Tips to avoid getting jacked

^^^ t nuts are sweet. I'm building a small false floor and going to u bolt it to my cargo hooks then actually bolt the box to the false floor. And may even bolt amps to false floor. With 1000$ worth of amps I am not giving them a option. Also adding a small fabric roll out attached to my back seats to pull over the box when parked. Can never be to careful.

Or.......vehicular homicide with flame throwers as a deterrent lol

I'm back with car audio after more than 10 years hiatus.

It's funny, I read the first page and recognize the verbiage right away. I wrote that stuff 18 years ago on Termpro!! lol 😝

Man, what a time capsule. That was my 22 year old self in 2002 giving advice like they're candies. I thought I knew the world, but I was young and stupid. I'm 40 now and looking back, my mindset has changed a lot. For the most part, the core advice is the same... be vigilant, trust your instincts, and practice awareness.

But if I were to revise my original advice? I'd say, upgrade your system but keep the stock panels. Keep everything hidden like it's stock. It's 2020, we have technology now that didn't exist in 2000's. Smaller amps with built-in DSP's, stock HU's that sound just as good as aftermarket, etc. There's no need for extra equipment to sound great. You can run hi end stuff and still look stock.

Looking forward to posting here more often!
I had some stuff stolen once and it was heartbreaking. The broke the rear window to get into my 2 door Civic. Popped the trunk and took an amp. They tried to get my sub too but couldn’t get it out easily because it was screwed into the frame that we built to raise the trunk floor. I had stickers, rims, and everyone knew but I was wrong for trusting it was safe at my house. I am pretty sure they followed me from somewhere closer into the city. Anyway, you should always secure your box, just so it doesn’t slide around.
You can run hi end stuff and still look stock.
Easier said than done. ;)
GPS trackers are dirt cheap now a days I put them on a lot of my **** like my riding mower, my specialized bicycle, my dirt bike etc you could even put one inside of a woofer box which I haven’t don’t yet
Someone tried to jack my **** once. Little old mini truck that the previous owner thought a boss head unit and roadmaster speakers was a upgrade. They failed to even get the door cards off to remove the speakers. Had they actually removed the speakers and head unit they would have done me a favor. They did steal my ash tray of change though.

I like to leave things looking OEM to help not catch an eye. In my car I have an Android head unit that mimics the look of an OEM head unit. If you don't know the little markings Audi puts on an RNS-E you'll never know the difference until it boots. My amp is behind a cover and hidden from sight in the same location as the OE amp was. My sub box is glassed into the car. The car has (all factory) glass break sensors, tilt sensors, vibration sensors (demos at my buddies shop always sets off my alarm), motion sensors, a remote/hidden alarm module with its own power source and sensors on the hood latch. You can cut every wire in the car and the alarm will still function. I still haven't found the siren. It's very weak. I'd like to make it make some noise. Havnt pulled the car apart enough to find it yet. my windows have a mild tint. Both my rigs are manual tranny. Both have either stage 2 or stage 3 clutches. It's even fun to watch friends that daily manuals try to drive the stage 3 six puck ceramic in my truck.

I concur with a lot of the previous stuff. Don't be flashy and hide your junk. Don't draw attention to your system or yourself.
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