Tips for first time box build

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I put a down payment on a wall about 4 months ago . I assumed it would be done by slamology that has been my goal. Dude is way backed up and still hasn't started. I've looked everywhere for a box and can't find one so I have decided to just get a design and build one myself beings slam is in 2 weeks. Can I use my speaker gasket to mark the speaker holes? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.. thanks in advance

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Never used that attachment for a circular saw so can’t say how accurate it is. They sell jigs for routers so once you know a frames cutout size which is easy to find, you can set the jig to cut the holes perfectly.

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A drill/driver, skilsaw, clamps, jigsaw, straight edge and a good tape. Other than that you can just use scrap to mark and cut pretty decent mounting holes.
Just run 2 screws a radius width apart thru the scrap piece and scribe your mounting hole by turning it in a circle then use a 1/4" bit to make a hole for the skilsaw blade somewhere in the center and get cutting, carefully of course.
Lots of wood glue and screws that'll work for your material as well.
I've built some pretty good boxes with less tbh so that'll be plenty.

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Router with plunge base, upcut, flush trim top and bottom bearing version, diy a circle jig

Routers are dangerous so be very mindful of the cutting direction and clearances.

Circular saw is usable with a nice fence, jig saw helps keep the holes nice when using the circle jig and router. Route 3/4 through then plunge a hole for the jig saw. Use the jig saw to finish the hole airing on the inside of the cut then follow up with a flush trim routing bit. Top bearing if cut into finish box bottom bearing if you can flip the panel

A drill or pin nailer makes things easy. I use a 15gauge nailer the glue holds the box together the nails and screws only hold it till the glue drys.

Self centering but is nice to predrill the sub mounting holes.

Template tape is a lifesaver

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Can I use my speaker gasket to mark the speaker holes?
The tricky bit is that they're soft and floppy and they may be stretched a tad to go over the frames. I've used them in the past and come out alright, just go a little smaller when you follow your line with the jigsaw, it'll be easier to take more wood off than to put some back on if you screw up.

I took a couple trophies with a box I built the day before the show with only a jigsaw, and cordless drill, and some liquid nails some years back (I had Home Depot cut my sheet). You don't really need a lot of tools or kitted out woodshop to get loud, those are to save time and look pretty. Assuming you're gong to just throw this box on a bonfire in another month I wouldn't worry so much about pretty.
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