Installing new tweeters

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I first bought a new pair of tweeters from Walmart, Cheap ones just to test out the audio. Sound wasn't the best, but I did notice that when the car is running it makes white noise/Static noise. Doesn't get louder when you step on the gas or anything like that it's just a constant noise that doesn't go away. Even when you turn up the music its still there but less noticeable, supe annoying. I bought new tweeters DS18 120 Super Tweeters (Bought 2 pairs this time) same issue. I installed them in the front Aswell cut the clip off the old oem tweeters and spliced the DS18s right to the oem tweeter cables and same annoying noise. What can I do to get rid of this annoying noise?????

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If you are using just the radio.. What Radio? You may need to attach a ground wire from the radio chassis to a solid dash bar blot cleaned off for a solid ground.Does your vehicle have an onboard amplifier or an amplifier built in to the radio(existing radio) or do you have an after market radio or an amplifier installed asasked?

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