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  • The old forum sale post where the 2 where sold and where you said you had one is pretty much the only mention of them i can find on the Internet. Id really like to know its history or just any info at all. I appreciate your time. Thanks
    Hi i am hoping you can help me out with information on a motor i believe you used to own. It was years ago. The motor is a Aura 3"vc nrt motor. Looks just like the 1808 but a 3"vc. I actually own 3 of them. 2 match and the 3rd has a tighter gap. As far as i can tell no production models ever used this version.
    hey man nice jeep, im workin on a 2din install right now no more vents haha<br />

    how you like those pioneers? thats what I originally wanted to go with

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