1. C

    More Powerful 12 or Weaker 15

    Hello! I’m looking to purchase my first sub and amp setup and am fairly new to all of this still. I am deciding between the Skar SDR15 with a Skar RP800.1 amp or the Skar SVR12 with a Skar RP1200.1 amp. The sub will be going in a proper sized ported box in a hatchback, and I mainly listen to rap...
  2. K

    Low hz rumble though sub only while stereo is on

    Low hz rumble though sub only while stereo is on i have 2 0awg power and 2 0awg grounds plus aditional grounds connecting bed and cab of truck to frame. seems like a ground loop but i cant find it. i have a skar zvx15d.2 v.3 and a RP2000D
  3. momeigs

    FOR SALE Skar Audio refurbished SK-M4004D

    Skar Audio refurbished amp straight from Skar’s HQ. 400 watt 4 channel, 140 per channel @ 2 ohms, 100 per channel @ 4 ohms...
  4. momeigs

    FOR SALE Brand new Skar Audio TX69 Coaxials

    Brand new Skar Audio coaxials straight from their HQ
  5. momeigs

    FOR SALE Brand New Skar Audio TX65C Components
  6. Cuznfkr

    Which will be more windy

    So everyone loves those stupid windy builds that take your breath away. I’m not really aiming for that , I just want it as windy as I can with my options. So I’m rebuilding my blowthru so I have pretty much unlimited room. What will be more windy , 2 Skar EVL 18s @ 1250 rms , or 4 Skar SDR 15s @...
  7. J

    Will this amp be enough for this sub?

    I'm doing my first sub install and picked out an amp and sub. I choose the Alpine S-W10D4 ( because its the perfect sub for my small sealed enclosure I have but was wondering if this Skar RP-800.1D...
  8. A

    1st Build 2005 Silverado Crew Cab

    The Alpine head unit in my truck went so I decided if I was going to replace it I'd just replace everything. Always wanted a nice car audio setup so figured I'd give it a shot. Daily Driver. I listen to just about everything but what I really want to pop is: 80's-90's Punk (Misfits, Bad...
  9. trainey3009

    Looking to upgrade subwoofers

    I currently have 4 12" MTX Terminators powered by a Hifonics BE35 1200.1D at [email protected] I know the MTX Terminators are budget entry subwoofers and I bought them before I knew any better. I'd like to upgrade my subwoofers to either 2 better quality 12" or a single 15" hopefully using the same...
  10. C

    Apples to oranges with subs

    I've been running a pair of (400w rms) kicker comp vr 12's on my rp2k. I have been looking to upgrade subs ever since, in order to use its available power. I'm about to order a pair of American bass xr 12d4's that are rated around 1000rms. Are the upgraded subs really gonna boost my spl...
  11. S

    Cone area with high roll surrounds..

    I recently purchased 2 zvx-15s and it occurred to me that most SPL subs have a large, high excursion, surround that is 2-3" wide. Thus subtracting from the useable cone area. Many moons ago when it was Rockford Fosgate, alpine, JL, and so on.... the surrounds were 1/2" wide, 1" at the most when...
  12. B

    Out of the loop... Amp help

    Hey guys, I know posts like this are redundant 😫. I was into the audio scene back in the 2000s but not so much in the past 5 years. Here is what I need some assistance with: 2018 Ford F150 10" SSA GON - Sealed box 1.3cf (rear center console enclosure) Looking for a "budget" amp to run this...
  13. O

    I Know Nothing and need help

    Helloooooo Just to be clear i literally know nothing about car audio installations and i need help so i came here. I have a renault clio hatchback 2007 and i am wishing to install the skar audio spx-65c component system to the vehicle i dont want it to be runnning very loud, so i would like...
  14. D

    Things to look for when buying used?

    I have had the opportunity to pick up 4 12" skar Ivx V2 dual 4 ohm for $200. I only need 2 of the 4, so I was planning on selling the ones I don't need. He did say that one of them had a cracked cone so I was planning on selling that one for cheap. Are these subs worth buying used? If so...
  15. S

    Skar Audio system reviews

    Review of Amplifier: Post name, details and review of the equipment you're reviewing. This forum is for reviews only! No questions should be posted! I am installing a skar audio system into my 99 eclipse GST spyder. Amps and sub are ridiculous for the price! Any one else using skar products?
  16. shredder1

    Lookin' to meter the Blazer...

