1. ChasingTimez

    best duel 8" sub with around 1.5kw?

    Been looking to upgrade my Memphis mojo single 8' and need some recommendations for a dual setup. Anything under $1000 can work and looking for around 1k watts im running it on my RF Punch P1000X1bd and might get a second one if needed.
  2. S

    Best Amplifier for Memphis sub

    Hello to my bass cousin, I have a question what amplifier would you all recommend for Memphis CM15d2c 15" sub. I use to have a Memphis Class D 1000 on it but it was stolen. Trying to find a good amp that will have them hitting again.
  3. Jdm94Coupe

    COMPLETED Memphis VIV60C | PRX603 | SRX1200D.1 | MCA5004

    I'll put all the memphis car audio I have for sell in this thread and open another one for the other few items I have to let go of. 2X -Memphis PRX603 (6.5", 3-Way, 50 Watts RMS) - Brand New, I prefer to sell one set, but will let both go if the price is right. $75 Shipped anywhere in the US...
  4. 8

    COMPLETED 2 Memphis Belles 16-MC600Ds and 1 Arc Audio 300.4

    Selling 3 Amps. 2 Memphis Belle 16-MC1300Ds one in perfect working order $350 plus shipping obo, the other channels 1, 2 and sub work channels 3 & 4 do not. Believe has possible bad input stage had estimate of $125 to fix. Will take $125 plus shipping obo. 1 Arc Audio 300.4 in perfect working...
  5. C

    Need help identifying this amplifier please!

    I came across this amp for pretty much next to nothing, so I jumped on it. It was working when I got it (it was still hooked up, and pushing one 12" sub.) The guy I got it from was clueless as to what it was, as it belonged to his brother. All I know is that it is a memphis audio amp. Not...
  6. Kate_A0023

    COMPLETED Memphis 16-MCA 3004

    Ex left me a Memphis 16-MCA 3004, which I'm not going to use as i don't drive. It would be a lot more helpful to me as $250 + shipping
  7. H

    Very weird reaccuring problem with amp

    I have a Memphis Audio PRX1000.1 powering two Sundown EV3 10'S. Subs are wired to a 1 ohm load. So the issue I keep have reaccuring is the amp will suddenly quit providing output to the subs, when this happens I can reach back and literally just touch the amp with my hand or even just a finger...
  8. D

    Memphis Mojo 15 vs American Bass Hd 15

    I’m curious to know what sub you guys think is better?
  9. 1000101


    View Listing TRADE/Sell NEW IN BOX MEMPHIS MOJO 15'' for MOJO 12'' I'm looking to trade my NEW in BOX Memphis MOJO 15 (NOT THE NEWEST MODEL WITH ORANGE TAG ON WOOFER) Its the one in the stock pic shown. ITS THE ONE THATS ALL BLACK. (Last model before...
  10. S

    Amp Reccomendations for Memphis Mojo 12

    I was given a blown Memphis Mojo 12" 15-CM12D2, which I'm currently rebuilding. I'm very new to car audio, so can I have some suggestions as to what amp I should purchase for it? I have a 2006 subaru impreza wrx. Also, should I get a new alternator/battery for this setup?
  11. S

    Memphis Mojo 12 setup help

    Hi, I was given a blown Memphis Moho 15-CM12D2 and a large ported box. I bought a rebuild kit and I'm currently reconing the sub. I was wondering if someone could help me pick out a subwoofer amp, wiring, insulation, power cell, possibly a new alternator, and whatever else is needed. My budget...
  12. R

    Memphis 16-mcd1000.1 1 ohm model, for sale or trade.

