Intelligent Suggestions-Truck build out


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May 19, 2010
So Basically I'm about to go from a car to a truck.. I'm pulling the back seat out completely so my options are endless..

So bascially I am wanting some suggestions on my setup in an extended cap truck.. I am running a sealed box.. same one I have now.. its set for optimum performance of the Subs.. but I am sure I will get some degraded sound in some of the slopes.. and possibly a boost in the higher end slops if I load them correctly..

So basically should I load them firing against the rear of the cab? having the box closer to the rear of the front seats or point them forward.. up or at an angle towards the back glass/rear..

And just so everyone knows this is my set up.. and (I'm not gonna change my equipment so please don't bother and waste your time or mine.. )

2- 12" Power Series Subs, running on JBL GTO 1400.1 (1200 RMS @ 4 Ohm/1500 RMS @ 2 Ohm) Sealed box 1.3ish per Sub..

Details on the truck will probally be somewhere ballpark range of F150 or F250 Ext. Cab Year's 81 through 96...

Thanks guys!



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Aug 31, 2003
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It generally varies from one vehicle type to another, so talking to someone with the body style truck you want to buy would be best. But I can say typically rear-firing gives a more peaky response than front firing (or up firing in an excab). Which is desirable to some people, and not to others.


Aug 29, 2010
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You shouldn't need to pull the rear seat out for a box for 2 p2's. Could prolly get away with a nice downfire center console setup. I like downfires for sound in pickups.



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May 19, 2010
Sorry.. they are JBL Power 12's.. cant fit them under the seat.. should have indicated that..

I really dont need a back seat.. I'm going to build a custom box and make it look all nice and custom back there.. just looking for ideas..


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