1. C

    Mixing Component and Coax

    If i were to put midrange woofers in my front doors, and then coax 6.5s in my rear deck, would the tweets on the coaxials make up for the lack of tweets with the midranges up front, or is it recommended to add tweeters w the mids?
  2. J

    Need some help picking out a sub and amp setup

    So currently I'm looking to put a sub in my 350z, I came across a photo that shows how to make a sub box that fits perfect. It only provides about .64 cubic feet so finding a sub is hard, I found this skar sub ( which...
  3. S

    Planning a new setup?

    Hey, there. So I'm planning to buy a new system. nothing too extreme. Planning to go with about 1000w RMS. So i found this Pioneer amp: Seems like a great deal. It rates 1200w RMS @ 1 ohm (not stated at this website, tho)...
  4. R

    Small Off Grid Sound System 12V

    I want to upgrade my jbl Partybox 300, which is a battery powered boombox by adding an aditional subwoofer. Would it be possible to hook up a Sub and Amp directly to a car battery? I was thinking of purchasing second hand one, something like the Edge EDB10A-E2, it has a built in amp, which is...
  5. H

    Need help putting together an audio setup without a sub woofer.

    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole car audio system thing, so bear with me. I drive an 08 Chevrolet Cobalt LT (Coupe, no OnStar) and I'm looking to upgrade from the car's stock audio. I'm looking to do a setup that has decent bass, but I don't want to dump hundreds of dollars on a sub, enclosure...
  6. S

    Best Budget($800) Setup for my 01 Chrysler 300M?

    Im looking to spend around $800 on a setup, Ive been looking at the Hifonics Brutus 2416.1D and an American Bass XFL1522. My alternator is stock, I have a huge trunk( Enough for 2 12s, or 1 15). My current setup is 2 JL Wv3 12's and a Sony Xplod 1000w XM ZR1852. What would be the best way to...
  7. S

    Need Help/Advice on Bass Setup.

    I want to run 2 American Bass XFL 15" (1000W RMX Each) and 2 JL WOV3 12"s (300W RMS Each) in my 2001 Chrysler 300M. I cannot find an aftermarket HO alternator for it and im pretty sure im going to need it. Right now this is the list i have came up with for the setup i want to build . 2 American...
  8. A

    F150 Crew Cab Help

    I am just starting to replace factory items in my 13 f150 crew cab. I have decided to go only replace the front speaker and add a sub under the back seat. I have the touch screen head unit and don't know if I need to run an amp to the front speakers. I want to install some components that will...
  9. J

    What else do i need?

    I am upgrading my system with these three items : 1) JBL GT6-6 6-1/2" 2-Way Car Speakers - Sonic Electronix (JBL Gt6-6 for my door speakers) 2) JBL GTO938 Grand Touring GTO 6" x 9" Car Speakers (JBL GTO938 for my rear deck) 3)JBL CS1214 12" Single 4 Ohm CS Series Car Subwoofer (JBL CS1214...
  10. A

    Correct Components For System?

    I'm about to majorly upgrade my car audio system and I wanted to make sure everything I'm about to get is compatible and my setup will work properly. Header - Kenwood KDC-255U (2-channel) Front Speakers x2 - Kenwood KFC-P709PS (80 watt RMS) Rear Speakers x2 - Kenwood KFC-415C (55 watt RMS)...
  11. S

    Help finding an 18"

    Hey all. I'm currently looking for an 18 inch sub with a new amp and wires. I'm trying to keep it under $600--is this possible? I'm not sure if my head unit has two sub outputs; if not, can I use the same one for two amps? I currently have the 1200 12" Terminators and am ready for an upgrade...
  12. C

    Speaker Setup Advice

    Good Afternoon all- Am a newbie here and was seeking some advice on a speaker setup in my 2012 Mustang v6 Coupe. I am learning about matching everything up per the RMS and ohms and so forth. First off, here is the equipment that I have: Stock radio head...not a shaker system Quinn Acoustics...
  13. P

    Idmax vs SSA icon vs Jl w6

    Hey guys, Im pretty much stuck between these subs. I want a nice sq setup, but it needs to be able to get loud. It also needs to exceed in the low notes. Ive heard great things about these 3 subs. I want to know which one is the best for sq, but can also get loud. Ive also heard great things...
  14. P

    Sq subwoofer help!!

