Sub project: Kenwood eXcelon 12"


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Sep 22, 2003
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Hey everyone. Haven't been here in a really long time, and hopefully I don't violate what appear to be very strict new rules of the classifieds forum.


I have a dead subwoofer to try and sell. If I remember correctly, when I used to come on this forum people would sell these subs as sort of re-wiring projects for the buyer (again, it's been a while, so I'm not sure...) The sub works correctly, the problem is in the wiring. If I remember correctly, it is called the 'lead wire', that goes from the terminal, down into the subwoofer to make the voice coil. This wire was made of some sort of silver wire garbage.

The wire first disconnected from the terminal, so I tried soldering it, that didn't work (because of the type of wire it is) and I ended up tapping or clamping it to the terminal. Worked for a bit, but the wire broke again, then again, and again. Now one of the wires is broken, but still comes out of the diaphragm, the other wire is broken right at the diaphragm. It has caused me enough headache that I'm just done with it.

Also, I have the original manual and sticker that came with the woofer. Item would have to be picked up, shipping wouldn't be worth it. I live between Brantford and Simcoe in Ontario, Canada.


I don't have a set price, because I've been away so long that I'm not sure how much would be reasonable, or how much people might pay.

Tech Specs:

Kenwood eXcelon KC-XW1205dB

12" Subwoofer

Peak Power: 1200W

RMS Power: 300W

4 ohm

Any questions, comments, feel free to post.


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