1. momeigs

    Quick question.

    This part on my speaker got disconnected somehow. I was wondering if I could just solder the wire back on since it’s just hanging off now. Also, what is it?
  2. Cuznfkr

    More mids/highs

    I want to add another set of mids / highs to my setup , I am currently running Rockford punch component set , and i want to add a set of Skar components , is it as easy as install them and play music? I saw a guy with about 5 component sets per door and people were giving him shit about how bad...
  3. Z

    Rolled down my window in the drive thru and my front left speaker stopped working.

    Yesterday night I finished up putting my new sound system in my car. I was playing with it to find my sweet spot this morning and I went to get some food and as I rolled my window down to order, my speakers just suddenly stopped. I was wondering if I just nicked the wires or should I be more...
  4. O

    Use multimeter to determine polarity on speakers while playing?

    Can you use a multimeter to determine polarity on wire that is unlabeled (potentially while music on)? Wires were connected to factory rears to run to amp high level in. Those bare wires will power a test 5x7, just unsure of polarity when wiring my high level adapter.
  5. 09marty

    Speaker Noise

    Hello, I am having trouble with a noise in my speaker. I tapped into to my front left and right speakers to connect to my mono amplifier for a subwoofer I want to add. The problem is that now when I play music I get static out of the front left speaker, the static goes away when the RCA is...
  6. Z

    Audison AP5.9 and Speaker Questions

    So apologies if this turns into a wall of text, but I'm hoping that someone can advise me on a few issues. I've just got my first car in about 20 years (previously had company cars and / or lease cars), a 2014 BMW X1 with CIC Business NAv but the base audio (4inch mids & tweets in doors, 6.5...
  7. Audiophileenthu

    What's better? A 5-channel amp or a 4-channel w/ a mono?

    So here's the dilemma. I've been working on getting parts for my build and as of right now I have... - Stinger 4 gauge wiring kit -14 gauge speaker wire - Sound deadening (Crutchfield) - RCA (Crutchfield) - Focal IS165 components (they're half off on Crutchfield) - Focal RSX 165 - Audio Control...
  8. M

    2005 Ford Mustang Speaker Trouble

    I was on my way home today when my front left door speaker started vibrating like crazy shaking the whole car. I turned volume all the way down and it was still going crazy. Only thing that could stop it was turning off head unit. Never had this happen and googling has gotten me zero results. It...
  9. P

    Help no clue

    Okay so basically don't have a lot of knowledge about car audio systems just want my car to be obnoxiously loud.  I have a 4 channel amp, 4 speakers and 2 subs.  Can someone direct me to an installation guide to make it easier.  Also is it possible to have all 4 speakers and 2 subs hooked up to...
  10. D

    Best amp for 4 alpine for r’s 6x8 speakers

      whats the best amp I could use for 4 alpine 6x8 speaker rated at 100 watts rms each and 300 Watts max at 4 ohms I was thinking the jbl GTR-104 4 channel amp for a budget but if I was going to spend more I thought a alpine X-A70F 4 channel or what do u think would be the best to power them?
  11. F

    Batcap for a 4-Channel Amp?

    Hi. I have an XStatic Model 400 Batcap that I use for my sub woofer amp. I'm about to get a higher power 4-channel speaker amp (150W per channel x 4). Would this amp now need to run through a cap?
  12. F

    Alpine Type X vs Type R 6.5" Component

    Hi. I'm trying to decide between the Alpine Type X or Type R 6.5" component system for my car. I will also be getting the same model (whatever I choose) for just 6.5" co-axials for my rear deck as well. All 4 of the speakers will be powered off Alpine's new Type X 4 channel amp (the X-A70F). Do...
  13. F

    speaker making a horrible noise. not alternator whine

    I picked up a 2000 ford lightning about two years ago that already had a stereo system installed. Recently i took off the kick panels on the doors to put new vinyl on them. during the process i removed the speakers and tweeters and kept the crossovers in the door. Ive also done some window...
  14. C

    Help on speakers and amp compatability

    I have a pioneer GMD 9605 amp. It can produce 75W @ 4 ohms and 100W @ 2 ohms. Ive already installed a set of component speakers that are rated at 4 ohms for 100W in the front. I was looking for some 6 x 9 speakers for the back and i found the infinity kappas that are rated at 2 ohms for 110W. My...
  15. L

    Radio Doesn't Recognize Tweeter

    I recently bought a Kenwood DDX374BT and new door speakers which are a two way Kicker 6x9. When messing with the equalizer and speakers on the radio, it only recognizes it as a woofer, not a two way. Is there a way to fix it? I'd like my sound stage to be more surround sound rather than in...
  16. C

    tweeters blowing? need some advice please!

