Tips to avoid getting jacked

The first car I ever put a system in was a 95 Honda Civic dragon edition
They were great cars to work on but easy to steal.
I disabled my Hazard lights and ran the wire for the ECU from the fuse box to the switch for the hazards
So in order to get the car to start you had to turn on the hazard lights.
Hood locks work but re running the hood release inside the frame or at least the engine bay helps too.
It doesn't take much to reach up through the wheel well and pull the release cable
If you put an alarm in do not have the valet switch put in
It's much easier to pull the ignition and flick the switch than it is to try and rip the brain out
Only way to stop a back up siren is to hit it with a hammer so mount it somewhere you can't get at it.
The club....don't waste your money. 10-15 second minor inconvenience to cut the steering wheel.
This sounds funny but it works
Most thieves won't want to break the window.
No one wants to drive around with a smashed window.
The might pull the door lock out but its still noticeable
Best way is to pry the window open a bit and reach in and unlock the door
Those vent shades that you put around the window make it a pain the ass to do this.

Your not going to stop them from getting into your car, just accept that.
But you can stop them from taking the whole car.
Its better that they just take the equipment and go.

If you can hide your insurance paper work somewhere in the car.
They will break a window at a mall and take them
Now they know where you live and in about 6 weeks will come there and take the whole car
It may be overkill but I always (first make sure I know where I'm drilling... don't wanna drill through the gas tank or something) drill through the floor/inside the box and bolt the subwoofer down from inside the box. if someone really wanted it, they would be there forever trying to take it. added bonus it doesn't slide around in the trunk or where ever you put it
My box is screwed in from the inside
I did it for looks not security but same thing
In all reality, it only stops them from taking the box.
They will still unscrew the sub
Unless you use security screws or several odd ended screws (allen key, torx) chances are they don't have one on them
i saw this on termpro and being that we dont have a sticky for something like this i think it would be good info

Please feel free to add more to this list!

• ALWAYS use common sense. Don't 'bump' where you live, esp. if you live in an apartment

• If at all possible, avoid putting any stickers on your car (be it performance or audio) they just scream "steal me! steal me!"

• If you go to car shows/soundoffs, I suggest removing your license plate temporarily. This will at least make it hard for people to remember your car is packing what gear(s)

• Consider getting dark limo tint and car cover. Remember - out of sight, out of mind.

• when you go to a mall or a store, turn down your system at least 2 miles BEFORE you get there. When a thief hears you bumpin down the road, he will follow you till you park and jack your equipment when you leave. Anybody who's desperate for money will do ANYTHING to steal something.

• Please Please Please install an alarm. I know about 30 people who pack thousands of dollars worth of competition-grade Audio Equipments in their SPL vehicles and they don't even have a $100 car alarm How stupid can you be..

• 'modify' your car alarm.. It might be an overkill, but I'll install 10 additional siren around the car - two inside the hood, two underneath beside the cat, two in the trunk, and four in the cabin. Thieves don't have enough time to cut all those wires while they're blaring 130bD.

• I betcha right now I can guess where you all have your alarm brains.. they're under the dash. right? that thing can be disabled in less than 5 seconds! Don't be a fool, move that brain somewhere hidden. Mine has mixed wire colors and false wires all around, Not even a professional installer can unload it.

• modify your Kickpanels to hide the hood release latch under the dash. Mine is covering the whole thing so you will have to reach inside the kicks to pop the hood. One time I took it in for an oil change it took the guy about 10 minutes to figure out where the hood release is This is extremely important so that the thief can't disconnect your +12 source and disable your alarm.

• I can't emphasize enough how extremely important security screws are. These are oddly-shaped head screws that you can get from any hardware store. Nearly ALL thieves carry a flat screwdriver and/or phillips screwdriver all the time. A hex or square head screw will definately slow them down. If your amp is bolted to the amp rack like this, there's NO WAY they can take your equipment.. but make sure your amp rack is bolted as well.

• Ask your insurance provider if they can cover your equipment.

• Be careful on who you show your system to... remember that every person is a possible thief. Even people who post here.

• Don't leave anything "interesting" inside your car (cellphone, jewelry, heck even a quarter) this will only attract passerbys that can possibly lead to theft.

• make sure all your fuses are good and have the right rating. Moreover, make sure your equipments are FUSED. In worst case scenario, after an equipment is stolen, wirings short out literally putting the car on fire.

The next time you roll down the parking lot, remember to keep them bass down cause having a system is like having sex--- you'll never know when you're gonna get jacked //

4 more info heres the original thread

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