1. T

    Heads up on polarity testers and crossover slopes.

    Just a heads up people. I just finished installing a new component set. I made sure it was all wired properly, positive to positive and negative to negative. I wanted to double check everything with free polarity tester app from the iOS store. The new components all tested fine but my existing...
  2. S

    2010 Lincoln MKX Crossovers?

    Good Morning everyone, I have a 2010 Lincoln MKX with the factory THX audio and factory amplifier. My front doors are factory component speakers and I am replacing them with Morel Tempo Ultra 572 component speakers. In the door, there are no factory crossovers, but I do believe that the amp is...
  3. F

    COMPLETED 2000 Buick Regal LS

    Hello! I'm looking to upgrade my factory sound system to get the highest clarity and most efficient sound replication. Here was my idea: (All are component style parts) JBL Step-Up MultiElement 5 1/4" (Two-Way) In the OEM front door space JBL Step-Up MultiElement 6x9" (Three-Way) In the OEM rear...
  4. U

    midrange and tweeters? a few questions

    I am very new to car audio. Recently I had a crunch 1400watt 4 channel amplifier put in, along with 2 12inch JBL subs. They are used subs and my friend had them before me. They sounded 10x louder in his old car than they do in mine. So I'm not too sure about that. More importantly, I am looking...
  5. M

    3 way components

    Hi all, I have installed a custom made 3 way components. Tweeter, mid range from Hertz nd subwoofer from focal. The crossover I bought it from Chinese website(AliExpress). So will it give the same output as 3 way or will there be any disturbance? Help me out with this.
  6. nyoc

    Trying to get an amp to see 2 ohms

    Taramps DS 250.2 with 2 DS18 crossovers 2 Soundqubed 8" midrange 2 Soundqubed super tweeters Trying to get the amp to see 2ohms, the speakers are single 4ohm What do I need to do?
  7. CaesarVespasian

    How To Isolate and Amplify the Hi-Hat Sound?

    I am specifically referring to the basic hi-hat variation, which sounds like a steady "chk chk chk chk" sound, I often hear it as a car comes down the street. I am not certain if the sound can be heard by the driver inside the car, or only by me on the street. I have tried to replicate the...
  8. L

    Speaker wire to RCA using a Line Out Converter (LOC)

    My head unit has 3 pre amp outputs all used up on the subs, tweeters and midrange, going into a DSP with 4 pre amp outputs, so 1 set of pre amp outputs are free on the DSP, which I would like to use to bandpass my rear backseat speakers. Can i, using the HU as an amp, use the HU designated rear...
  9. varano_ohms

    Crossover -- Wiring -- Amplifier

    Hello, I would like to know how to connect a crossover to the amplifier. there are 2 crossovers that have 2 way and 3 way they have in+ and in- and for tweeters, sub and medium. thanks regards
  10. G

    Going active?

    What do I need to do to go active? Right now I have Polk Audio DB6501 mid range with NVX VSPTW Tweeters and a Kenwood DDX375BT as my head unit. I also have some Kicker 6.5's in the rear doors and Alpine 6x9's. Most of this stuff has been used from previous builds so thats why its a bunch of mix...
  11. C

    Crossover near Resonant Frequency?

    I have Focal 6.5" components in the front and 6x9 coaxials in the back. I am trying to figure out the best frequency to cross over my front woofers and am having some difficulty because the listed Resonant Frequency (Fs) is about 94Hz which seems high to me. I have been told that the high-pass...
  12. L

    How can I low-pass my ACP110LG-TW1 even lower than 50 Hz?

    I have a 2018 Kia Soul Plus and I'm using an XD400/4v2 amplifier to power JL C5's in the front and stock woofers in the back. A JL Fix is also part of the equation. Beneath the hidden compartment in the hatchback trunk, there is an ACP110LG-TW1 subwoofer powered by itself. A volume knob for said...
  13. L

    Please help me understand crossover wiring (giving up on searching)

    Hi everyone - I am a new member on the forum and need a little help understanding something (and believe me I've searched and searched on this issue using google, forums, vendor sites, car sites, Youtube, images, amplifier and component speakers manuials, etc. and have found nothing to help...
  14. S

    how to wire alpine spr-60c component crossover - new HU/Amp/speakers going in

    Hi, I think I have the basic idea from the picture on the side of the box, but I wanted to verify and have a couple general questions if anyone can help. The sub has five connectors; two wide, two narrow and one covered with plastic which I know is related to active bypass which I don't...
  15. M

    Low Pass Filter

    Hi all, I recently got a subwoofer fitted in my small car. It is a JBL CS1214 in a sealed box, with a JBL A3001 amplifier. The subwoofer is rated at 250W RMS while the amplifier is rated at 300W RMS. I have not upgraded the car speakers. The problem is, I cannot get a good level of bass and...
  16. I

    crossover question

    i'm interested in choosing individual components to create a personalized 2/3 way component setup. i'm wondering: if i get an active crossover, will it conflict with my amplifier(s) built in crossover? mainly the cutoff frequency--if i set the cutoff for tweeters at say 2k hz on a preamp...
  17. Louisiana_CRX

    Old School Kenwood 6 way Active Crossover

    Item(s) for Sale: Kenwood KEC-301 Item(s) Description/Condition: Very rare Kenwood electronic crossover ...This can be configured to run a 3 way stage ...with low freq and band pass plus high pass features...This is a very unique crossover in all its capabilities...These don't come along...
  18. M

    SMD - DD1 and CC1 Combo $200 FIRM

    SMD - DD1 and CC1 Combo $200 FIRM Bought less than 2 months ago and both are in PERFECT condition just as purchased. As always fastest way to reach me is by cell feel free to call or text anytime (904)307-9063 Mike
  19. M

