speaker advice

  1. J

    is 45 watts per channel enough for a pair of morel maximo 6 comps?

    My current setup consists of two pairs of jbl gto8626 coaxials, along with a single sealed alpine 10in e series sub and alpine mrp-m500 amp, all in a sound deadened ford taurus (well, technically I haven't deadened the front doors yet but I plan to when I install new speakers). While the jbls...
  2. Swan1

    Suggestions for factory upgrade

    Hello, This is my first time upgrading car audio and there are so many options so I am hoping to get some help here. I have a 2009 Honda Civic Coupe that I am going to be upgrading the speakers and deck soon. My budget is around $500 (not including deck and installation.) A simple deck with...
  3. C

    Budget Truck Speaker Help

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting, so hopefully I'm in the right thread. If I'm not, please feel free to move this to the correct section moderators. I have a 2001 F250 XL that up until 2 days ago had the stock head unit, and I'm guessing stock speakers. Now I have a Pioneer MVH-S21BT...
  4. EL_Nino

    Installing new tweeters

    I first bought a new pair of tweeters from Walmart, Cheap ones just to test out the audio. Sound wasn't the best, but I did notice that when the car is running it makes white noise/Static noise. Doesn't get louder when you step on the gas or anything like that it's just a constant noise that...
  5. Lowace

    Front Speaker pods

    Hey team, currently got the pods for my front doors in the hiace ready to stretch Lycra or similar fabric over them for shaping but struggling to find a fabric I’m happy with , could somebody point me in the right direction ? here’s some photos of the pods
  6. K

    Power for Speakers to Cargo Trailer

    Hey guys - I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to electrical wiring and have utilized my father & YouTube for the speaker help. I currently have a cargo trailer that's been semi-converted into a tailgating trailer. Currently, we run everything off of a car audio battery that we charge...
  7. L

    Kindly asking for advice for audio setup for campervan.

    Dear all, I am trying to build a decent audio system for our campervan conversion (2008 Citroën Jumper (Relay I believe). At first, I was hoping to install 6 speakers (L/R doors, all corners of the 'living area') - but I think that would be overkill. I'm looking for quality sound, not...
  8. J

    I have an issue

    So I just got these two 8" subs and an 1000w amp but once and a while when the bass hits hard the speaker just stop working I'm assuming that the speakers are drawing to much power and the amp is just turning them off to not blow the fuse. But that might not be it cause I'm not so smart about...
  9. Wildcat420

    6.5 Midrange advice on speaker specs

    Hello all has anyone used these by chance? Looking to replace some old alpine 610c sps 6.5 comps. My amp can push 200 watts rms x 2 any suggestions on alternatives also appreciated.
  10. C

    newbie speaker install help please

    i have a 2004 infinti fx35. stock bose system ***** major armpit hair . i don't think the car even has tweeters. will be having a lot of bass in the back so only looking to run speakers upfront. i got a pair of alpine spr-60c 6.5 inch 4 ohm components for free so ill use those. stock stereo has...
  11. J

    Experienced Speaker Knowledge NEEDED

    i have a peugeot 206 2006 hatchback i want to install 4 new speakers but finding it hard to know what speakers to buy. i would like loud music but a high thumping bass however i have £100 at the moment, i wish to buy a subwoofer maybe at a later date, so just speakers atm. your help would be...
  12. B

    blown door speaker need advice on new ones

    I recently blew the tweeter in my rear drivers side door speaker and they are coaxial speakers so i can't just replace the tweeter. Should i just cut the connection of the tweeter so i don't here the rattling noise it makes (I do have good highs) or should I invest in a new set of rear door...