Kenwood excelon DNX893s bluetooth limitations

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So I have the DNX893s and I LOVE IT, except....

This unit allows for simultaneous connection as 2 phones for calls and one of the 2 for media. It makes sense until here, it's very useful on long trips.

The problems:

- When setting up a new device, the system will ask if you wish to connect this as "hands free 1" or "hands free 2" which lead me to beleive that this is the priority order by which it would connect the devices when they are all available. Unfortunately, when connection a third device you automatically take the place of one of the first 2 devices. Which seems to mean that even if none of the other devices are available, the bluetooth will not automaticcally connect to the "third" device because... well its not "hands free 1" nor "hands free 2". Even the OEM system I had would sequentially look through previously paired devices and try to find one to connect. but this one does not.

- Assuming you only have 2 users for the system (aka forgetting) the initial problem above. if both are connected at the same time and the system only supports one full MEDIA connection, it's normal that it asks to manually choose which device should take the media connection... However, when one of the 2 is connected and the other device is not in proximity... the system is not intelligent enough to assume that this should be the media device ! No instead you have to manually go in the bluetooth settings, set this device for media and do the same thing again when the other person comes in the car and wants to use the bluetooth media.

All in all I find myself accessing the bluetooth settings around 3 times a day which means aroun 10 clicks every time I get in the car...

Anyone with this issue ?? any suggestions ?? (obviously other than not sharing the car with other people cause thats just not gonna happen)

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