    5 way crossover

    I posted a thread earlier asking about external crossovers, but it turns out I needed to know more about what I was going to do before an appropriate xover could be chosen. here's the old thread: Now that I...
  20. M

    High Pass Crossover Clarity Effects

    If my sub-woofer is handling frequencies up to 200hz, is it best for me to set the Mid-Range Crossover for my coaxial door speakers in my amp to around 150hz instead of the default 80hz? I'm thinking I can get better clarity in the higher Mid-Range if the speakers didn't have to work on...
  21. MTX RT-X02A Crossover

    MTX RT-X02A Crossover

    Good Conditiion. $30
  22. MTX RT-X02A Crossover

    MTX RT-X02A Crossover

    Good Conditiion. $30
  23. MB Quart QM 200.72 Crossover

    MB Quart QM 200.72 Crossover

    Good Conditon. I have 3. $50 each.




    hiquphon tweeter
  26. B

    First time installer, need help

    This is my first time ever installing a sound system, so excuse my inexperience and lack of basic knowledge. Right now this is the setup in which i have bought to install into my car. My plan is that the 4-channel amp, which is rated at,4 ohms: 50 watts x 4 chan, will power the 2 sets of...
  27. area51

    Morel Accuset 33.4 3-way Passive Crossover

    Item(s) for Sale: Morel Accuset 33.4 3-way passive crossover Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new, never used, Morel Accuset 33.4 passive crossover that I bought just in case I was going to go this route. Never got around to it. Link to info below. Selling for what I got it for $239...
  28. J

    For sale digital designs t2 silk dome tweeters

    Item(s) for Sale: 6 sets of t2 tweeters and i also have a few sets of crossovers for them Item(s) Description/Condition: new •Subwoofer Grade Coil Wire •Vented Rear Chamber •2X Size Neo Magnet •Low Fs •Flush & Angle Mounts •28mm VC SPECIFICATIONS •Series T •4.0 Ohm Nominal...
  29. txdog27

    Need help with Active Crossover Setup - Will this work? SEE DIAGRAM I DREW OUT......

    So this will be the first time I have attempted a fully active Crossover and speakers set up..... I believe I have the basics and the general idea behind it right....... but I am unsure if the way I am running all of my rca's and the way I am splitting the signal so much will work..... I drew...
  30. V

    FS: Arc Audio DXE (4-way active xo/eq/line driver)

    Item(s) for Sale: Arc Audio DXE Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new, still sealed In short it's a 4-way active xover/eq/line driver with a bunch of extras. See manual linked below for everything there is to it. In the future all audio products will have the flexibility of a fully...
  31. R

    Preamp or no need?

    I recently bought a kenwood eXelon x794 HU for my suv looking for better SQ. I notice that the HU has a Lot of settings for the EQ and sound processor area; DO you recommend or even if is necessary to put an additional equalizer/crossover? Suggestions... I got a 4 channel amp for my components...
  32. FLboy4x4

    FS: Kicker x3i 3-way active crossover

    Kicker x3i 3-way active crossover KICKER x3i is a 3-way 18dB/octave active electronic crossover with one variable low pass and two variable high pass filters. Remote control bass boost is variable to +18dB at 40Hz. Also features 24dB/octave subsonic filter, two stereo inputs, and three stereo...
  33. Z

    a/d/s crossovers

    Item(s) for Sale: 3 - a/d/s electronic crossovers 1 - model 642ix 2 - models 642CSi Item(s) Description/Condition: I think they are all brand new never been installed just me testing them out to make sure they worked. No scratches or dents, All 3 of these are basically the same thing other...
  34. Z

    MB Quart Comp Crossover

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 pair of QM 200.70 COMP passive crossovers Item(s) Description/Condition: 2 way crossovers with 3 tweeter settings and woofer crossover points of 3,600Hz 12db/oct 120watts/chan these are brand new still wrapped in the original package only removed to take pictures of 1 of...
  35. Z

    Audio Control 4xS & EQT's

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 - Audio Control 4xS electronic crossover 2 - Audio Control EQT's Series ii equalizers Item(s) Description/Condition: 4xS is a 4 way, 3 way, or 2x2 way, programmable 18db/oct crossover with constant Sub out and low cut 24db/oct set up. line voltage 5v out. good cond with a...
  36. J

    Memphis M Class 6.5" Component System (15-MCSQ6.5)

    Item(s) for Sale: Memphis M Class 6.5" Component Speakers (15-MCSQ6.5) Item(s) Description/Condition: Used for 1 year. All Cones,surround and everything are in great condition. Only flaw is there is 1 small hairline crack on the back side of one of the speakers on the plastic magnet cover. Its...
  37. shizupple

    Digital Designs DD-CS6.5 6.5'' Component Set

    Item(s) for Sale: Digital Designs CS-6.5 Component Set (1) OR Digital Designs 6.5'' Coaxials (2) Digital Designs DDT2 Tweeter Set (2) Digital Designs Crossover Set (2) Item(s) Description/Condition: The Comp Set is brand new never installed. I took them out of the plastic but they have...
  38. Dr. Slam

    installed front speakers and they really ****!! i need help

    i have a buick lesabre and i installed some infinity kappa 52.9i 5.25 speakers and they sound alot worse than my factories. i also installed infinity kappa 6 x 9s and they sound good. all of the speakers are wired to a mb quartz 4 channel amplifier with each speaker having its own channel. all...
  39. carlosg_313

    SOLD Memphis 16-xo2 crossover

    got a memphis crossover, had it for a year. got it from a friend that had it hooked up to his old set up. cosmetic is 8/10. missing only 3 screws, but i believe it can be replace. asking for $65 shipped obo. need money asap. will do paypal only. and sorry that i did it for down south bass...
  40. Targa crossover

    Targa crossover