    Hey everyone, I've been trying to get a setup put together for purely sq. The subs that have so far caught my eye are the jbl mkii, idmax, ssa icon, idq, and some subs from the dayton series. Which of these would you recommend for sq? Also has anyone heard these subs and could give me and...
  15. M

    Is this a good setup? need input

    Hey i am looking for a new setup for my 2007 volkswagen jetta, is this a good setup or what should i.change? Head unit- lanzar sd75mu touchscreen deck, front speakers JBL MS-62c, rear speakers Alpine spr60, speakers will be powered by a Lanzar htg447 2000watt 4 channel amp.... Also will be...
  16. H

    Need help deciding system to choose

    Right now I have a brand new Hifonics BRZ 2100.1 amp and 2 12' L7s 2006 with a ported box. I'd like to stick with the amp I have but the subs were given to me and I prefer SQ over SPL. Was looking at getting a w7 13.5. Any suggestions of what subs to go with that have good sq but still have...
  17. Nonten03

    Is this a good Stereo setup??

    I'm going to try to install this in a convertible 98 Camaro. The only thing i have right now is the head unit the rest i'm going to buy off Amazon. If you think i need to make some adjustments please let me now. Head unit: Sony MEX-BT39UW Speaker Amplifier: Rockford Fosgate P400-4 Sub-woofer...
  18. therock0720

    Looking for a Sub with Tight and Clean Bass

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a new stereo setup for my Eclipse. My recent setup (2 10" Kicker subs, with a 100 watt RMS per channel Kicker Amp) was recently stolen :/ along with my Kenwood deck being destroyed. I was wondering what you guys/gals recommend for tight, clean bass (sub woofer and...
  19. kyle3194

    Looking to buy some speakers to complete my tribute.

    Hey yall, I have a 2001 Mazda Tribute, and im lookin to get some new speakers for it. The stocks are supprisingly not bad, but im just looking for a little more sound overall. I already have a sub, so my lows are taken care of, so id just like some better mids/highs. Btw, the stocks are 6x8's...
  20. B

    Looking for Full Setup! Post your Set ups and Price. 350-400 Range!

    Dont Care if its one pounder or two. cant be two 15s cus they wont fit in my coupe though =[ 350-400 price range. dont care to much on the brands. just want something loud! =D ... dont we all =] have some other sites feedback to show im legit and will send money. this is dealing with stuff...
  21. C

    Which is better?

    Here's the situation. I am only 17, and I don't have a job, so money is an issue. The most I can spend on my setup is about 200$. I am NOT trying to be a high school hero and shake everyone else's car, I just want good rich sounds for my own personal enjoyment. I was looking at getting a Dual...
  22. J

    It just doesn't sound right!! Help a newbie..

    Hey all! Hoping you experts can help me figure out how to get the best output from my setup. I'm wondering if I should shell out for a JL CleanSweep, try a rewire, change the sub enclosure, or get diff gear. Here's background info: I have a 2007 Charger R/T w/ Perf Pkg - came with a good Boston...
  23. T

    NEED HELP with set up!

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and I was hoping for someone to help on what to do with a new audio set up I might be dealing with. I'm 17 and I know about car audio somewhat (Still learning). I'm looking at new cars because my Mazda 626 crapped out (I guess that happens when your Dad gives you a...
  24. B

    '93 Bronco setup

    Hey what's up? I recently bought 2 Kicker 10" 10C104 subs and a Kicker zx700.5 amp to power my entire system. I have had pioneer 6.5" and 6X9" components, to replace the stock speakers, for about 2 years now. My question is this: should i replace my stock 95 amp alternator with a high output...
  25. Z

    Newbie needs help on budget setup

    Hello, I have a 2000 honda accord SE, and am looking to upgrade everything. The head unit is a cheap rockford fosgate that the previous owner had installed, along with possibly the speakers, it says they are 30 watt pioneers on them, so not really sure. I want a new head unit that I can use my...
  26. ballinizme

    Focal 33v1

    I really want a single 13'' setup, since I heard my friend's single JL 13W3 in his suburban. Will the Focal compare or be better? and I currently have two kenwood w2511 in a ported box running on a Planet Audio 650.1. What would you recomend?