Bose car front speaker substitution?

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May 14, 2020
Greetings All,

Is there a "drop-in replacement" for a Bose (+/- 4''') speaker that exists?......I am told that since it is Bose that I can't use anything else but Bose which doesn't make sense......

It seems to me that the amp, located at speaker area, should work just like anything else.....The speaker is located in the front door panel of a 1988 vette coup....Any help would be appreciated.



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Mar 13, 2015
cleveland ohio
Doesnt make sense. But idk. I have factory bose. I just replaced front doors with prv and ran new wires from aftermarket amp to them. Best way imo. Better options and more power than the stock amp which is junk.
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Nov 6, 2013
It seems likely that if you find out the ohm of your current speakers, you can find replacements with the same ohm. I like the idea of sounds_explicit, to run speakers from an aftermarket amp. My wife has a Bose system in her Cadillac SUV, and it ls a disappointment. If it was my daily driver, I would install an amp, and run all the speakers through it.

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