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  1. B

    Stetsom Vulcan 3000 1 Ohm

    Hey guys new to the forums. I have recently been installing a new system into my car and just impulse bought a stetsom amplifier. Was just wondering what experiences people may have had with them and if they do rated power. Ive watched a bunch of videos and they all seem to show them doing rated...
  2. goblintown

    Can someone help identify this Sundown Audio sub?

    Purchased new around 3 years ago. It’s a 10” I know that much. Believe I paid around $800 for it at the shop. Never was able to install it so it’s just been sitting in storage. Seems like there’s a few that look almost identical and I can’t tell which this is. Trying to sell it since I’m...
  3. HugeK

    COMPLETED Massive setup must go to a new home!

    Hello all, I am new to this forum but have had no luck on ebay/gumtree/fbmarketplace regarding trying to shift my aftermarket car audio setup. My car failed it's MOT and is getting scrapped so everything has to go to a new home and hopefully there is someone here that might be interested in some...
  4. A

    Need Help for Full Installation - Sundown Audio X12s

    Sup guys im brand new here and need some help on an installation for my car audio system. Im looking for a design for a box and some guidance on what else I need to make this system complete. I plan on building my own sub box and would appreciate any tips from you fellas. I plan on paralleling...
  5. J

    Sundown U series vs X series

    Decided ima go with a nice 15 instead of 2 budget 12’s, debating if i should go with the U or the X series 15, im going for a daily beater with good sql, which would sound better and louder? i listen to rap, corridos and old school box will be built to the proper enclosure size of the sub and...
  6. Chris21206

    Does my system have enough power?

    Hi, I’m new to this forum but I’m just starting to get into car audio and I’ve purchased my first big system. I have concerns that the installer that I go to has my subs on too big of an amp (sundown x12’s are rated at 1500W RMS), and secondly, that my voltage drop is too low and I’m damaging my...
  7. Ahlmtree

    COMPLETED Sundown zv5 15s

    I have to zv5 dual 1 15s with upgraded nsv3 soft parts for sale. 1000 firm. Annandale mn. Can ship on buyers dime
  8. Windy Lows

    Sundown ZV5? Or nah

    First I'll explain my set-up. I currently run a sundown xv2 12 on taramps smart 3k in a 3 cube net enclosure after displacements, tuned to 28 hz. I've stumbled upon an opportunity to get a zv5 for a really good price and was wondering if it would be worth the upgrade? I will be just reusing the...
  9. B

    New version Sa’s coming soon... nice

    Completely new version not a revision Interesting 
  10. E

    The truth about Rockville Audio

    I'm not saying that Rockville ***** by any means. Let me start off with that. However, I am going to say that Rockville is by far unable to accept judgement or constructive criticism. If you haven't been following them, let me fill you in on what has been happening. About a year ago, a YouTuber...
  11. C

    Wire me stupid

    I just picked up a sundown audio sae 1500 to run my sundown audio sa12 rev 3 d2 and right now have them wired bridged ran in series parellel. I feel like i have them wired all wrong and am not getting the full power of what this amp can do. Am i right or am i wrong...that im wrong?
  12. M

    Design Question For Sundown Audio sa-12 Rev3

    Vehicle :Hyundai elantra 2005 Location in the vehicle: in the trunk, port and sub facing towards trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): 35" deep, 34" Wide, 19" Tall Subwoofer make and model: sundown audio sa-12 Rev 3 Subwoofer Size:12" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port...
  13. SRT8 Wolf

    Help! 1 Sundown audio x-10 or 2 Sundown audio SA10s

    I'm kinda in a bind right now I can't decide whether to go with 1 x-10 or 2 sa10s. I currently have a Sundown SAE-1000D amp and 2 e12s on stock electrical but my e12s recently blew so I'm looking to replace them what would be louder the 1 x-10 or 2 sa10s.
  14. SRT8 Wolf

    Help, 1 Sundown audio x-10 or 2 sa10's

    Have a quick question need some help deciding whether I should go with one SD X-10 or 2 SA10's I have a SAE-1000D amp and I am running on stock electrical. I had 2 SD e12s before but blew them so was wondering what would be the next best step the 2 Sa10s or the 1 x-10. Thanks.
  15. Deon1818

