amp help

  1. J

    Amp problem?

    I have an amp and subs in my car. The amp power light blinks and subs stop working and it goes in and out when music is played. I made sure all the connections were solid, Checked fuses. Not sure where to go from here! Any recommendations?
  2. H

    Amp Settings help

    I’ve recently purchased a pre build box with two twelve inch subs at 4 ohms and 500 watts with a JL audio 500/1 amp for my challenger. I also have a line out converter since I have a factory head unit. I have absolutely no idea how to tune the amp and would appreciate some recommended settings.
  3. W

    Red Triangle Stays on Kenwood Xr901-5?

    Got a brand new Kenwood amp and the red triangle light stays on even when I turn my car off. Is that bad ?
  4. Brett Michael

    Help with info on old Alpine amp

    Ok first and foremost I'm Brett new to this site and very green in terms of knowing much about the car stereo world but very intrigued.  Ok I have tons of questions but first is how can I find more information on an Alpine MRV-F250? When looking it up it takes me to MRP-F250 assuming that is...
  5. R

    Under powered?

    Don't know if this should go into the amp or sub category so Ill go with general. I have 2 subs with 900 rms each along with 1 900 watt amp (bridged) I was just...
  6. G

    Amp help for a Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F 12"

    I bought my first job the other day. Been looking for an amp to power it. It says 50–350 RMS at 4 ohms. I can't seem to find a good amp or I must be confused. I'm only powering one sub and I know it's a single Voice coil at 4 ohms. Any help on amp suggestions would be great. Also to mention...
  7. A

    Amp Upgrade Help Please

    I have been lurking here for a while and have already learned a lot from you guys. I am about to try an install that is a little more complicated than anything else I have tried before and need som advice. I am trying to swap out the factory amp (not a Bose system) in my 2009 Cayman and need...
  8. J

    Amp is it working or NOT???

    Hi, I had a question. If Anyone could help Me out with this I'd greatly appreciate it. Ok, So I had a subwoofer hooked up with an amp in my Scion Tc. The speaker tore, no longer good so I took out the Sub but didn't do anything with the amp. I didn't disconnect it or anything. This was about 4...
  9. S

    Which is better. CT 3000.1D or Shark Audio 3500.1D ?

    Like the title says.. Im wondering which is better. The shark is only $320 while the retail price of the CT sounds 3000.1D is $1,000. The shark is rated for much more and I watched a dyno of the shark where it met its ratings. I can get a CT3000.1D for $500 used, or get a new Shark 3500.1D ...

    Help!! Amp keeps going into "protect mode"

    My amp keeps going into protect mode every time I get to a certain volume level. Depends on the song where that is. But say i turn my head unit up to "25" and it goes off, all i have to do is turn it down to "24" and it comes back on. Does it all the time. I can turn it up to a certain level...
  11. G

    Amp worked for close to 2 years, smokes one day at low volume (Gets Interesting)

    So I have a Boss CE 4800w amp powering a power Akoustik mofo 152x that I have been using for about 2 years now. However one day while i was driving a heard a pop and hissing noise coming from the negative battery terminal on the amp. I tried re-wiring that terminal and what ended up happening...
  12. Byser

    10w7s (What amp?)

    My current system Im running right now is 2 JL Audio 10w7s and what I have pushing them is 2 Kicker 750s. Look at photos to get a better idea and if need be I can post a video of it. I want to find out if these amps are fine and get the job done or if I might need to upgrade to a single bigger...
  13. H

    1%thd - 5% thd??

    I'm wiring my q1-750 to 1ohm for 750 watts , how do i make sure it is at 1% thd and not 5% whihc is 1000 at 1 ohm??
  14. T

    What amp to run on an Alpine type R SWR-12D4

    i just bought the alpine SWR-12D4 rated to 1000 RMS , I'm having trouble deciding which amp to pair with this sub because alpine says it can take up to 1000 rms but a lot of people are saying this sub is overrated and is probably closer to the previous model with 600 rms, i don't want to...
  15. C

    Best amplifier for my setup

    Hello C.A community! I've been browsing these forums for past week and finally decided it was time to post. Some background information: I'm in the process of my first sound system build taking place in a 1999 honda civic sedan. I primarily listen to electronic music such as trance and techno...
  16. T

    Distortion in tweeter from amp issue

    Ok so I have a JL 360/4 amplifier. My rear right speaker tweeter started distorting, like a staticy noise at certain frequencies. So i figured it was a blown speaker since they were getting old. Replaced the speaker, same problem. So i swapped the rca's around on the input side of the amp, and...
  17. T

    Distortion in tweeter from amp issue

    Ok so I have a JL 360/4 amplifier. My rear right speaker tweeter started distorting, like a staticy noise at certain frequencies. So i figured it was a blown speaker since they were getting old. Replaced the speaker, same problem. So i swapped the rca's around on the input side of the amp, and...
  18. Justin braaapp

    Crescendo bc3500 half ohm

    Whats up guys i recently bought a crescendo amp thats in immaculate condition for 450$ and my old amp. They guy before me had it wired down to half ohm on two fi sp4 15's. I know the website says the amps are stable down to .5 ohms but could it have damaged the amp running it at half ohm? He...
  19. J

    amp cut out need help!!!!

