USB Audio?

PixelGeek Newbie
Jul 14, 2019
Daytona Beach USA
TLDR: My LG V20 and my KDC-BT368u refuse to communicate over USB.

I'm the "proud" owner of a KENWOOD KDC-BT368u. This unit supports Bluetooth, USB, and 3.5mm audio inputs. I've been using bluetooth for the past year, and its served me well. However, recently my phone has started not behaving well with a multitude of bluetooth devices. It will constantly disconnect, or tell me that it's playing wile sending no audio to the bluetooth device, so, until I get a new phone id like to use USB audio so I can still control my phone with the head unit controls.

But, the KENWOOD Music Play app, the app Kenwood wants me to use to achieve USB playback, refuses to detect the head unit and the head unit refuses to detect my phone. Just because my phone is running Android 8.1 instead of 7.x. I'm using an LG V20 which is capable of USB audio, so does anyone know why I'm having this issue, or how to fix it?

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