    Ok, so im running 4 jl audio 5x7's and 2 jl audio .5" tweeters. they are hooked up to a jl audio 360/4 amp. i got the rear 5x7's each on a channel for the rear. and the front channels each have a 5x7 and a .5" tweeter. well over the past few years i blew 3-4 of the .5" tweeters. sometimes one at...
  17. C

    speakers & amp?? tweeters blowing...

    Ok, so im running 4 jl audio 5x7's and 2 jl audio .5" tweeters. they are hooked up to a jl audio 360/4 amp. i got the rear 5x7's each on a channel for the rear. and the front channels each have a 5x7 and a .5" tweeter. well over the past few years i blew 3-4 of the .5" tweeters. sometimes one at...
  18. C

    tweeters blowing? need some advice please!

    Ok, so im running 4 jl audio 5x7's and 2 jl audio .5" tweeters. they are hooked up to a jl audio 360/4 amp. i got the rear 5x7's each on a channel for the rear. and the front channels each have a 5x7 and a .5" tweeter. well over the past few years i blew 3-4 of the .5" tweeters. sometimes one at...
  19. Z

    Kenwood vs Kicker vs JVC

    I recently bought a 2004 Ram 1500 quad cab and I'm installing a new speaker system. I currently have a Kenwood KMM-BT222U stereo and I want to add speakers. I'm trying to keep things cheap, preferably under $100 per pair. I'm trying to decide between Kenwood KFC-1665S, JVC CS-DR620, Kicker...
  20. A

    Speaker problem on rear deck

    Hi there, As of recently I have noticed there is a shaking noise and not proper sound coming from the rear left speaker on the rear deck so I popped off the cover and took a look It seems that whenever I push down the cone slightly or hold the two opposite ends of the metal wires visible in...
  21. R

    Sound cutting off but everything seem fine ...

    hi folk, a few weeks ago started slowly changing my car sound system. In january i changed my old colbat for a saturn astra 2008... the car is in perfect condition and as almost no faulty thing that the seller didnt told me... I took my old speaker system in my cobalt and merged it to my...
  22. N

    speaker balance issue? I'm lost lol

    so i recently put in an aftermarket pioneer head unit and i have noticed a problem with the speaker balance the last couple of days. When i have my fader/balance set to even between all 4 speakers the two front speakers crackle and pop when the bass hits, but when i have it set to only the front...
  23. S

    WTB: (X2) 7"-10" MID-BASS Speakers [New or used]

    I looking for Some Cheaper (new or Used) Mid-bass Speakers for my next project. I'd like to play around with some different large Mid-bass Drivers for a Door panel install and not spend too much until i've heard some EXamples of the benefit of over sized Mid-bass door speakers. NO SUBS Only...
  24. B

    Ford Focus ZX3 Speaker Wire Issue

    Hi all, so I recently bought a used Ford Focus ZX3 2001. I got it for super cheap, and the car runs like a champ, though it interior issues. Mainly the rear speakers. The previous owner had his own speakers and it looks like he ripped them out. I test some of my amp speakers but none of them...
  25. J

    First time amp and speaker install

    I just picked up a DUAL amp that can do 4/3 channels at 1200 watts max 600 rms. The rear parcel shelf in my sedan already had 2 6x8 4ohm aftermarket speakers(200max) in it when I bought it. I bought a pair of kenwood 6x9 4ohm speakers(300max) and i'm thinking of wiring 2 of each in series for...
  26. J

    Probably very easy, but I have no idea

    Okay so I just took out my 4 stock blown out speakers in the rear deck of my 1999 Buick century. Now I have two 6 x 9 kickers that can replace all four. The only problem I'm having is that there are two outputs in the speaker harness and I need it to just be one output. How can I change this. I...
  27. G

    Engine Noise

    We have had a loud noise that happens when the car/engine is cold for only about 10 seconds, and then goes away. I am not sure if the noise is coming from our speakers, or if it is actually a mechanical problem. It sounds like a loud engine vibration. We bought our car last year, and then...
  28. X

    Can someone please help me match an amp to speakers?

