New build advice? I have Morel Supremo sw6 and piccolo tweeters. Should I go active or passive, 2 or 3 way.

JustinG2020 Newbie
May 4, 2020
rhode island
Hey guys, I'd like to hear your advice on a new setup I'm putting together. I'm still a bit of a noob at this, but I'm trying to learn from from reading the forums. I'm having it installed at a local sound FX.

I just got an older model "sw6" version of the morel supremo, with crossovers and piccolo tweeters. I will be running the speakers and tweeters with an Alpine PDX 4.150.

I was also wondering about the newer morel supremo 602 - the mw6 (602) woofers are twice the price of the older sw6. The sw6 woofers were $2,000, the new mw6 woofers are $4,000. The price difference doesn't seem justified. They can't be that much different right?

Here's my set. Morel Supremo sw6

morel sw6.png

1 - My car is a 2009 Ford Escape SUV. The door panel speakers are 6x8. What would be the best way to handle this, should I have them still installed in the doors with a 6.5 mount, or would it be better to have them mounted somewhere else, more direct, or does that not matter?

2 - Should I go active or passive

3 - Would going 3 way make much of a difference, some say Morel specifically made the supremos a 2 way set up because that's probably the best way to go for this model
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