    Sub help for new small area build

    Hey guys I'm setting up a system for my 97 firebird, I only want to take up the top area of the trunk and leave the bottom spot for the t tops so space is limited, not sure of exact dimensions but I think it's about a 10 inches high and a foot deep and like 40 some inches wide. So for this build...
  16. G

    Sundown e12

    So I'm new to the game and trying to learn. Just bought a sundown e12 and was given a pioneer amp. Says its 1600 watt peak and 900 rms at 1 ohm I believe. I have it in a cheap box (sealed) and it just doesn't sound that good. Looking for a box design to try to build and maybe some helpful hints...
  17. K

    SA X-12 D2 Amp Suggestion???

    Anybody got any suggestions for an amplifier to push one Sundown Audio X-12 D2. Its rated 1250rms. I'll be building a custom enlosure as recommended by Sundowns specs, unless anybodys got any better suggestions?????? Wants 2.5 cubes at 32hz
  18. P

    Sundown Audio SA-8 D4

    I bought titled sub at Amazon. It is the V1 400 watt RMS as far as I know. I have it presently in a Life After Bass "Slapbox" specific to the sub. I have a class D Fosgate P300-1 with a birthsheet of 426 RMS @ 2 ohm to this sub. A pretty good match and it sounds amazing. I just purchased a...
  19. D

    Sundown SAZ-3000D

    Item(s) for Sale: Sundown SAZ-3000D Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent Price: $550 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item is in excellent condition. I have been the only owner and have taken great care of it. I will ship same day after payment is received. Paypal...
  20. The Camry

    Do you think its safe to run this amp at 1 ohm?

    Cerwin-Vega Stroker 1000 STKR1000.1 Monoblock Car Amplifier From what ive heard and read up on, There are few amps that can truly run 1 ohm safely for a daily driver. I plan on getting the Sundown Audio 12" 600rms Dual 2-Ohm and wiring it to that amp. or should i get the dual 4 ohm version...
  21. Turn down for what!!!!

    Turn down for what!!!!

    Car audio / Honda Civic Si
  22. Drkvoid

    Choosing a Setup

    2 Sundown Audio zv4 15's on a Crescendo 5500d (5800 RMS @ 1ohm) or 2 DC Audio Lvl 4 15's (with Crescendo 5500d)?
  23. D

    Sundown X-8D4

    I can't find the cu ft I need for a ported enclosure. I was told 1 cu ft by someone but I just want to be sure before I start building.
  24. my_stealth21

    Sundown Audio SAZ 1500

    Item(s) for Sale: Sundown Audio SAZ 1500 Item(s) Description/Condition: Great condition mechanically and physically. Comes with original box and bass knob. Price: 300 shipped. Obo Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Up to you. Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section...
  25. S

    2006 Ford F150 4.6l V8 extended cab no back seats! DD BASS Help?

    Hey guys need some help im new to this Just got a sundown audio SA 15" D4 its in a ported 4 cubic ft box I plan on hooking up a kicker zx1000.1/with bass booster control I bought with the sub. I want to get the most out of the sub so this what i plan on getting. Also purchased Rockville 6x8s...
  26. O

    Southwest Region Priced to Move Quickly!

    I know this isn't the place to post classifieds, but I don't want to ship anything. So, I want to keep this within Utah or the Southwest Region to possibly meetup or drive and deliver. Included: (2) Sundown Audio E15 v2 both Dual 2 ohms Hifonics BRZ 1200.1D (currently wired @ 2 ohms) Knu...
  27. S

    BNIB SA-15 d2 revision 2

    Item(s) for Sale: Refer to title Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new, only taken out for inspection. Comes with original packaging, papers, and decal Price: $180 + shipping FIRM. NO TRADES. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Located in PA. Item Pictures: (List...
  28. S

    Two BNIB Sundown SA-12 d2 revision 2's

    Item(s) for Sale: Refer to title Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new, only taken out for inspection. Comes with original everything (packaging, papers, decals) Price: $325 + shipping FIRM. NO TRADES. Located in PA. USA only Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Refer to...
  29. C

    '99 Tahoe 4th Order Build (Sundown Audio)