    I have a beautiful memphis amplifier. I need a larger kicker or Rockford, 1500+ for two type r. This pushes them but not two there full potential. Amp only. Missing one end cover, I got lost years ago. A few scratches. 250 shipped, but really want to trade. Email me for photos, or I'll post some...
  13. WashYourWinky

    WTT: Memphis PR1X1000

    Memphis PR1X1000 320w @ 4 ohm 580w @ 2 ohm 1000w @ 1 ohm 3 40 amp fuses 8/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanical Looking to trade for at least 500w - 600w @ 4 ohm, doesn't matter if its 1,2, or 4 channel. Will ship either USPS or UPS.
  14. memphis 12" subs

    memphis 12" subs

    old car install ran off of a concept 1200d
  15. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  16. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  17. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  18. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  19. J

    15" MTX Thunder 7000 (T7154) w/ 8 layer high temp copper coil in nice sealed enclosur

    15" MTX Thunder 7000 (T7154) w/ 8 layer high temp copper coil in nice sealed enclosure. Very good sound quality sub with a strong punch to it. Selling because I got a bigger 18" sub. Asking $90 for sub and box Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  20. J

    Old School Chrome Memphis CA 300. Exc sound quality & power 600 rms @ 4, 150x2 @ 4

    Quality sounding Memphis CA300. This is the Memphis Competition Amplifier. Thats what the CA stands for. This was their best line in 1998. It has a double sided Korean board w/ components on each side of board. It does 150 rms x 2 @ 4 ohms, 300x2 @ 2 ohm stereo and 600 rms x 1 @ 4 ohm mono @ 12...
  21. J

    Help! Sub isn't hitting hard enough

    I drive a 2013 Camaro and I picked up a Mojo 12" dual 4 ohm sub and a Memphis prx1.1500 amp yesterday to replace my Rockford Fosgate R1's and Fosgate 500 watt monoblock amp. I was using a cheap PAC line out converter with my old set up and it actually worked flawlessly for 6 months (and they...
  22. SubNoize05

    Helix H400X & Memphis MCD2500.1

    Item(s) for Sale: HELIX H400X 4 Channel Amp & Memphis MOJO MCD2500.1 Item(s) Description/Condition: Helix amp is Brand new in Box. Opened for Pictures but never used or seen power! Still sealed in plastic! Just decided on a different route. Memphis 2500.1 is lightly used (approximately...
  23. cooper1123

    Old School Memphis Big Belle

    Item(s) for Sale: Memphis big belle Item(s) Description/Condition: AMP HAS A PROBLEM!!! Will surge in and out of protect mode at very random times. I have yet to find a consistent flow of when it does it. Sounds amazing until I randomly shuts off for a second and turns back on. Just want to...
  24. B


    Item(s) for Sale: MEMPHIS AMPLIFIER 16-MCD4KW 4000 WATTS RMS POWERFUL I will take a $850obo Perfect condition great amp 4000 real watts Send me your number or call/text 510-355-7212 I Prefect condition there's nothing wrong with it at all I babied this amp it will any...
  25. R

    Memphis coaxials??

    gents, please advise. my car: 2009 ford fusion se (6 speakers with MS sync, which is crap). headunit: replaced with a generic kenwood dpx501bt, which seems like a massive upgrade in SQ with even the stock speakers. so, I've committed to a local dealer for a Memphis Mclass 15-mcx4.75 amp and...
  26. M

    2007 Pontiac G6 Memphis 15" Subs hitting backwards (******* in)

    I have an 07 Pontiac G6 GT. It has the factory monsoon amp still running all the door speakers and the 6x9s. I have 2 Memphis C3 15's hooked to a Hifonics Zeus 1800 amp hooked to the factory head unit. I am tapped off the factory sub wire and it pulls the speakers in instead of blowing them...
  27. B

    New Memphis 16-EQP4

    Item(s) for Sale: Memphis 16-EQP4 4-band parametric equalizer 7-volt maximum output Variable subwoofer crossover Two position input selector Master volume and fader controls Satin black finish 7" x 1/25" x 4.5" Item(s) Description/Condition: New never installed Missing the mounting...
  28. B

    Big Power Amp??