    Hey guys, My husband is a sound system junkie and long story short I'm trying to surprise him with new front and rear speakers for his '91 Honda Civic for Christmas. Unfortunately I know nothing about sound systems but I know there is math involved and that watts and ohms matter (I do listen...
  29. J

    Front left speaker crackles

    this is my first time here but couldn't find answers anywhere from other sites. I have a 2015 Nissan Versa note that I installed 4 speakers into. I then went to Darells car audio to have a 4 channel amp installed for the speakers and a subwoofer with a seperate amp for that. My front left...
  30. ekah

    6x9 boxes?

    would it be a good idea to instead having 6x9 in the rear doors to relocate them to the back hatch of my car sitting behind the rear seats and pointing towards the front? for better sound and louder purposes
  31. thatguy12

    help deciding speakers for active setup

    Long time forum user, but haven't logged in in a long time. My hertz hsk 6.5 in foam broke on the passenger side (if anyone knows how I could repair it lmk please). So now my passenger side sounds like ****. Thinking about finally going active as I found my old school pioneer two channel...
  32. C

    Installing a new amp - Fuse Question.

    Hey Guys, I've been researching how to wire up an amplifier to my car but can't find an answer to my question.. I Have a Maystar QXT 275 (400W) amp and a Alpine V-power MRP-T130 90Wx2 amp. Both Amps have Fuses inside the units however the fuse needs to be next to the battery ... ? The...
  33. 0

    '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ: Speaker Upgrade HELP

    Hey All, First off allow me to apologize if I put this in the wrong section, I'm new. Second, I just purchased a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo w/o the Infinity Gold premium sound system about 2 or so months ago. I recently installed a Kenwood KDC-BT758HD receiver to replace the factory...
  34. D

    Wierd Speaker Problem

    Hey guys so i currently INSTALLED is my decent stock speakers hooked to an amp. I never had any issues and it sounds good. One morning going to work at 1/3 volume my amp shuts off and clicks into protection mode for like 5 secs and then returns on after i lower the volume. My left, front speaker...
  35. B

    static noise in all speakers PLEASE READ!

    ok so bare with me, i have a 2001 chevy malibu ls with kicker zx450.2 for my mids and highs, kicker dx1000.1 for subs, kenwood excelon deck, kicker 6.5 and 6x9 (both cs), two batteries, 0 gauge kicker wire. i have always had this problem through several setups, used to have whine also but i...
  36. Only The Best

    Golf cart sound system build

    So I'm going to go ahead and document this build from start to finish... I am going to be meeting with the customer later this afternoon and will have some pictures as well as some insight to the design I will be thinking about doing, and I would love to have some input!
  37. J

    Help with running 4 speakers on a 2 channel amp!

    I'm running 2 front alpine speakers and 2 rear alpine speakers to a 2 channel kenwood amp and I get sound out of all the speakers but for some odd reason I can't hear certain sounds out of songs(example: snares switching between left and right speakers). All my positive and negative wires are...
  38. stevknd2

    Need new speakers to match subs...

    So I recently upgraded my subwoofers in my car, but now the bass drowns out the mids and the highs. I have already spent my entire budget on the subs, so I cannot affor the absolute best. I just need something that can keep up with 2 15" Obsidians and a PPI BK1300.1D amp. First off I do not know...
  39. The Silverman

    MB Quart PVI 216

    Item(s) for Sale: [/size] MB Quart PVI 216 Item(s) Description/Condition: [/size] Used - working BUT one tweeter is missing. so its the mids + crossovers + 1 tweeter. Most of you ppl do active set ups anyway. Speaker Size 6-1/2" Design 2-way Component System Tweeter Design Cone...
  40. Driv3

    New Pioneer Speaker Grills

    Price 16 shipped (Flat Rate box ($5.80)) New, Never used (didn't fit with speaker behind my door panel)