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May 20, 2019
I'm not saying that Rockville ***** by any means. Let me start off with that. However, I am going to say that Rockville is by far unable to accept judgement or constructive criticism. If you haven't been following them, let me fill you in on what has been happening. About a year ago, a YouTuber by the screenname of EXOContralto bought one of their K9 subs. It was a 12" D2 DVC sub, put in a custom built bandpass ported box, with specs nearly perfectly matching the sub's airspace rating. The sub was not overpowered, it was wired properly, and the whole install was done exactly how it should have been. It was broken in before any music was played (which is not actually required, but can be a good idea for maximum performance. I have a set of Skar VD 12 D4 subs and I didn't break them in at all before using them. They were hooked up to a Skar RP2000.1D amp that is overpowering them already, sending 1000 watts RMS to a 750 watt max sub and the subs are sounding great still to this day. I blew up the amp by accident as the gain knob came unplugged sending 2000 watts to the subs, and they are still doing just fine :) they are now hooked up to a old school Precision Power ProMos 50 Art Series. Gotta love old school PPI amps. So clean.) and the day it was installed, the sub was blown. Now, I will say that Rockville was very quick to put out a revised version of this sub called the K9v2, a year later. Props to Rockville for seeing a problem and making an attempt to fix it. Shortly after, EXO purchased the v2 and started testing. Again, EXO did everything right. The sub blew even faster than the first one did! After the testing, he stated that Rockville has a good sound and the build of the sub was good, but that they needed a little more work on the coils and then they would have it down. Not a bash right? Well that's not how Rockville saw it. They not only said that it was EXO's fault that the sub was blown, and for COMPLETELY invalid reasons at that, but then proceeded to bash him and his channel! Rockville claimed that their subs are CEA compliant and are meant to matched with an amp's CEA rating. Well if you look at the the video yourself, you will see the name of his video which shows that he had a 1000 watt amp hooked up to it, 1000 watts below the RMS rating of the sub, and 3000 watts below the max rating of the sub. This is the exact compliant wattage for the CEA rating of the subwoofer. EXO with one point, Rockville with zero. Their next reason was that EXO tested the sub in free air and not in a box. If you know anything about boxes, you will know that a ported box is the equivalent of free air testing when we are talking about resistance and back pressure on the sub. You will also see on the Rockville website that the sub has a ported box size spec. Again, this point is now invalid. So then Rockville claims that the sub blew because of a test tone. They then claimed that "any sub, ANY sub will blow after more than 30 seconds on a test tone." WRONG! Literally all three of their main reasons they claim EXO messed up are invalid and far fetched. EMF audio tested their cheapest sub they make on a test tone on an uncut, unedited livestream. Their Lowballer subwoofer was hooked up to an amp that was very capable of pushing WAY more than the RMS and max wattage of the sub. He started with an RMS test on a test tone, playing 63 hertz (The most difficult test tone for a subwoofer to play) for ten minutes straight. Then without giving it a rest or time to cool down, he threw 1000 watts at it for 5 minutes. Then without giving it a rest or time to cool down, he threw a whopping 4000 watts at it for another round of 5 minutes. Then without giving it a rest or time to cool down, he played music on it for 10 minutes at 1000 watts. He then proceeded to let a 63 hertz test tone play at 1000 watts for an hour straight, livestreaming the whole time. Sundown Audio then pushed 4000 watts through an SA subwoofer (also their bottom line) with a 63 hertz test tone for a solid ten minutes. Keep in mind this sub is only rated for 250 watts RMS. Both the Sundown and the EMF are still in functioning order after both test. As if that wasn't enough, sundown then stripped the sub down and pulled the coil. The coil never went above 110 degrees celsius. The world of car audio started to take EXO's side, doing things like buying the rockville subs just to BURN THEM IN BARRELS!!! Rockville retaliates. They buy a sundown subwoofer, hook it up to a cheap, crappy amp, sending lots of dirty power through it, simply to blow it up. Sundown now has every right to lash back, but they reply with "we don't agree with the testing methods or the quality of the amp that was used in the test." Not bashing Rockville at all, but just stating that they don't agree with their methods. I decided to do some research myself, and so I went to YouTube, since that is where the beef began. I typed "Rockville K9v2" into the search bar, and I found that the first things that pop up are all something along the lines of exposing cheap subs or blown subs or something of that nature. Rockville is literally having subs blow left and right on the RMS power and even less than that, the CEA power, yet they are bashing EXO and Sundown? Seems to me like Rockville needs to do some work on their products. I then started searching for the Rockville audio forum, and that was when I discovered they are one of the only car audio groups without a dedicated forum on their page. I wonder why! (Sarcasm in case you were wondering) This just adds to the case against them, and makes me chuckle if they can't even have a forum to help their customers with their products that are malfunctioning so quickly. I would definitely say that Rockville Audio is not only in need of a remodel to their voice coils, but also a remodel on how they handle criticism and competition. Rockville, if you are reading this, the world of car audio is very disappointed in you. Not for the low quality subs that you are producing. All companies have to start somewhere and make improvements. Even Skar audio, the world record holder for SPL currently at 179 dB, has had flukes in their products. We are disappointed at your lack of class and poor judgement. Get it together Rockville.



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Aug 12, 2008
sitting on toilet
. If you know anything about boxes, you will know that a ported box is the equivalent of free air testing when we are talking about resistance and back pressure on the sub
....i am no rockville supporter but you are an idiot....know what your talking about before going on a long rant

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Jan 22, 2010



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Jul 24, 2005
Shits plastered all over FB right now...and the Rockville jokes continue.



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Nov 21, 2018
I cannot comment on the brand as , we don't have that brand here in Australia ,  but we may have another brand called Option Audio that may have come out of the same factory as its made in China. There are many branded products that are also made in China today.  Pioneer gear, Sony, Kenwood as well, Originally they were all made in Japan but not anymore :crying: .  I

I somehow think the consumer gaining knowledge on the product  and having  responsibility in using their gear and it comes down to;

  • using  wrong power/ ground wire size for your sound system;
  • Not reading the product manual to get the best out of your new toy (who does this today instead of using google to find reviews)
  • Reviews on the net are written by Joe Bloggs, not an audio expert who knows how to carefully set gains, break in subwoofer period, wiring knowledge, ohms law etc..
  • ensuring good connection from point to point;
  • ensuring amplifier is secured so it does not bang on the trunk wall when you turn the vehicle; :uhoh:
  • ensuring subwoofer box is made to specs;
  • ensuring the subwoofer amp will not over-power the subwoofer and shorten its lifespan;
  • ensuring the subwoofer is broken in for a week or two, depending on your daily driving;  (this one is often overlooked and when subwoofer fails, consumer blames a dud product)
  • ensuring the subwoofer box is secure in the trunk area;
  • Wrongly setting the amplifier  gains too high; :crying:
  • wrong expectation of getting more 'juice' from the amp / subwoofer system;
In todays internet world, its easy to post a bad comment about a product without any background on how the product was used according to specs.  As we all know from a fact if you run a subwoofer / speaker hard when its new, you can damage it and then write to the world not to buy the product.  Without the statement that you tried to crank the shit out of it without breaking in the subwoofer, I think under the circumstance, any subwoofer could be damaged this way regardless of the brand.

By the way, the Rockville subwoofers look pretty decently made and looks beefy as well.  Given its power rating, no doubt it would run well given 500rms on daily. 



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Mar 27, 2019
I have had a migraine for the past 3.5 days, reading that long ass garbage of a post will just make it ten times worse!


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