1. A

    LOC to factory radio on a 2012 Audi A4

    I want to istall a LOC to my factory radio becuase I will be upgrading my factory speakers how is it done?
  2. V

    2018 Silverado (non-Bose) Wiring help

    Hi - I'm not new to car audio and have installed my own system in my old 2008 Impala. I had an aftermarket head unit with three rca outputs. I have a crescendo bass clef bc2000d for my two kicker cvx 4ohm, and a pioneer gm-a4704 to power my mid's and highs which are two 2.75", 2 6/9, and two...
  3. M

    How do I get full range signal from stock head unit to send to subwoofer amplifier.

    So I have a 2015 Honda Accord LX model with a stock stereo. I installed a 12 inch sub in a custom box with a 2000 watt mono block. I was setting my gains using a multimeter and when I played a 30 hz test tone I noticed a substantialy less value in voltage than with a 40 hz test tone. I've done...
  4. Y

    Intermitten Subs trouble...

    Old old system amp, capacitor, and 2 12"s. Running an LOC off stock headunit in my 13 accord lx. subs work fine, except when it rains, and when i shut the car off the subs play a low note consistently until i remove the remote wire. I dont understand... literally only happens in the rain. Its...
  5. Koltrain129

    COMPLETED Audio Control LC7i In great condition.

    Barely used LC7i 6 channel LOC with accubass restoration built in. Car got totaled, have no use for it right now. $100 shipped
  6. B

    Line Output Converter to Stock Subwoofer?

    Wanting to keep my factory stereo in my car. There’s a stock subwoofer in the hatch, and I was wondering if I would have to use left speaker input wires, right speaker input wires, or if I could combine both right and left speaker input wires from the LOC to the stock sub. Line Output Converter...
  7. D

    Stock Head Unit and aftermarket amps through an AudioControl LCQ-1

    To clean up the sound from my stock Tacoma (non-JBL) I know I need a Line Out Converter. But I was looking at also adding DSP for the equalizer flexibility. Would this work and work well to do this: AudioControl LCQ-1 6-channel line output converter with equalizer. I will be running a Rockford...
  8. L

    Speaker wire to RCA using a Line Out Converter (LOC)

    My head unit has 3 pre amp outputs all used up on the subs, tweeters and midrange, going into a DSP with 4 pre amp outputs, so 1 set of pre amp outputs are free on the DSP, which I would like to use to bandpass my rear backseat speakers. Can i, using the HU as an amp, use the HU designated rear...
  9. M

    How do I tune both my Amp and my Line Out Converter?

    I am confused on how you tune an amp and line out converter at the same time. I have an LP7-2 LOC, and R1100M Amp and they both have gain knobs on it. I understand that for each, if tuning by ear, you need to put your radio at 3/4ths volume, play a 40hz test tone, and then turn the gain knobs up...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Can I Install My Line Out Converter This Way?

    I installed two 12 inch subs with an amp and a line output converter in my Honda Accord 2009, and I wired it to the harness on the head unit but the amp never turned on. I took it to a car audio store and had them look at it, and they said that it can't be wired to the radio because it isn't...
  11. V

    Stuck in protection mode with factory headunit and lc2i

    I recently bought a 2013 lesus gs350. Transfered everything from my old car.  Pioneer GM D9601 kicker 10cvx12 compvx 4ohm some boss cap 10farads  dont remeber specific model but it worked fine in old car. everything worked fine in old car Set everything up in new car. Wire up the lc2i. Lc2i...
  12. M

    Help With Proper RCA Voltage And LOC Wiring Into Bose System. Not A Beginner :)

    Hi everyone. Although I've used this forum for years, this is the first time I've ever posted. I've been messing with car audio for 10+ years, but ironically this was my first Bose integration. Thanks in advance for reading, and I have tried to be as detailed as possible in my description...
  13. Eggroll

    LC2i is having probs.

    My current LOC is an LC2i, and I'm looking for a replacement. What is a better and recommended LOC? Or processor?
  14. M

    2016 Corolla - Installed single sub - Rockford amp - LOC - Car won't start

    Noob here - installed and LOC - tapped into the rear speakers into an LOC - Checked ground is good - 12V directly to battery - when I push the start button on the car it starts up and immediately turns off and gives me the battery symbol on the console??? I check the LOC and amp and their...
  15. S

    Line Output Converter

    Just a quick question regarding installing a LOC. My LOC has 4 wires which i'm assuming are for the speakers. When installing the LOC do I just need to t-tap the wires on the LOC to the correct wires in my stereo wiring harness?
  16. T

    LOC Questions

    Involving a line-out converter, can you tap into the rear speakers?
  17. A

    General questions about LOC

    I am no expert in car audio, but I have had my fair share of aftermarket stereos. From a simple passive LOC/amp/sub setup to full system upgrades. My first setup was a basic passive LOC, connected to an amp and sub. I upgraded piece by piece until I had some door speakers, and then upgraded a...
  18. Mr.meyhem

    Help!!!! Fml

    just spent 10 hours wiring up my 09 honda civic. (hardest car to take apart EVER!!!!) I put in new comps and a sub plus a LOC. but now when I'm driving the sound will cut out for long periods of time. but when i tap the break it will sometimes flick back on. I've checked all my...
  19. Mr.meyhem

    fs/ ft PAC Line Out Converter SOEM-T

    Item(s) for Sale: PAC LOC SOEM-T Item(s) Description/Condition: PAC LOC SOEM-T Never been used. went to hook it up and released i needed 4 rca's not 2. Price: $22 + Ship O.B.O. Or offer trades. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Buyer pays Item Pictures:
  20. Mr.meyhem

    LOC vs. New deck, under $130.

    I have an 09 honda civic lx. So i don't want to be cutting it up. But i was thinking bout mounting a deck where the cup holders r or in the glove box. The LOC would prbly cost less and be easier to install, but i've heard they don't give you the best sound quality. Any tips on which to go...
  21. D

    04 Chrysler Pacifica stereo help

    I have an 04 pacifica that is fully loaded with the navigation, 6 disc player and dvd overhead monitor. Ive installed an aftermarket amp and subs by using a scosche line output converter that is tapped into the rear stock subwoofer wires coming out from the stock amp. This way I was able to use...
  22. M

    Scosche Speaker Line Out Converter "Hi/Lo"

    Selling a brand new looked BUT used about 2 months.. Nothing is wrong with it, looks brand new. No scratches or anything. 2 Channel LOC up to 80 watts. Looking to sell for $15.00 shipped. If you are interested, feel free to contact me at 1-858-413-6525
  23. P

    can i check LOC outputs?

    so ive had my setup in my 08 civic si with premium sound for about a year and a half now. i have an loc installed where the factory sub used to be. ive went through 3 subs so ive started to do reasearch. ive recently figured out how tune my amp with a dmm. now im wondering if i can check the...
  24. P

    I need advice with my LOC install!

    I have a 2008 civic si that I installed an amp and 1 12" in about a year and a half ago. I kept the factory radio so I installed a cheap LOC with a remote turn on in the rear deck where the factory sub used to be. I have a power acoustik ps2-800 mounted under the rear deck. The first sub I...