tweeter advice

  1. Adam LaFountain

    Advice: will I have enough high frequency quality / volume?

    I am planning out a system for my ‘04 Ram 1500 with the Infinity 7-speaker system. I havnt bought anything yet but I already have a 10in sub from my last car. My current plan is a head unit and a separate DSP/amp unit. Stock system: 2x 3.5” dashboard speakers 2x 6x9” front door speakers 2x...
  2. Random4thGuy

    Double Tweeter Bracket

    Alright so recently I installed (2) 3.5" neo midrange woofers into my dash, problem is, I somehow managed to install them so they are not centered with each other (Two images below). Stupid, I know. Now at the same time, I have to find a spot for (2) 25mm silk-dome tweeters. So I was wondering...
  3. Doxquzme

    Stevens SA1 25mm or CDT ES-1200iS

    The stevens is on sale for $99 and the CDT is on sale for $114, price is a deciding factor here. Anyone have a preference and why? They'll be fed by a HELIX B FOUR in conjunction with sony KAPPA 2" silk mids. Leaning CDT as it offers extended range. 60 Watts from the B FOUR so power/efficiency...
  4. EL_Nino

    Installing new tweeters

    I first bought a new pair of tweeters from Walmart, Cheap ones just to test out the audio. Sound wasn't the best, but I did notice that when the car is running it makes white noise/Static noise. Doesn't get louder when you step on the gas or anything like that it's just a constant noise that...
  5. Only The Best

    suggestion on midrange

    im fiberglassing a tweeter and a 2"-3" midrange (haven't made a decision as to what would sound better) into the A-pillers in my truck. throw me some suggestions or things to look for. like wtf is qts/qms/qes/cms/BL???? P.S. im looking cosmetically for black and circular for ease of...
  6. T

    Tweeter Help

    im thinking about installing tweeters for the first time. i currently have an alpine idax 303 hu, 2 alpine type-r 5.25s in front speaker locations, 2 6.5s in rear deck, all 4 speakers powered by an alpine ktp-445, and a t1000-1bd w/ 2 12" kicker l5s in the trunk. i dont know much about...