Tips to avoid getting jacked

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i saw this on termpro and being that we dont have a sticky for something like this i think it would be good info

Please feel free to add more to this list!

• ALWAYS use common sense. Don't 'bump' where you live, esp. if you live in an apartment

• If at all possible, avoid putting any stickers on your car (be it performance or audio) they just scream "steal me! steal me!"

• If you go to car shows/soundoffs, I suggest removing your license plate temporarily. This will at least make it hard for people to remember your car is packing what gear(s)

• Consider getting dark limo tint and car cover. Remember - out of sight, out of mind.

• when you go to a mall or a store, turn down your system at least 2 miles BEFORE you get there. When a thief hears you bumpin down the road, he will follow you till you park and jack your equipment when you leave. Anybody who's desperate for money will do ANYTHING to steal something.

• Please Please Please install an alarm. I know about 30 people who pack thousands of dollars worth of competition-grade Audio Equipments in their SPL vehicles and they don't even have a $100 car alarm How stupid can you be..

• 'modify' your car alarm.. It might be an overkill, but I'll install 10 additional siren around the car - two inside the hood, two underneath beside the cat, two in the trunk, and four in the cabin. Thieves don't have enough time to cut all those wires while they're blaring 130bD.

• I betcha right now I can guess where you all have your alarm brains.. they're under the dash. right? that thing can be disabled in less than 5 seconds! Don't be a fool, move that brain somewhere hidden. Mine has mixed wire colors and false wires all around, Not even a professional installer can unload it.

• modify your Kickpanels to hide the hood release latch under the dash. Mine is covering the whole thing so you will have to reach inside the kicks to pop the hood. One time I took it in for an oil change it took the guy about 10 minutes to figure out where the hood release is This is extremely important so that the thief can't disconnect your +12 source and disable your alarm.

• I can't emphasize enough how extremely important security screws are. These are oddly-shaped head screws that you can get from any hardware store. Nearly ALL thieves carry a flat screwdriver and/or phillips screwdriver all the time. A hex or square head screw will definately slow them down. If your amp is bolted to the amp rack like this, there's NO WAY they can take your equipment.. but make sure your amp rack is bolted as well.

• Ask your insurance provider if they can cover your equipment.

• Be careful on who you show your system to... remember that every person is a possible thief. Even people who post here.

• Don't leave anything "interesting" inside your car (cellphone, jewelry, heck even a quarter) this will only attract passerbys that can possibly lead to theft.

• make sure all your fuses are good and have the right rating. Moreover, make sure your equipments are FUSED. In worst case scenario, after an equipment is stolen, wirings short out literally putting the car on fire.

The next time you roll down the parking lot, remember to keep them bass down cause having a system is like having sex--- you'll never know when you're gonna get jacked //

4 more info heres the original thread

please read its very helpfull knowledge


Additional Tip: For those of you with websites about your ride... BE CAREFUL! That website can easily turn into a 'shopping catalog' for a thief. Try not to list personal information on the site (ie what city you live in, what school you go to). If you have any pictures of your ride, always blot out the licence plate. Also, if you have your own domain name try to use a different mailing address then the one your car is located at (ie Use a PO Box). Remember that's public information and can easily be obtained by doing a "WhoIs" report (

ALSO-- Manual fuel cut off switches.....hey they cost a freakin dollar. Invest in them. Its a simple cut and splice between the fuel pump line and will piss the hell out of anyone attempting to move your car.

Speaking of the hood, Hiding the hood pop switch is a step in the right direction but will only stop petty kids who are just f'ing around in the game. The real vulnerabillity is in the line that connects the lever to the hood pop most cars these are routed throught the driver side fender. Pull the plastic molding back strip the insulation and get a plier to pull the wire inside and POP have an open hood.

solutions? reroute the wire somewhere else or add additional lines to confuse.

The main point is no matter what you cannot stop someone from getting into your car. You can SLOW them but not totally stop. There are big holes in the side of the car covered with glass....i believe people call these windows. Since it is imposible you to stop someone from getting in one should focus on slowing them down as much as possible as well as preventing the moving/disabling of the car.

An expensive alarm won't do much for you. They are all the same with some added bells and whistles. All you really need is a starter kill, and dual stage expensive alpine alarm with LCD screens does not do anything if it can be yanked from under the dash.


[someone] has thought many hours about this and still have yet to figure a way around it. The infomercial is correct. That pedal is made of some hard freakin steel. And even if you could manage to break the pedal off youd have to sit with your ass facing either up or our of the car for a long period of time....not something smart to risk..

Record time sawing through a steering wheel....48 seconds.

I don't know if alarm stickers (such as "Protected by Viper", etc) is a good idea or not. Some say it's a good deterrent, some say it makes it easy for code scanners to 'unlock' your code. If somebody knows more about this issue, please shed some light...

Another security feature that you can get is Wheel Locks. I don't know yet if it can be defeated, but it's worth a try.

