Sundown SA-12 questions


Mar 24, 2013
Im debating on buying either an SA-12 D2 or a Massive Audio Hippo 122 for a single vented box (1.75/3.28gross; cubic feet) port tuned @ 35hz. Im powering them with a RF t1000 which puts out 1500 watts @ 1 ohm. Would an SA-12 be able to handle 1500 watts being its RMS is 600? Im sure an MA Hippo would be able to take that being the RMS is 2000 watts, but ive heard a lot better about SA-12s than MA Hippos. All of you have much more experience than me and I would want to get a professionals opinion. Thank you very much!

EDIT: Just realized if I buy a D2 SA-12 I could wire it to 4 ohms (around 800-900 watts) at first, let it break in then maybe push it up to 1 ohm. Would this work well?



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Feb 24, 2009
Sundown sa12 ftw...Yess it will be fine on 1500 if gains are properly set I ran as much on a pair that are still going strong in someone else's car 2 years later ...I raped those subs 5-6 hr tripps in the vehicle they were in 3-4 times a month in 110 degree weather they never let me down...great subs

The thing about the sa's is they give you all kinds of signs you are getting greedy with them, such as getting stinky or just flat bottoming out



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Oct 1, 2008
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I would get a d4 and wire it to 2 ohms so then when you want to add another you can wire the pair to 1 when you want more power, which is gonna happen eventually.


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