    Who has a meter in the Phoenix area... Does anyone have a way to contact them?
  17. C

    Team SSA Walled 03 Navigator build

    Ill have to dig up all my pics of the build but here is where i am, working on tuning. As of now stock 140a alt big 3 all ofc 4/0 leads 4 optima batts 1 sk-4500 @.67ohm on 3 custom built ssa 18s (but have 2 need alt n 3 more batts) box is 24.6 cubes c pillar full seal with tuning goal of 26hz...
  18. W

    Skar ZVX-18 making a rubbing sound? please help.

    SORRY FOR THE WALL OF TEXT. I finally did it! I found a way to shove my Skar ZVX-18 into my incredibly shallow mustang trunk. Unfortunately, there is this terrible rubbing sound(and its loud!) coming from it at high volumes on LOW notes. Now i suspect its one of two things and i'm looking for...
  19. 350zkid

    WTB/WTTF Skar ZVX Motor

    Product I'm looking for: Looking for a Skar ZVX motor preferably v1.5. I THINK it's the same motor as version 1 but could be wrong. Version 2 looks a bit different. Budget: Reasonable Condition: Decent, not broken Time Frame (if applicable): Shot in the dark so... whenever as soon as...
  20. rpd

    Box design Skar VVX-10v2, aeroport?

    Background: In a hatchback (Honda Fit), going for 30-32hz, up to 1.75 cubes, rear firing sub, port firing dunno yet. Sub will be on 650 RMS (rated RMS is 600w), at 1 ohm. Wanting to try aeroport mainly just for the fun of it, but it's advantages do line up nicely with my goals. I have my maximum...
  21. A

    4 Skar VD-8D2 Subs in a single cab 1997 S10

    Hello everyone, please i need some help here with one question, i'm doing the box for four 8" VD series, what do you think about this box? or what measurement do you recommend me for this subs? I don't know how put a picture but is a wedge box and the measurement is: Width=51 inch Bottom...
  22. bassattack95

    skar vvx v1 vs vvx v2

    my friend and i were discussing the old vvx subs vs the new vvxv2 subs. he said the old ones were better, but i think the new ones are better. anybody run both? we want some better opinions. ive had demos of both and i think the vvx v2s were better. but thats just me.
  23. bassattack95

    skar old vs new

    my friend and i were discussing the old vvx subs vs the new vvxv2 subs. he said the old ones were better, but i think the new ones are better. anybody run both? we want some better opinions. ive had demos of both and i think the vvx v2s were better. but thats just me.
  24. Deezneez

    Why no love for Skar?

    I am wondering why people aren't jumping on the Skar amp bandwagon? The amps seem to be very close to the Sundown amps in nearly every aspect but I don't see anyone posting about them. That being said, which would you rather take (at roughly the same price) a Sundown 1500d V.1 or a Skar 1500.1?
  25. g6ryder

    Skar Audio build in a 2006 Pontiac G6

    Took out my single re mt 12" on a pb3k and i recently became a skar rep so im replacing it with 2 10" SKAR vvx's my 1st impression of these cosmetically was wow very solidly built and very eye appealing love the high rolled surround and the SKAR dustcap me and donh worked out a trade so he is...
  26. my_stealth21

    FS : 2 SKAR VVX 12 D2's

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 SKAR VVX 12 D2's Item(s) Description/Condition: These 2 SKAR AUDIO VVX 12's are in excellent condition they only have a total of about 2 hours of play time on them. One of the subs has a very small scrape on the cone that is barely visible and thats it. 10/10...
  27. DMV1919

    aero port question

    I'm gonna be building a ported box 1.75-2 (haven't decided yet) cu ft @ 30 hz for a Skar VVX12 given 800 watts @ 2 ohms by a Directed 1500d The box will be going in the back of a camaro and according to this the best sub/port placement would be upfiring into the glass I can fire the port...
  28. donpisto

    FS: (2) BNIB Skar Audio WX-12 Subwoofers

    Item(s) for Sale: Two Skar Audio WX-12 Dual 2 Ohm Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new in box. Bought these and never got a chance to use. Need the money so I'm selling. Specs: VVX-12 Sub Woofer Price: $240 picked up for both. Located in Rancho Cucamonga. Willing to ship. Prefer to...