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Audio System Setup

Found 5 results

  1. Hey, I have a gmc sierra 2007 crew cab and I was wondering if someone could tell me what I could do to get the loudest bass under my backseat. Ive been wondering rather to get 3 8s or 4 8s or 2 10s. If anyone has any suggestions or know the best way please let me know.
  2. So ive been lookintg at subs to put under my seat in my truck. ive been wondering whether the difference in a comp r and a comp vx is substantial. im just looking for somethting that will vibrate the cars around me? I was gonna get 2 compvx 12 but now im wondering whether or not two compr 12 would do the trick. Or if there are other subs anyone would recommend
  3. Truck Photos and Enclosure Headrest Solution for Seat Lift Inspiration Please view the photos and video before reading:) Essentially I will custom build my own box and get it as close to the reference photos as possible. Using a router, a rasp set, and some basic sanding. Four 8" subs firing forward is what I'm going for. I needed to customize some headrests for my vehicle as the OEM were far too big. Now I am free to purchase a seat lift to get that extra room. My final impedance will be 2 ohms. Also, my vehicle already has the stock 6 speakers which I am upgrading very soon. In addition, there is NO transmission hump in the back which will give me a clean look not to mention more airspace. The seat lift is 2.5 inches. FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS! A.Which should I go with? NEW 8 inch EV3 Series DISCONTINUED 8 inch EV2 Series SA-8 v.2 SERIES B.Single port on the front centered, or one on either side? C.1,200 watt amplifier or 1,500? I will keep everyone updated on the project:)
  4. Ive got a 2015 Nissan Titan SV Crew Cab and I'm trying to decide between two/three 15's or four 10's. I'm going back and forth of wanting to keep my bench seat, saying that I've seen builds with my year truck with quad 10s under the bench that look nice but, I've not met anyone in person to hear those setups. I've came across plenty of people of delete their bench seats and do multiple 15s and i have heard them. So can say four Sundown Sa 10s give a good bang in a built box under these seats, as much of you I love the lows and understand 10s wont necessarily hit the same notes/lows. So in your opinions would the 10s be somthing I would regret doing or can these systems really shake? If nothing else could through me some of the pros/cons that I may not have thought of. Thanks, Stephen S.
  5. I've been trying to search on the site for options, but the search function keeps giving me an error for some reason. I'm looking for option(s) on a subwoofer that can work under the backseat of my truck. I'm more of an SQL guy, but I'm only going to be giving the sub The height is an issue for me, as my max can only be 8.5." The depth isn't as big of an issue, but it is limited to 11" max. So for these reasons, I can only do an 8" sub or less. Some subs I've looked at: JL W8AE (very pricey); Kicker 44L7 (not a fan of the company; 450w RMS) & Sundown SA-8v3 (#1 option atm). I'm open to other suggestions, but please no funky pups or anything like that. Thanks for your feedback.