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Bl4d3 Newbie
May 3, 2020
Cape Town, South Africa
Hi all

I have the following installed already :
Vehicle : 2012 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback
Headunit : OEM
Speakers : JBL GTO609C Components
Amplifier : JBL GX-A604 Amplifier
Subwoofer : Unknown Targa (unknown wattage)

The plan is to replace the unknown sub with a JBL Stage 1224 12" in a custom sealed box built as per JBL requirements (21.2L / 5,6US Gal) and for it to have its own dedicated amplifier, the JBL GX-A3001. The reason for the sealed box is to save space as the car is a hatchback with already limited space.

Now, I can buy either the amp or the sub now and get the other at a later stage. The question is, do I go for the subwoofer now and buy the amp 2 months later or do I get the amp now and buy the sub 2 months later?


Junior Member
May 22, 2013
Pharr, Texas
I would go with buying the amp first. That is harder to connect, and you can use the Targa sub with it in the meanwhile. Sealed sub box will be just fine. Hatchbacks, wagons, and suvs are great bass amplifiers.

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