Speaker wire to RCA using a Line Out Converter (LOC)


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Jul 23, 2018
Keyser, WV
My head unit has 3 pre amp outputs all used up on the subs, tweeters and midrange, going into a DSP with 4 pre amp outputs, so 1 set of pre amp outputs are free on the DSP, which I would like to use to bandpass my rear backseat speakers.

Can i, using the HU as an amp, use the HU designated rear green and purple speaker wires, connect them to a Line Out Converter to make them RCA, RCA into the DSP, then RCA out of back of DSP as RCAs to a second LOC, then finally plug into my 6” rear woofers as regular speaker wires???

Then I could use my DSP to bandpass my woofers midbass in my rear deck above back seat.


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Jul 23, 2018
Keyser, WV
Ok I decided I’m gonna upgrade my 4 channel amp to the Rockford t1000x5ad along with this Audiopipe® SPLIT-3003 - Multi-Audio Amplifier Splitter, since no one can tell me about the LOC idea.
Then i can run the rear deck through my DSP???

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May 27, 2015
irvine, ca
if You haven’t bought that amp yet you should consider this amp

Before scrapping my idea to run active plus rears I was set with this amp because of the 2ch/4ch/6ch selector switch (No RCA splitters will ever be needed).

You’ll be able to select 4 channel on the amp but still get power out of all six channels and you can use two pairs of rcas for this amp. The final result should be deck to dsp to amps and dial In each channel on the dsp

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