    I know I'm going to be opening a can of worms here, but I am looking for some opinions on higher power amps. I have had some kickers, fosgates, and mempis' in the past. I currently have (2) Memphis 16-st1000d's and am very happy with them, but I want to upgrade my subs to some SSX Treo's and I...
  29. M

    3 Memphis MOJO M3 10's ( D4)

    Item(s) for Sale: 3 Memphis MOJO M3 10's D4 (rebuildable if ever need be) Call/text me 24-7 (904)307-9063 Mike Item(s) Description/Condition: 8.5-9/10 cosmetic due to being a little dusty 10/10 mechanical Price: $340 shipped U.S. for all 3 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information...
  30. jiggernaut

    67' Camaro sound system. Help

    Hi, Noob here. I'm reaching the car audio point in my camaro build. My camaro's original head unit was a GM am radio it had one 5x7 speaker in the package tray and one speaker under the front dash. I would like to upgrade and I'm bewildered in the plathora of audio equipment available. Please...
  31. T

    16-SC4.55 - Memphis 4 Channel 450 Watt Amplifier

    Item(s) for Sale: 16-SC4.55 - Memphis 4 Channel 450 Watt Amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: RMS Power 4 Ohm (w) 55W x 4 RMS Power 2 Ohms (w) 110W x 4 RMS Power 4 Ohms Bridged (w) 230 x 2 THD% 4 Ohms 0.05% Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz Dimensions (in) DxHxW 10.51 x 1.91 x 8.66 I...
  32. T

    16-PR1X600 - Memphis Monoblock 600W Amplifier

    Item(s) for Sale: 16-PR1X600 - Memphis Monoblock 600W Amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: Continuous Power @ 4 Ohms: 160W x 1 Continuous Power @ 2 Ohms: 300W x 1 Continuous Power @ 1 Ohm: 600w x 1 Total Harmonic Distortion: Fully Variable Low Pass Crossover: 50Hz - 250Hz Signal to...
  33. supereikenator

    FS/FT Memphis Audio SR1.500

    Item(s) for Sale: Like new Memphis SR1.500! Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new, powered the Memphis C3 that I also have for sale for about three weeks. New saw major voltage drops or anything. Two 30amp fuses Memphis rates it for 500rms@2ohm and 350rms@4ohm. Sadly it is not 1 ohm stable...
  34. supereikenator

    FS/FT LNIB Memphis C3 12!

    Item(s) for Sale: Like new in original box Memphis C3 12! Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new, used for 3 weeks on Memphis SR.500 in good custom ported box tuned to 32hz. Great sound quality woofer here with some great output too. Hit high 130's on music and sounded great doing it. Punchy...
  35. A

    Identifying this sub...

    This guy is selling this Memphis for 135 with the box, I can't tell if it's a mojo for sure, was wondering if someone would know? The guy selling is oblivious to what kind and what real worth it might have.
  36. n8skow

    FS: Sub level remote control for the 1st/2nd gen Memphis Mojos

    This is from the 1st/2nd generation 16-MC2000D Mojo, don't see many of them moving around anymore - but if someone would like this remote - hit me up! $10?
  37. G

    Memphis 15-c310d4 Subwoofer box design help

    Ok so I have a 2007 Dodge Charger that I'm looking at building a box to put (2) Memphis 10" C3 Subwoofers in. I have looked high and low for a good spec sheet to input the t/s parameters into but can't find anything... The best that I could find is what the xmax value is so I'm not really sure...
  38. V

    Memphis audio m3 mojo and pr15

    Just finished a fiberglass box and put a m3 mojo and a pr15 in it along with a re audio 8 inch and 12 inch. re is **** and i already blew those subs. i like my memphis subs, and they bump hard. i was wondering if anybody else had memphis equipment and how they like it.
  39. Memphis M3 10"

    Memphis M3 10"

  40. (3) Memphis M3 10" Subwoofers (For Sale)

    (3) Memphis M3 10" Subwoofers (For Sale)

    (3) 10" Memphis M3 Subwoofer's For Sale, Single 4-ohm.