1. D

    Upgrading stock 19 silverado sound

    It's been a long time since I've had to upgrade any car audio but the sound of the stock non bose speaker sounds like crap. The goal is to keep everything as stocking looking as possible so I plan on keeping the stock HU. Speakers, Front- JL Audio C1-690 6x9 comonent (would it sound any...
  2. C

    2010 Silverado crew cab front and rear door speakers (non Bose)

    Can I take my Bose speakers from my 2006 Chevy Tahoe front and back and put them in my 2010 Silverado if I have an after market radio installed without there being any problems? And if not, what are my best option for overall sound, good base, clear audio, without a subwoofer. I will later be...
  3. V

    2018 Silverado (non-Bose) Wiring help

    Hi - I'm not new to car audio and have installed my own system in my old 2008 Impala. I had an aftermarket head unit with three rca outputs. I have a crescendo bass clef bc2000d for my two kicker cvx 4ohm, and a pioneer gm-a4704 to power my mid's and highs which are two 2.75", 2 6/9, and two...
  4. W

    Some kind soul please help me?

    2017 Chevy Silverado crew cab 1500 I’m so in over my head trying to pick what’s right and I figured I’d ask someone for help on this forum. I’m going to do the install myself, I’ve done them before but that was 25 years ago... I want to keep the 8” factory head unit and replace the speakers and...
  5. H

    Stereo boot up trouble

    Hey im new here! So i was having issues with my stereo not booting up. I pulled the harness and soldered all of the connections and it booted up. Worked great but now it will only work for one drive but as soon as I turn the truck off it will not turn back on unless I pull this fuse (cut power...
  6. Gunslinger 1845

    Truck (Rear Seat, Limited Space)Subwoofer Options?

    Hey y'all, just signed up today so I'm new here but not all that new to car audio. Hope y'all are all safe during this crap going around. Anyways onto why I created an account here in the first place. I have an 05 Silverado with the Ultra Deep Maxx box from Subthump. I have two old as hell JL...
  7. adulbrich

    Alex's Chevy Rat Rod Dually

    Well, I haven't got a lot done, but figured I'd start the build log for it. I've been wanting to build a dually rat rod truck for a while, and I've finally got the chance to do it. I bought a 1994 Chevy 3500 dually for $650. It runs and drives, but the radiator is cracked. My cousin's husband...
  8. B

    2015 GMC Sierra Crew help

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with the design / install of a small system in my new truck. It is a non Bose with 8in touch screen. What I want to do is add a small 5 channel amp, replace the factory door speakers, and keep the stock head unit. This is a small budget build, I already have a...
  9. adulbrich

    Silverado Suspension upgrade help

    Well, before adding 1,500 pounds of battery, I should probably upgrade my rear suspension, lol. Cheapest option would be to add air shocks. Might not be the best fix. "Helper" leaf springs are another cost effective option. Or, I could get OEM 3500 leaf springs and swap my 1500 springs out...
  10. adulbrich

    Adulbrich's batteries

    Goth 32 of these ******* today! Long story. I applied for a battery shop a while ago. Never got a call back. Went to the shop today during my lunch break. I intended to buy four more group 49's like I had ($150 each). Manager showed me a pallet of these in the back: He said they got 40...
  11. L

    2014 silverado crew - subwoofer audiomobile 2212

    I have a 2014 Silverado Crew with Bose speakers. I have a JL 10w7 but it takes up the entire back. I went to the local audio place and they recommended a prebuilt box with 2 x 12inch audiomobile elite 2212. He told me that since I knew what the 10w7 ported bass was that this was similar for...
  12. adulbrich

    Alex's Silverado

    Ok, I'd like to keep this build log clean, unlike my last ones. I'll be doing things by the book and hopefully make everything pretty this time. Don't post here to argue with me or share your two cents. I don't care what you have to say. Period. If you absolutely have to tell me something, PM...
  13. adulbrich

    Silverado DDZ build

    Ok, so I'm starting on my truck. I'd appreciate it if this thread didn't turn out like my last build log with haters sharing their two cents. So far, I just got the back seats out. Going to start on the battery rack in the back today too Everyone probably already knows what equipment I'm...
  14. adulbrich

    Silverado wheel help

    Hey, I decided to stop cluttering up my agreement thread. I'm having a hard time deciding what rims and tires to get for my 2007 Silverado: Budget is flexible. On Friday, I'll have about $1,250. Every two weeks after that, I'll get another $250. I just rotated my tires, but I should have...
  15. eskibro

    Design for two 8's in a vented enclosure - 1998-2007 silverado extended cab

    So, I was playing with Google Sketchup today, and came up with a vented box that fits under the seat of my 2003 silverado extended cab. Raked the subs in to protect them from wandering feet and to experiment with reflecting sound waves off of each other (any input?). Ports in the center over the...
  16. SupermanChevy24

    Help me build a bad *** system!!

    I have installed systems before... But unfortunately they have been in cars with plenty of trunk space!! This time I need help which is why after countless and reading forums and blah blah blah. So I am asking for help with what to buy. I am installing a brand new system in my truck 2011...
  17. S

    2008 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab Install Help! Under Back Seats

    I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado extended cab and I want to add some subs to it. My top choice would be the kicker 12" L7's, but if I cannot create enough space under the seats I will switch to different ones. I Just want a lot of loud bass. I was wondering if anybody could help me on trying to...
  18. G

    adding a 2nd battery in a 2000 silverado

    i have a 2000 silverado and im looking to add a 2nd battery. i cant seem to find the part numbers for the tray and the clamp and stuff. ive found them where people are adding a battery where my stock battery is but i want to add my battery on the passenger side above the coolant resevoir. also...
  19. S

    SOLD For Sale: 3 *new* KICKER CVR's,Sub Box, 2 1200 watt amps!

    I have a huge subwoofer box that was made for my silverado. Cost me 350 to get made. It is HEAVY and super nice. The only thing that needs to be done to this setup is to finish the carpet on the top of the box. I didnt finish doing that yet. I just put 2 Kicker CVR in the box. Only have 1 month...
  20. C

    I wanna put 2 15's in a chevy silverado 2D extended cab

    I want to put 2 Kicker CVR 15's in my chevy silverado 1500. Ive been saving money from my job, and im content on the CVR's. What I'd really like yalls help on is is this possible without doing a blowthrough? Pictured is what my truck looks like open. Any feedback is appreciated
  21. J

    System recommendation?

    I bought a used 2007 Chevy Silverado classic and the speakers, factory, need to be replaced. Listening to music while driving is a must so I'm ready to upgrade my system. However, I need some help deciding how much to spend and what will give me the sound I'm looking for. My mother recently...
  22. Rear window back in... Better #'s I HOPE!

    Rear window back in... Better #'s I HOPE!

    15" sub, faced up in cab.
  23. Rear window back in... Better #'s I HOPE!

    Rear window back in... Better #'s I HOPE!

    15" sub, faced up in cab.
  24. Rear window back in... Better #'s I HOPE!

    Rear window back in... Better #'s I HOPE!

    15" sub, faced up in cab.
  25. Rear window back in... Better #'s I HOPE!

    Rear window back in... Better #'s I HOPE!

    15" sub, faced up in cab.
  26. Another one of my builds..(silverado)

    Another one of my builds..(silverado)

    2 Pheonix Gold XS 8's with a Quantum audio QCA-2150 amp. excellent sq. id say it looks pretty damn good for a kid my age
  27. Looking Through

    Looking Through

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