    Ok i am new at this but i have a decent pair of 6x9s hook into a 400 watt amp. All was working and good just stopped working.. The amp is on and getting power but only a low level volume of sound coming out. I changed the rca wires and checked all grounds and nothing seems to help.. I...
  20. O

    need help with my orion hcca 150r

    i am new to car audio and love learning about it right now i have a hcca 150r with 2 12'' kennwoods single 4s nothing special and 1 q power 15'' its a dual 4 but one coil is bad i dont know much about this amp but that it is really confusing. whats the best way to wire these subs and amp to get...
  21. Wolfenit415

    From 4 ohm to 2 ohm back to 4 ohm resulted in loss of power.

    Hello, new guy here. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and post a reply, it is much appreciated as I'm racking my mind for the last 2 days. To make a long story short, i recently bought a budget system. This system includes a Rockford Fosgate R250X1 Prime 1-Channel Mono Block...
  22. S

    Amp issue Need help

    I have a Exile 2400.1, and im currently transferring my system to another truck, I turn the key back to allow power and my deck and satellite radio will turn on but my amp wont. When i turn the key to the normal off position the light for the amp will turn on for a second then off again. Same...
  23. basswiigee

    I'm buyin 2day, help...

    looking for best output @ 1 ohm... db drive okur A3 1500.1 class a/b or a... hifonics titan txi1508 class d both say 1500w, db 4x20amp fusing, hifonics 2x60amp maxi... what do you think would be best... and why?
  24. Peggle

    Amp Ohm Question/Suggestions

    G'morrow gents, So I know some of you are tired of seeing me post a bunch of crap, but bear with my noobiness for just a little bit longer. So my Boss PH3000D is blown and I'm now tasked with finding another amp. I seriously don't want to fk up my next purchase so I'm back here asking more...
  25. Only The Best

    amplifier going into protect mode help?

    so i have a rockford fosgate prime 5 channel brand new amp.... had it for 2 weeks running off of 2 6x9's... then i put 2 more on it today and tried to run it but then it kept throwing itself into protect mode any time it tried to hit a base note like the amp wasnt able to put out enough power to...
  26. D

    Idq12v3 what is a good amp for this subwoofer

    What is a good amp for the idq12v3 woofer. I'm planning on getting a mono class d amp. Running it in a custom built .9 cubic foot sealed box in the jump seat cubby hole in my 95 ford ranger xlt. I have looked at the following : Jl jx500/1d Cadence Acoustics CSA5000.1 Alpine MRP-M500 Sound...
  27. Only The Best

    Eclipse amp blown or not?

    So i have an old eclipse pa5542 4 channel amplifier and i was about to install it into my truck. i was testing out which speaker wire was connected to each speaker and while i was doing that it suddenly stopped working? the power light wont come on/ the power/ground/remote wire is all getting...
  28. Only The Best

    4 channel running 4 6x9's and 2 super tweeters???

    so i had a question.... if i got a 4 channel fosgate p400.1 (50rms@4ohmx4/100rms@2ohmx4/200rms bridged@4ohmstable).... i was wondering if i could wire my 4 6x9's (both 4ohm and 100rms)in parallel and bridge it and run my super tweeters off of the other channel....
  29. B

    Which amp would you get?

    I have a choice between the 1st edition Hifonics Colossus, the Colossus II 20th edition, old school U.S. amp 2000, new Memphis 4000 or Kicker zx2500.1, which one would you get to run 2 team Rockford 12's?
  30. P

    Need a new amp, don't know what to get.

    So I bought my truck off a guy a few months ago who already had this setup in it. It's been sounding great but now it's time for a new amp due to a stupid mistake on my part. Long story short I have two 15 inch memphis power reference's who's RMS is 250 and peak is 500...that's about all I know...
  31. J

    Need help choosing a decent cheaper amp?

    alright i am planning on buying 2 12' HIFONICS HFX12D4 ,just search to see which ones im talking about. so i am looking for a decent amp that will give me some good bass.Im looking to spend $60 to $100.I dont know to much about car audio so im just looking for some feed back and suggestions.thx...
  32. S

    Amp is going in to 'Protect' mode when I turn up the volume.

    I found my way to these boards out of desperation, but I'm hoping to stay since it seems rather neat. In any case, I installed my new sound system into my truck a little over a week ago, and it was running great until two days ago. I just turned the truck on, and I noticed if I turned up the...
  33. G

    4 channel amp, 5 speakers .. help.. new rockford fosgate power series everything

    If i put 2 speakers in one channel on a 4 channel amp will the rms output on that channel cut in half? rockford fosgate t400-4 amp 4 ohms: 60 watts x 4 chan 2 rockford fosgate t1462 speakers 45 watts rms each 2 rockford fosgate t1675 speakers 70 watts rms each 1 rockford fosgate t1693...
  34. MellowHype

    Mounting amp's on sub box

    So ive just finished building my first enclosure, and its a really tight fit in my trunk. Is it safe to mount two amplifiers on the sub box? like on the top or on the sides? Will the bass rattle the insides of the amps or will it be fine? I was thinking of making small square mounts and gluing...
  35. K

    kicker zx 2500.1 or rockford fosgate t 2500 1bd

    Ok I now have a kicker zx2500.1 on two tens I just got 2 eclipse sw9122 my friend has a rockford t2500 1bd he said he would trade cause he need the power at 2 ohm so should I keep kicker at 4 ohm or go with the rockford at one ohm the box will be ported I'm a sq man so what is better I know the...
  36. MellowHype

    Stuck between two amps. Any help?

    So i have an alpine type R 12", rated at 600wRms. It is the dual 4 ohm version so i need an amp around 600wRms at 2 ohms. I am stuck between two, one is the Alpine MRX-M50, rated at 500watt at 2ohms. And the other is a Kicker EX1000.1 rated at 700watt rms. They are both the same price. I want to...