LoJack is also a good investment. Although they run around $600 installed, you might get something in return from your insurance company just for having it. Also see 'peace of mind'

IMO, the *only* equipment that you cannot protect is your subwoofers. Whether you put a grille or not, if a thief can't pull it out, he will stab it with screwdriver. (reconing a sub is way cheaper than replacing it)


This post is regarding alarm systems and how to best protect your equipment from being stolen.

Here are some common features that are included with most decent quality alarm units:

115dB Siren

Impact Sensor

Keyless Entry

Starter Kill

Horn Honk

Parking Light Flash

Headlight Flash (Low and Hi)

Hood and Trunk Pins0

Door Pins

Although those features will stop most timid thieves out there, they probably aren't going to stop veteran thieves, crack heads, and thieves with a lot of guts. So here are some ideas on how to go one step further in preventing these people from stealing our hard-earned belongings.

1) This is the major problem: A thief can simply bust out your driver's side window, reach in without opening the door, pop your hood, cut the battery cable, and now the car alarm is totally disabled. For a skilled thief this process would literally take about 15 seconds. There are two things I would recommend you do to prevent a thief from disabling your alarm in this manner. The most recommended method is for you to invent in a steel cable hood lock. The cable runs from under the dash of your car, through the firewall, and mounts itself underneath the hood. It is locked and unlocked using a key from the inside of the vehicle. Without this key, the hood cannot be popped open. This will prevent easy access to your battery. At this point the thief can either run away, try to grab and dash, or try to access the battery by crawling under the car. Although I highly doubt a thief would go through the trouble of crawling under your car to cut the battery cable, it has happened before. Mount your multi-tone siren next to the battery pointed downward. Mount a peizo siren next to it, also pointing downward. We want to make it very uncomfortable for our thief to stick his head under the car with those sirens blazing right in his ear.

If you aren't interested in the hood lock, the other method is to invest in a siren with an internal battery "backup system". This siren will continue to sound even after the battery has been cut and power has been disabled. The siren is disabled using a special key. A thief would have to take this siren and smash it on the ground in order to disable it. Because of this, I recommend you use more than one battery backup siren in your alarm system.

2) Most alarm installs are done by splicing into one of the vehicle's constant +12 volt wires either at the steering column or at the fuse box. I am pretty certain that a thief can smash the fuse box with a crowbar or baseball bat and destroy the vehicle's electrical fuses. Of course this would disable the alarm system without the thief even having to mess with the battery. To prevent a thief from using this method to disable your alarm system, I recommend that you run your own constant +12 volt and ground wire from the alarm's brain straight to the battery, and fuse the 12+ wire at both the brain and the battery. This way, if the fuse box gets smashed it won't affect the alarm at all.

3) At this point our thief is more than likely very frustrated. There's a chance he will now choose to get under the dash and snip some wires to disable the alarm. Any single bright colored or red wires are going to be targets. I recommend that you run all of your wires through black loom tubing so that they appear to be part of the vehicle's factory wiring. Wrap the loom in black electrical tape to prevent the thief from opening up the loom and looking inside. And use black plastic zip ties to mount the loom high up inside the dash. Mount a peizo siren under here pointed downward toward the floor. It will be extremely uncomfortable for a thief to have his head anywhere near this type of siren.

But you definitely do not want to mount the alarm's brain here under the dash. You want to hide the brain as best as possible. I recommend you mount the brain inside the dash, underneath your center consol if possible, or in the trunk. You could also mount it under one of the seats but a thief may check there.

4) I just want to mention the sirens once more. Most alarms come with a single multi-tone siren, around 115dB or so. I recommend you purchase one or two more multi-tone sirens and several 115dB peizo sirens and incorporate them into your alarm system. The louder the alarm is when it is tripped, the more attention is drawn to your vehicle and the more likely a thief is to give up and run away. Not to mention it will hurt a thief's ears if he goes anywhere near the peizos.

5) Let's talk about something I mentioned earlier, the good old grab and dash. Even with a security system of this caliber, that won't necessarily stop a thief from popping your trunk lid using the trunk latch inside of the vehicle, grabbing your subwoofer enclosure or amplifier, and running away with it. If possible you may want to remove your trunk latch. That way, you would have to use your key in order to open the trunk lid.

Another thing you could do is bolt your subwoofer enclosure or amplifier rack to the trunk floor. Use safety torx or another odd-shaped screw to do this. Chances are a thief won't have the correct tool to unbolt your equipment and will give up.

Also, you want to secure your headunit to your dash's frame so that it cannot be removed using those slide rail "keys". Use safety torx screws for this as well.

6) If you want to take your security system one step further, I recommend you incorporate a blue police beacon. This may be considered overkill by some, but it is very effective in preventing thieves from continuing with the robbery once the alarm is tripped and the police light is activated. Especially in a public area such as a parking lot or a residential neighborhood. People don't really tend to pay attention when they hear someone's car alarm go off in a parking lot, but everyone tends to take notice when they see those blue rotating police lights. It would draw a lot of attention to your vehicle, therefore causing the thief to flee. Of course, it would have to be mounted somewhere on the inside of the car.

