1. T

    My first ever system… help please

    I just installed my first ever system yesterday (along with help from a friend) and I feel something isn’t right. When adjusting the gain knob I can turn it all the way up and the subs will still barely be working. I’ve watched many YouTube videos on how to adjust it and mine just doesn’t seem...
  2. U

    Questions about setup compatibility and tuning

    Just a heads up, I’m still pretty new to car audio but I’m finding that I really enjoy it and it’s become somewhat of a therapeutic hobby for me, though I’m only working with entry level components right now. Please bear with me. I put a Kenwood KAC 6202 Amp (RMS Power Output: 60 Watts x 2...
  3. D

    Choosing speakers

    Hey guys, I have an Alpine pd-m65 amp, two subs, and a Sony mexgs610bt head unit. When this was done, I added door speakers in the front. These are supposed to be focal speakers, (bear with me, it's been a very long time). Needless to say when installed about a week later my stock rear door...
  4. MikeyMK6

    MK6 GTI Dual Dayton Ultimax. Ported? Bandpass? 6th order

    Hey Everyone, how are y’all? Day going good? Just checkin in on ya :) I’m new here so I’ll start off with the build section first and then the question I have Vehicle : 2013 Volkswagen GTI Location in the vehicle: rear hatch Space available (L 41 inches x W 16 inches x H 14.5 or 14 1/2)...
  5. Bixmox

    As loud as possible subwoofer system recommendations (Audi A4 B5 Sedan)

    Sorry for posting this as I can tell it gets posted a lot. I currently have no equipment, aka no case, amp or subs. Number of subs preferred: No clue, however many required to make the most amount of noise. Size preferred (if configuration allows): Whatever is best, here is a picture of the...
  6. JustinStone

    New to modifying car audio systems; would like some help verifying my selection of components.

    Hi all, I've only just begun modifying my car's audio, and I would like an upgrade to my system. After a lot of research and window shopping, I have created a list of components I think would be worth the dollar. The list is: DD monoblock dm1500a (580 cont watt)(enclosure mounted)(subject to...
  7. S

    How do I power all 8 of my speakers (I’m a newbie)

    So I’m super new to car audio and want to upgrade my 2009 Toyota Corolla s. I figured out my car has the 8 channel speaker trim package so it has 4 door speakers (I think they a woofers) 2 tweeters and 2 more speakers behind the back seats (idk if what they are). I think that means I need an 8...
  8. E

    Which amp is best

    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help in the form of picking the right amplifier for my sub. It's pioneer TS-A300B with around 500WRMS @ 2 ohms, I'm looking to run it at about 300-350wrms, I'm thinking a monoblock amp because it's less stuffing around, I need an amp wthat has a LP Filter however ...
  9. L

    Help Needed - New Subs Are Quiet

    Hello, I am new to car audio. I tried to read up and watch as many videos as I could to make the process smooth but now I'm stuck.  I have all brand new equipment. I wired everything up and got it all into place and when I turn on my music, the subs work but are extremely quiet. If I am sitting...
  10. D

    Installing system in my **** bus

    I'm hoping someone can help me build my system? i'll run down all the components 1st. I bought a pioneer head unit that has 3 rca's out, front, back and subs From there I'm wanting to go into 2 pioneer gm-d9605 amps. From there I have two jbl 6x9's for the front four jbl 6 1/2's for the...
  11. T


    hello everyone newer to car audio and looking to grow my knowledge!
  12. D

    Alpine INE-W940 Issues

    Hi all, new to this forum, wish I landed here for better reasons. About 2 years ago I installed My INE-W940 worked great, a year ago I installed my amp and sub. Again everything ran great, until last week when it promptly **** the bed. I've checked voltage, cleaned battery terminals, grounds...
  13. J

    I know nothing - gimme some help here.

    Well, I'm just you're average 17 year old honestly. I got my license about a month ago, and I drive a '99 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe Base model. When we got it, we noticed that the door speakers and the really mediocre quality Tweeters did not play. Eventually, while looking under the hood, we...
  14. Valdosa

    [Modern Day Carputer] 2010 Ford Focus SE 4D

    Hey everyone, Some of you suggested I start a build log on my attempt at a modern day carputer. So here it is. Link to original fourm : LOGS 3/2/2015 Packages are...
  15. Valdosa

    Modern-Day Carputer [Need Suggestions on Audio Components]

    I was going to post this in the Carputer topic, but the last post there was in 2013. I'm building a car computer and am new to car audio but very familiar with computer systems. I'm currently a full-time college student double majoring in Computer Science & Game Art while working full time...
  16. F

    Mounting screws touching rubber surround? Okay, or totally bad?

