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  • My max dimensions are 27"(L) x 15"(H) X 16"(D). One 12" SI mag, Off ~950watts. Tunning is whatever you think will sound best (40hz?). Car is 2004 chevy malibu classic.

    Hey, I have a 12" SI mag v1 and read that you said they sound amazing in a 4th order at 40hz, Was wondering if you had any plans you could PM me? I wanna play around with it and build as many different enclosures as I can before the winter comes. Thanks!

    why u say that..just slap it in a 6th order bandpass and ur good to go..thats if u have room to do it

    Thanks for the reply,<br />

    <br />

    I decided to go with a sub up, port back config in my trunk setup for the woofer, one of the reasons being I couldn't get anyone at Sundown to help me figure out the T/S parameters on this re-coned Nightshade (has an extra stiff spider) so I would pretty much have to guess at them... which is exactly opposite what you want to do when designing a bandpass... or any enclosure for that matter lol!<br />

    <br />

    Thanks though!

    Hi,<br />

    <br />

    I was browsing through a few threads on the forums and I noticed you seem to have excellent knowledge of enclosure design, plus you're running with Sundown too...<br />

    <br />

    I'm trying to design a 4th order for an 18" Nightshade, if you would have any time to give some basic advice or insight I would REALLY appreiate it! <br />

    <br />

    Thank you!

    I have used winisd and bassbox 6 pro both to design it and both say the ported chamber will be smaller than the sealed chamber(s) but from all i have read off the site, the ported chamber should be larger. Should I trust the programs design? I dont mind testing but would like to be heading in the right direction atleast.

    Hi, I am a new member to the site but not new to car audio, I been doing some research into bandpass boxes and everything I have seen your the man to talk to. I have been trying to decide to build a 4th order bandpass but really need some advice if you have time. I have a 95 Mazsa B3000 extra cab with 2 JL Audio 12w3v3-4 subs running off 500 watts rms currently in 3.8 cubic ft sealed. Increasing spl is desired but I want to keep some sq. This is not for any competetion just a daily driver playing rock and rap. I have always wanted a bandpass box and know better to stay away from prefab. 44 x 15 x 18 are the max measurements availible. I know this will have to be a 3 chamber design to work with both 12s. Will this be enough airspace for both? any advice is greatly appreciated.

    I was woundering if you could give me your opinion on a box idea, I have a RD classic 10 and was wanting to build a 4th order bandpass box for it to go in the wifes car. I've never delt with anything other than sealed and ported so I don't know if the speaker would be sutable or not.<br />

    10" D4 <br />

    FS 33.17 HZ <br />

    RE 3.4 OHM <br />

    QMS 5.23 <br />

    QES 0.25 <br />

    QTS 0.237 <br />

    RMS 7.12 <br />

    CMS 1.2899 MM/N <br />

    MMS 178.44 G <br />

    BL 22.6 TM <br />

    SPL@1W 87.23 DB <br />

    VAS 20.06 L <br />

    XMAX 13 MM <br />

    XCOIL 36 MM <br />

    If the sub would be suitable what would you charge to design a box for me?<br />


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