    How's it going guys... just thought I'd drop this by here so anyone that wants to get a look at it, can! Little rundown of what the internals of this thing are: 4 Zv4 18's 2 NS-1v2's Singer Alts XS Power batteries All Sky High wiring. 16v. 3.2:1 ratio 4th Order As far as what I'm gonna...
  30. C

    Sundown SA-12 questions

    Im debating on buying either an SA-12 D2 or a Massive Audio Hippo 122 for a single vented box (1.75/3.28gross; cubic feet) port tuned @ 35hz. Im powering them with a RF t1000 which puts out 1500 watts @ 1 ohm. Would an SA-12 be able to handle 1500 watts being its RMS is 600? Im sure an MA Hippo...
  31. O

    Acura Integra - Sundown Audio Build

    Well, I just finished up my budget build in my 1997 Acura Integra. Check out the video to see the setup in action. I have plenty of other videos under my channel. Please don't hesitate to ask me questions and let me know what you guys think of it...
  32. cooper1123

    Custom painted 15" Basket

    Item(s) for Sale: ^^^^title^^^^^^ Item(s) Description/Condition: American Bass HD 15 basket -Painted Gloss Red -fits 7.5" spider -has been ground down and ready for recone Power Acoustik Mofo 15 Basket -original gloss blue and aluminum paint -fits dual spider (unsure of size but can...
  33. S

    Subwoofers not working ugh!

    Car Setup 2 Sundown SA-8 D2 (each wired to 2 ohms) Kenwood KAC-9105D 1800 watt amp w/ 4 gauge wiring kit Alpine CDE 121 HU Here is my issue. Amp shows it is receiving power but the subs are not on. I know this could be many different issues, but I believe this is a loose RCA cable in the...
  34. GarechtExotics

    Sundown X12 vs Psi Platform 2 12?

    Ive been wanting to upgrade my system, got a 12" Alpine Type S at the moment. Since they are around the same price, Which sub would be better, X12 or Platform 2 12? Please dont suggest 10's or 15's. I am only doing 12's.
  35. dirt101

    Sundown ZV2 12 w/ zv3 softies

    Item(s) for Sale: Sundown audio zv2 12 w/ zv3 softies Item(s) Description/Condition: 1500rms, 4awg terminals, zv3 softparts. 10/10 mech 8.5/10 cosm, some scratches on motor and very minor silicone on surround. Price: $210 shipped east coast, $230 west. Price is set to sell. will trade...
  36. V

    dc audio sundown incriminator orion????

    HELLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!looking to run 2400w rms in a 98 lexus es 300. have a mechman 240a h.o alternator and a kinetiks 2250 battery. big 3 and power are 0 guage. im running the new hifonics brutus amp cea rated at 2400w rms at 1 ohm. my question is what are my best options as far as 2 12s go. i...
  37. NIHL8ION

    Used Sundown SA-12 D4

    Item(s) for Sale: x1 Used Sundown SA-12 D4 Subwoofer Item(s) Description/Condition: Used and shows it upon inspection but still in flawless functioning / mechanical condition. Bottom of motor is scratched up & a lil rusty, and there is 1 small rub mark on the surround - Neither of which...
  38. cooper1123

    Sundown SAZ1500 V2

    Item(s) for Sale: title Item(s) Description/Condition: MINT!!!! Has like 3 extremely tiny scratches throughout the entire amp and works great All the input screws are in great shape..... none are stripped Has never been repaired or messed with Comes with bass knob and original box I know...
  39. L

    Sundown sd-2 12" sealed vs ported ?

    As of right now I have a pretty small system, 2 10" infinity subs rated at 250 watts rms. I'm thinking about purchasing a sd-12" I'm wondering if it would be much louder than the infinities and would I be better off having a sealed or ported encloser. The problem is I don't have much room I'm...
  40. topdawg

    Walling off 2011 challenger trunk with 4 SA8s

    So I am going to upgrade my system. From two SA8s to four. Adding a second Soundstream reference 1.1000. Swapping out Polk momo for Hybrid Legatias. Getting a bigger supplemental battery Not sure if im going to keep the small Kinetik 600 i have installed now or not). Trunk walled off. I am...