tried searching but no real post about this. I finally decided to tackle this extremely loud vibration its worse than the roof that flexes up to the front doors. The flex/ vibration is coming from the outside panel above the rear wheel on both sides. I can see it and if I push hard on it...
  31. bullheadaudio

    wiring help

    Wiring 6 4ohm dvc sub's to 1ohm stable amp how do I do this. Just keep connecting one sub to the next and bridging the neg and pos
  32. M

    sub subwoofer settings rear sub

    Runnning twin 12" 1800watt max output subwoofers in my trunk, in addition to front stock speakers and two rear stock speakers in trunk as-well. subwoofer unit has bass boost, gain and frequency settings. head unit gives me an option of rear/rear, sub/sub, and sub/rear. head unit also offers bass...
  33. bullheadaudio

    your take on decal's

    I have a mini van with 4 12s and want to rep who I do it for so I brought 2 decals but I'm having second thoughts about putting them on. They don't have a brand name they just say "Bullhead Turning Headz Audio" and a diamond I brought to put in the middle. But I know decals are like steal me...
  34. AtillaTheHung

    Spring time! Perfect time for a new build.

    Sup guys, just sold my whole setup. Nothing was wrong, just wanted to downgrade because I have no leg room. I'm just here to get some ideas. I'm downgrading from 2 12s to something smaller. Should I buy one Sundown SA-8 V.3 D4? OR Two Sundown E-8s? OR Buy two American Bass VFL 8s? OR Two...
  35. S

    New Bass Head Youtube CHannel!

    Hey Everyone, Im starting up a new Youtube channel that will contain nothing but subwoofer videos, cars flexing, and Banging Beatz. I am excited to start this journey with people of similar interests. If you wanna stop by and leave a follow or subscribe here are the links. YOUTUBE TWITTER...
  36. D

    I keep frying subwoofers. .?

    I have a 2008 Ford F250 with factory touch screen navigation HU, and an 8" oem subwoofer. I disconnected the factory subwoofer, and wired an LOC into one of my rear speakers. I have blown a total of 5 subwoofers now (all appropriately sized RMS wattage for the amp, and I have the gain turned...
  37. D

    Thinking of upgrades

    Alright guys. So I have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon hatchback. Right now I'm running a hifonics 2400 amp and an hdc3-18 subwoofer in a little more than 6 cubes ported at like 35 hz. Stock 110 alternator, big battery, volts hang out around 14 when it's beating. Now let me tell you, this 18 POUNDS in...
  38. 8

    PLEASE help me

    Hey guys I'm new like fresh new.. I seen a JBL 75EZ amp @4 ohm and 750 @2ohm .. Now I want to buy 2 4ohm dvc subs in box but for 100 I get box with subs , Now will 500 be enough ? Cause I heard u can not wire Two DVC 12's 4 ohm subs together to get a 2 ohm so I'm stuck with the 500 at 4 ohms on...
  39. W

    HO alternator vs Battery upgrade?

    I'm sure this question has been around alot but weirdly enough i feel like i have never gotten a super clear answer. Firstly, what powers my amps when the car is running and if it's the alternator then is it really ONLY the alt that runs the power? Second, i have been hearing a few times that...
  40. B

    Need options for new set up that I can afford!!!!

    Hey so I am running 2 10" Kicker comp R subwoofers on a 1200watt kicker cx amp with a ported enclosure. They are dope but I want louder bass! I was looking at doing a single sundown X2 12" that takes 1250 watts rms so i could keep my amp and be more cost effective or getting 2 12" Alpine type S...