7) Always check with your insurance provider to make sure your stereo equipment is covered in case of a robbery. If it is not covered under comprehensive, as them if you can take out a separate policy on your equipment. Make sure your insurance provider has receipts for all of your equipment and pictures as well. Often times when a thief realizes they are unable to steal your equipment they will destroy it in anger. If your insurance company refuses to cover your stereo equipment, I highly suggest you switch to a different provider who offers this.

8) Besides insurance, the most important thing is to not draw attention to your vehicle. Car audio stickers are a dead giveaway to a thief that the vehicle has something worth stealing inside of it. Vehicles with expensive rims, exterior modifications and body kits, alteza tail lights, racing decals and stripes, etc, are also targets for thieves. Always remove your faceplate before exiting your vehicle. Always lock your doors. Do not tell anyone that you do not trust 100% that you have an expensive audio system. Turn OFF your stereo about five minutes before you stop and park your car somewhere. Bumping your system in the mall parking lot as you look for a space to park may not seem like a big deal, but you have pretty much told every would-be thief in the area to "steal my stuff". Also, if you are in high school or college, NEVER turn on your system anywhere near campus. There are a lot of stupid kids out there who have no respect for other people's property. Be smart and protect yourself.

another one to add

when getting out of the car, be sure to let your jacket open up enough to let them see your gun


my installer hid my brain very well, i could NOT find it at all under my dash, he said its way way way up in there, it took 11 hours to totally install everything, so i dont doubt that he removed my whole dash and really stuck it somewhere. i highly recommend something like this, if u cant do it yourself, pay the labor! not sure exactly on what he did, but say someone actually found my brain while my sirens were blaring (six) they will continue to blare, and my car is now a paperweight.

the theif would have to run multiple new wires to get it started because if the brain isnt connected, the fuel pump cant turn on, the starter cant turn the engine over, nothin.

and by that time, he would be on the ground twitching beside my car, or beaten to death and dragged into the mountains where the bears will take care of the body //

another thing that just might be paranoid...

install shops, sometimes they can be trusted but sometimes not, protect yourself, do NOT give your correct address! do not give them your phone number, dont even give them your cell phone number as all these can be looked up and they can find where you live!

When will we catch on here? Or maybe iits cause as installers we are tp lazy but in europe alarms from manufactures here (like dei) come with every wire off the brain black. There is a small label at the end of each wire for the installer to use to identify the wire cut it and hook it up. These set-ups take longer to install but a thiefe cannot look for the red power wire or brown siren wire to but some time.

Also you can hide a brain anywhere you want but it can be found very very easily. All a real thiefe does is listen once inside a car. And he will hear the "click" "click" "click" of the parking light relayy inside the brain and know where to go. so dont stuff a brain somewhere...unscrew some sort of paned(i like the instrument cluster) and secure thebrain that way

i took a step further with the under the seat brain mounting and took my seat out cut a space out of it in the bottom and installed it there and coverd it back up poof its gone, and if u can hear the click click of the relay u need sum more horns goin n louder the only thing a thief should here is ringing in his ears before he losses all hearing

^ x2 def should be a sticky

Also you can hide a brain anywhere you want but it can be found very very easily. All a real thiefe does is listen once inside a car. And he will hear the "click" "click" "click" of the parking light relayy inside the brain and know where to go.
i really fail to see how that would work in my car with the sirens blaring, i tried, i cant sit in it... with both hands over my ears, 10 seconds maximum... and if both of my hands are covering my ears, what do i have to work with?
When i used to work construction, my old boss was telling me how in europe or somewhere it's legal for cars to have propane or some kind of gas nozzles that throw out flames up to 5 ft. from the side of your car...

I found it.

South African courts allow killing if convinced that it's in self-defense. The defense is not unheard of. In last year's 13,000 carjackings, criminals often brandished weapons or used them with little provocation.

The Blaster squirts liquefied gas from a bottle in the automobile's trunk through two nozzles, located under the front doors. The gas is then ignited by an electric spark, with fiery consequences.

Both sides flame at the same time, regardless of whether the attack is coming from just one side of the vehicle, or whether passersby are on the other side. But the breadth and depth of blast can be modified according to individual preference.




umm they dont work perfectly... i am an istaller and had piezos in my truck and though they arer loud can be dealt with and killed very very quickly.
i smell a challenge, bring it on // you have 30 seconds. totally silence my car and i will give you $10,000 and pay for your expenses getting here
lol use an emi bomb frie all ur electrical system in a second along with quite a few blocks or Electromagnetic Bomb or Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb .... so how u wanna send me the money lol

or hey i could use my mass powers and cause a solar flare to shoot sum cosmic rays at ur car that will whipe out all ur electrical system to

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