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Hi -
I'm not new to car audio and have installed my own system in my old 2008 Impala. I had an aftermarket head unit with three rca outputs. I have a crescendo bass clef bc2000d for my two kicker cvx 4ohm, and a pioneer gm-a4704 to power my mid's and highs which are two 2.75", 2 6/9, and two 6.5", all Kicker.
I have seen people splice into the wires and run to their LOC. I have never used an LOC. I am going to buy an audio control lc7i, and was planning on buying a wiring harness. Would I have to run the wires from the harness to the back of the truck into the LOC? Could I tap into the wires going to the speakers instead? Would a harness even be worth it? I'm confused on the wiring.


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You can tap into the speaker leads. (Wires coming from radio to speaker) run them to the inputs on lc7i. Run the lc7i in gto mode and auto gto it will sense signal from your speaker leads. Turns on the unit
Auto mode send the signal from channel 2 output to channel 3 output as well if no lead are at channel 3 input. So put front doors at channel 1 main input. Channel 2 input rear doors. Channel 1 and 2 outputs to mids amp. Channel 3 output to sub amp. Lc7i will supply a remote out. You need to run a power and ground to it.
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