alpine type r

  1. MilitiaRobbo

    Diodes on Head Unit’s Negative?

    Hey Everyone, Robbo here, from Australia. I have been facing a hiss sound with my Nissan Patrol for months. I have taken it to multiple car audio installers and their complete failures owe me nearly $1,500AUD in labour fee’s. To test the theory of it being a faulty head-unit, I took it out of...
  2. Boosted hog

    I think i got a good deal?

    What's up I'm new to this forum but have been into car audio for a few years! Couple days ago i picked up 2 10" alpine type r's in a ported box, with a sundown saz-1000D amp, another alpine MRP-F300 amp, 2 more older cheap amps (MTX, pioneer), a kenwood touch-screen double din thats a few years...
  3. D

    Best amp for 4 alpine for r’s 6x8 speakers

      whats the best amp I could use for 4 alpine 6x8 speaker rated at 100 watts rms each and 300 Watts max at 4 ohms I was thinking the jbl GTR-104 4 channel amp for a budget but if I was going to spend more I thought a alpine X-A70F 4 channel or what do u think would be the best to power them?
  4. M

    Alpine type r amplifier question

    So I have two alpine type r 12’s(older style) in a slot ported box. I have been running them on a piece of junk planet audio amp that died on me yesterday after a month of use. I am now in need of another amp. My budget is around $250. I have been eye balling the alpine mrv m1200. Does anyone...
  5. M

    Alpine type r va power acoustic gothic

    So this is just pure curiosity. I currently have two alpine type r 12’s. I was wondering how two power accoustik Gothic series 12’s would compare to my alpines? The gothic seems to be a louder sub just by looking at it and researching. Any one got any input on this? My alpines are the old style...
  6. B

    Alpine type r. Need suggestions!

    Hello, So I am still fairly new to subwoofers and amps. I had two MTX subs with a 1000w ems amp (don't remember the brand). They were stolen a few years back. Anyways, I have a 2014 ford fusion now. Want to get subwoofers. I looked around and have decided on alpine. Thinking type r or x...
  7. J

    Alpine Type R Blown?

    I have an Alpine Type R 12 inch sub and i have come to believe it is blown. Whenever a sound source, not just a car amp but even a small home stereo is hooked up to it, it plays fine at very low volume, but once i turn it up a bit on the home stereo it sounded like it would cut out when the bass...
  8. K

    Alpine Type-R components vs Infinity Kappa components?

    I'm looking for components for my front doors and there are two speakers I have narrowed it down to, the Alpine SPR-60C and the Infinity Kappa 60.11cs. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to listen to them before purchasing so I'm wondering if anyone has heard one (or both) of these...
  9. logic227

    Morel Tempo 6 or Morel Tempo Ultra 602

    I'm trying to decide which one I should I get. I heard Morel is really good at producing mid-bass sound which is what I'm looking for in the front driver and passenger seat. I have definitely heard a lot of good feedback about the Tempo Ultra 602. Does the Tempo 6 produce the same amount of...
  10. 8

    Alpine type R 12" 4ohm DVC help

    As hard as it is, I know with about 24 hours total of google searching, I could find the answers to my questions but I'm looking for straight forward answers. so let me start by asking my main questions. Straight forward answers would be appreciated instead of critiquing me on my chosen...
  11. J

    do i need to upgrade my alterantor and/or battery

    I have decided to go with a hifonics brx2400.1 Brutus and series parallel my 2 alpine swr12d2's. That will put out 1400 watts or 700 watts per sub.... will my current electrical system be ok with these numbers? I drive a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta se.
  12. J

    need help with box specifications

    So my current set up that I will be installing is 2 alpine swr-12d2's running series parallel to equal a 2 ohm final impedance. They will be running at 550rms a piece. I would like the box to be tuned to 35hz. I would like help with port six. Whether to go single or dual chamber, cubic feet of...
  13. J

    question about wiring amp

    So I was looking at the hifonics 2600.1d for 2 alpine swr-12d4's. Can you wiring both subs at 4 ohms to the amp. If I can would it still split the currents so that the 1100 rms you get at 4ohm is split to 550 per sub. I know that I'm not gonna be pushing the subs to their limit but I want to...
  14. A

    Need Help Picking Amp

    I need help with my setup. First the speakers I am buying are the Alpine SWR-12D4 to go in this box (DODGE QUAD & CREW CAB 2-12" VENTED) I need to know what Amp I should get to run these and how to wire them. I will be doing the install myself but I dont know what to buy as far as Amp or how...
  15. MellowHype

    Does my electical system NEED upgrading?

    Running 2 alpine type R's on a kicker ex1000.1. 1000 watts @ 1 ohm Also a set of alpine type R components at 100 watts @ 4 ohm I just checked my voltages, when the car is running with no lights/heaters/soundsystem i got a reading of 14.09v When i bumped my sound system up to max volume...
  16. K

    Alpine Type R 10" vs 12"

    Hi guys. I've been doing a little research on these subs, as I currently have a 10" Type R in a 1.75 cu ft box at 34 hz. I am looking to upgrade to a 12, as the 10 just isn't loud enough for me. It will be in an identical box, with the same 1000 watt Rms amp powering it. Based on what I've been...
  17. MellowHype

    Upgrading from my Alpine Type R 12" @700w ?? Sub suggestions please?

