so what should i do??

Aug 3, 2011
Hodgenville, KY
so i have 2 hx2 power 15's dual2 i was planing on running 4 of them in my blazer on about 4500rms or so. but the 2 i have need to be reconed itll cost me 170 apiece on the recones plus 25 shipping. so should i just go on and get the recones or steer into another direction i think that the 4 15'' hx2 on 4500 was going to sound good. so should i recone or should i find some other 15's qithout spending a ton of money on them..



Mar 25, 2011
washington, dc
for 170 a piece... better subs can be had... what are your goals for this build? sq/ sql / spl ? and how many cubes do you actually have to put them in?



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May 1, 2007
Quad Cities, IL
i disagree that better subs can be had for the same price. for $(170+25)*2=$390

you can't buy four good quality 15's for $100 each - not ones that would compete with the HX2 Power. Those were decent subs in their day. granted, you could sell the other pair, but you'll get much less than new equivalent subs will cost.

you don't want to run two different pairs either - keep all four identical.

for the same money - i vote recone. it's the best bang for the buck option.



Mar 25, 2011
washington, dc
i wasnt saying that he would be able to buy 4 15's at the same price... what i was sayin is that, even if he gets lowballed for the other 2 hx2's (which i doubt, cuz anyone thats been around for a while, will respect those subs) and got like 100 bucks for them, then he could get a better pair of subs, that will walk all over 4 hx2 15's... u kno. i agree with you that they are great subs, for their day... but i feel like he could get better equipment for the money.... just IMO tho


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