    So I have just popped in 4 Polk db651s speakers in all the stock mounting positions in my 00 Jeep XJ (Cherokee for non Jeep ppl). The back was plug and play with the mounting. The front I had to drill a new hole, but they're in the same spot. My question is this: In the front, the (reused...
  17. SirPudge

    Fi BL18 Ported Box Design Help

    Hello, all. For anyone who saw my other thread, thanks for all the help! My new questions do not relate to electrical, so I am making a new thread. I am buying a BL18, all purty'd up. Getting Dual 2 Ohm(going to run both in parallel), Cooling option, and red logo. I am now designing a box for...
  18. N

    Need help picking out some stuff.

    Whats up Peeps, I've been lurking for a while, but I am finally posting something. So here's the deal. I currently have a budget of about $400. I can get a brand spankin' new amplifier (Audiopipe AP1500D) for $100. So ultimately that leaves $300 for subs/box combo. I've had 2x 10" Alpine...
  19. F

    electric eq and 2nd amp wireing

    hi to all im stuck at the moment on how to wire an eq and 2nd amp,i know i need to use a relay .my question to all is could i put the relay in the back of the car and split it from there or do i have to wire it in the front close to the battery ? Ive always had it close to the front but as im...
  20. D

    new old guy Victorville, Ca

    Got some bumps in my trunk wanna try my luck in some sound an. Old guy out please.
  21. A

    New to all this.

    Hey all. Just joined the forum here a couple days ago. Here to learn mostly. I love music and have always been drawn to car audio and electronics. I'll probably be asking a lot of dumb questions at first, but I hope you all the patience to guide me in the right direction. If any of you know of...
  22. B

    First ever audio system and need help.

    Alright, so I recently got a Pioneer TS-W301R 12" 800w peak and 150w RMS. I will be powering this sub with a dodgy Powervox 1400 Watt 2 channel 70 RMS per channel, and i will be bridging it. And my head unit is a JVC KDR206. Now my questions are: Will it work? What type of wiring kit will i...
  23. K

    Help build my new system!

    Hey everyone, I have an 04 Honda Accord LX sedan and am looking at upgrading my audio system. I dont want to buy an aftermarket receiver so I went with the JL Cleansweep summing device. I now need help/advice for the rest. I went to both Best Buy & CarToys. Best Buy tried to sell me a...
  24. D

    Harry S. Vested Jr. new to the community

    Hi everyone, just to introduce myself my name is Harry S. Vested Jr. and I hope to join in as a productive member of the community All thanks: Harry S. Vested Jr.
  25. D

    Upgrading my system

    G'day Guys, I'm looking to upgrade my sound system in my 2000 Holden VT Berlina. At the moment I have just got the stock speakers in there and after sitting in a mates car (who has upgraded his system) it has made me want to have an awsome sound system. The only problem is that I am just...
  26. B

    Just a car audio fan looking to learn!

    Hey guys and girls, my name is Tony. I'm brand new to this site, although I've surfed it a few times over the past few months. Not really sure where to start out on here, but would love to have some advice on this whole forum thing. (New to posting on forums as well lol.) Currently looking to...
  27. 9

    Newbie doing first time installation -- questions before I cut anything

    Hello -- Doing my first install -- an Alpine INA-W900BT into a 2004 Tacoma. A fairly basic installation, but since it's my first, I'd like to ask a few questions to ensure I have it right before cutting, crimping or soldering anything: I bought the unit from Crutchfield -- the (generic)...
  28. J

    It just doesn't sound right!! Help a newbie..

    Hey all! Hoping you experts can help me figure out how to get the best output from my setup. I'm wondering if I should shell out for a JL CleanSweep, try a rewire, change the sub enclosure, or get diff gear. Here's background info: I have a 2007 Charger R/T w/ Perf Pkg - came with a good Boston...
  29. S

    2006 Acura TL - JL Audio Setup vs. Rockford Fosgate Setup

    Thanks in advance to any and all willing to share their expertise to help me with my decision. Here's my situation: Currently have a 2006 Acura TL with a stock stereo system (8" woofer, 2 - 6x9 speakers, 2 - 6.5" speakers in front doors, 2 tweeters). Looking to make an upgrade. Used to have...
  30. F

    New build entirely from scratch. $1500-2000

    Hey everyone, I am as new as they come to car audio. I recently heard a friend's system, and I decided I wanted one of my own. I have been reading a lot of the posts here, and it seems like I can do a lot better for the money than his alpine subs, speakers, amp, and head unit. I'm sure this has...
  31. G

    First Build

    My budget will be about 800-1000 dollars to start off my build. I'm looking at running 2 12's. I will upgrade speakers down the line, including an amp for them. That being said, this is what I'm looking at getting for my initial setup. I would run the subs parallel, and since they are dvc4 I...
  32. Z

    Newbie needs help on budget setup

    Hello, I have a 2000 honda accord SE, and am looking to upgrade everything. The head unit is a cheap rockford fosgate that the previous owner had installed, along with possibly the speakers, it says they are 30 watt pioneers on them, so not really sure. I want a new head unit that I can use my...