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Audio System Setup

Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I would like to know how to connect a crossover to the amplifier. there are 2 crossovers that have 2 way and 3 way they have in+ and in- and for tweeters, sub and medium. thanks regards
  2. gordos420

    Going active?

    What do I need to do to go active? Right now I have Polk Audio DB6501 mid range with NVX VSPTW Tweeters and a Kenwood DDX375BT as my head unit. I also have some Kicker 6.5's in the rear doors and Alpine 6x9's. Most of this stuff has been used from previous builds so thats why its a bunch of mix and match brands. I tried searching on here and youtubing this topic but don't get the exact input I'm looking for. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. I have Focal 6.5" components in the front and 6x9 coaxials in the back. I am trying to figure out the best frequency to cross over my front woofers and am having some difficulty because the listed Resonant Frequency (Fs) is about 94Hz which seems high to me. I have been told that the high-pass filter for this type of woofer should be about twice the Fs. I am worried that if I cross the fronts at 200Hz, I may be losing some impact. They're Focal, so they already trade impact for accuracy and a 200Hz high-pass may make them sound a bit dull. I have yet to install my amp so I can't mess with individual channel crossovers, but does anybody think 200Hz is a bit high of a filter for a 6.5"? I will be upgrading my sub to an 8" Focal firing directly into the cabin, and my rear coaxials have an Fs of about 56Hz so I can always cross them over at 100Hz and be happy.
  4. I have a 2018 Kia Soul Plus and I'm using an XD400/4v2 amplifier to power JL C5's in the front and stock woofers in the back. A JL Fix is also part of the equation. Beneath the hidden compartment in the hatchback trunk, there is an ACP110LG-TW1 subwoofer powered by itself. A volume knob for said subwoofer exists to the left of my steering wheel. I listen to a variety of different genres. Hip-hop and hard-hitting subwoofer songs make up about 15-20% of the music I listen to. Now to the point: I've noticed that for whatever reason, be it the acoustics of the car, or the response of the subwoofer, I get a LOT more energy around 50 Hz than I do at 40 Hz. I'm not an SPL freak who needs to wake up the block with my subwoofer. I don't even listen to music that loudly and disproportionately loud bass isn't really my thing. However, when artists include an 808 sub that hits 40 Hz in their song, I NEED it to sound like it's the biggest thing in the mix. And I CAN turn up my subwoofer loud enough to allow that to happen, but the unfortunate side effect of this is that it makes the frequencies around 50 Hz distractingly loud. My crossover was at 80 Hz so I moved it down to 50 Hz, as low as it can go. With JL's Tun software, I even added an additional low-pass filter to the sub output of the fix at 63 Hz which is as low as that one can go. The combined power of these low-pass filters is enough to slightly remedy the problem but not fix it. (And yes, I soloed the subwoofer using Tun, so I know it's the subwoofer.) A song that highlights this problem greatly is . This song contains 4 long, sustained sub notes that approximately go 52 Hz, 62 Hz, 39 Hz, 62 Hz in that order. Then a shorter sounding kick drum comes in whose fundamental is 52 Hz. I've actually examined the waveform of this song and that 39 Hz note is the one with the highest RMS out of the 4 notes. I have a home system with an Outlaw M8 subwoofer and when it hits that low note, it shakes the room. In fact, out of all the songs I've ever played through that home system, that song has had the loudest frequency at approx. 40 Hz out of all of them. I'm not saying this has the loudest 40 Hz out of any song EVER (my hip-hop and electronic library is only so big), but it's worth pointing out that even a lot of hard-hitting trap songs with bass notes at 40 Hz don't even shake the room as much as this one note in this Daft Punk song. THEREFORE, I think it's reasonable that in my car, this note should shake my face a little bit, and of course I can make it do that by turning up my subwoofer, but then that 52 Hz note I mentioned earlier just becomes disproportionately loud. And then once that shorter kick drum comes in, it's just "OOG. OOG. OOG. OOG." It's very annoying and it makes me just not want to turn up the subwoofer at all. And this is just a song that greatly highlights the problem (from an album that has been lauded for its engineering I should mention), but I notice this with other songs too. I'm already far over my budget for this system. I was just hoping someone had a suggestion to get my bass sounding the way I want it to and hopefully it wouldn't cost much. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone - I am a new member on the forum and need a little help understanding something (and believe me I've searched and searched on this issue using google, forums, vendor sites, car sites, Youtube, images, amplifier and component speakers manuials, etc. and have found nothing to help clarify). On a 4 channel amp. If I attach the output wires from channels 1 & 2 (tweeters) to the crossovers' inputs (assuming this is the correct way to wire it), then from the crossovers I connect separate sets of wires to go to tweets and mids. OK easy enough. What I don't understand is how much power are going to the speakers? If the amp is rated at 50W RMS/channel, does that mean the 4 speakers are getting only 25W each (since all 4 speakers are being fed from only 2 channels on the amp)? What does one do with the remaining channels 3 & 4 on the amp? I would love to see some definitive source say something like: On a 4 channel amp: Connect your tweeter output wires from the amp to the "input" on the crossover. You won't use the remaining 2 channels (3 & 4) on the amp or you can bridge them and run a sub You will get xxx watts on each speaker etc... Thanks so much in advance for anyone who can shed light on this. I've been pulling my hair out and done with searching.