    Im looking for more power, as my current type r (the old 600wrms version) running at 700watt @4ohms just isnt enough anymore. Is it worth me upgrading to the new type R which takes 1000wrms?? would a jump from 700 to 1000 even be that noticable? My current Amp (kicker ex series) is capable of...
  18. tjmackay

    Alpine Type "R"

    Hello All, Really appreciate all of the information available in this forum and have been setting up purchases based on many of the threads. I have a 2009 Dodge Ram and after driving my son's car (not factory audio) I realized I needed to upgrade my factory stereo. I can only get away with so...
  19. T

    Looking for a new 10" subwoofer...

    Hey guys. I've currently got a 10" Alpine SWR-1043D in a .8ft^3 sealed box getting around 850W at 2 ohm, and it sounds pretty good. I'd like to upgrade, though, as I'd like a sub with a bit better quality, and possibly more volume. I don't really want to change my enclosure, as I have a custom...
  20. D

    Alpine Type R 12" Recone

    Could somebody link me to a decent recone kit for the Alpine SWR-12D2 subwoofers? I have 2 with blown voice coils and I already bought replacement subs, but I would like to recone them so that I can either sell them or reuse them later. Thanks.
  21. C

    2 kicker 12" L5s and 2 alpine type r 12" new to forum

    hey there, i gotta 2002 jeep liberty, currently got 2 alpine type r 12's (2 ohm 2 ohm DVC) closed box hooked up to my mono Mrd M-501 sounds and pounds real nice, ( got some alpine type s speakers and a sony CDX-660UP deck which i love ) but my buddy's getting that ugly ride to the pen for a...
  22. M

    Possibly wrong wire kit? Please help!

    Hello, im currently waiting for my new system to come in. I ordered a new brz1200 amp to power one 12" Alpine type r rated at 1000 rms. I also ordered a 2 gauge cadence complete wire kit. I realized today that the requirement of the amp is 4 gauge... The kit also comes with a 125 amp fuse, i...
  23. J

    Two kicker comp 12's one Alpine Type R 10

    Real odd question. I haven't decided if I want to buy two kicker comp 12s and just put them in the sealed box I already have in my truck or if I should go with one alpine type R 10 In a ported box. I've heard that in a small area like my truck a ported box is a good choice.
  24. Joe562MMA

    4 Alpine 15 type rs on a Sundown 2500d

    sorry doubble post.
  25. DeZoundZ


    New Alpine Type R 15s Dual 4 ohm subs
  26. R

    Contemplating upgrade single 10" to 12"

    My current setup lacks the lows and i'm itching for a change. Current setup: 10" Alpine Type R in Sealed 0.75Cu box Phoenix Gold X400.1 rated at 434W. Thinking about changing to a Fi X 12" with the same amp in a new sealed 1.25Cu box. Would this make a noticeable difference? I would like...
  27. X

    WTT JL AUdio 10W7 1 Month old

    I have a jl audio 10w7 i would like to trade for alpine type r. I have it in a box, but its not the best just something to have it in for now. Let me know what you have im open for everything.
  28. Why So Cereal?

    New Sub Setup for SQL!!!

    long story short. i want SQL. I have a hifonics brz1200.1d amp. I have been looking into either 3 JL w3 12s sealed, 2 12" Re *** ported, 2 12" Alpine Type R ported, and (really dont want to pay it but might have to) 2 JL w6 12s ported. I like to be loud and LOW AF!!! i like alot of flex. So...
  29. Why So Cereal?

    New Sub Setup for SQL!!!

    long story short. i want SQL. I have a hifonics brz1200.1d amp. I have been looking into either 3 JL w3 12s sealed, 2 12" Re SE x ported, 2 12" Alpine Type R ported, and (really dont want to pay it but might have to) 2 JL w6 12s ported. I like to be loud and LOW AF!!! i like alot of flex. So...
  30. Throwedd

    A bit undecided.

    Wussup. Aight I have an extended cab truck, that will have it's back seat removed for a new setup. Plenty of space so I was thinking of throwing 3 or 4 type R's in there. I know there are better brands, but for $100 dollars a sub, it's looking pretty tasty. I was thinking a big ported box, with...
  31. D

    Amp(s) for two Alpine Type R 12s

    Hey! I'm almost 16 and I'm saving up for a sound system for my first car. I think I want to get two Alpine Type R SWR-1243d (Alpine SWR-1243D 12" Type-R Car Subwoofer/Sub (SWR1243D)) subs but I have no idea what amp (or amps) to power them with. I'm also getting two sets of Type R speakers...
  32. V

    type r 12 sealed box question

    Hey guys I have two alpine type r subs(2010 models) with two alpine pdx-m6 amps(2010 models). I am going to build a fiberglass enclosure for these and was curious as to what size the boxes should be. The manual says .9ft per sub but I was just curious as to what you guys thought. The alpine...
  33. 12'' hype R

    12'' hype R

  34. Last Goodbyes..

    Last Goodbyes..

    Goodbye R, so long w7, buenos noches ED, its time for a new beginning!
  35. Alpine Type R Boxes

    Alpine Type R Boxes

    A much better picture with the Sony than with my other crap ass HP..
  36. TYPE R

    TYPE R

    alpine swr 1242d 1500W
  37. Type R Cone

    Type R Cone

  38. My subs right out of the box

    My subs right out of the box