1. murda Val Boat

    Whats Needed For 3 12”JBL Subs 500W RMS Each

    Suggestions on Amp, Compositor, and Upgraded battery I should purchase to deliver maximum performance. A list of items bought to install in my 2008 Mercedes E550. Head Unit: Pioneer DMH-T450EX Peak: 50 watts x 4 channel RMS: 22 watts x 4 channel Tweeters: (X8) JBL 192T 3/4” (19mm) Peak: 150...
  2. Jakezacb

    Need clarification with capacitor wiring

    Let me start with some back story. The photo attached is of my 2x 10" kicker subwoofers, 600 watt kicker amp, and a 2.5F capacitor. This went in my 2013 mini cooper and worked amazingly well for the year i had it in there. I have since sold the coop as multiple, EXPENSIVE, problems arose but i...
  3. A

    Adding capacitor to the power of the reciever

    I was planning of doing something like this video so that my stereo does not power off and loose bluetooth connection when the starter kicks. This will only power the reciever, and will not run any amplifiers. But I do not know if it is 100% safe or if pre made kits are available for this...
  4. S

    Capacitors with second battery and high output alt

    so first my set up I have a 2017 Dodge Journey I’m putting in a next gen alternator that is 350 amps. Also a second battery the sk-bt-140 and doing the big three upgrade. I’m running a massive audio blade 8 k and two hippo xl 12’s in a custom box with stock HU and massive audio fx69 6x9 x4...
  5. B

    Capacitor set screw and socket head

    I lost my capacitor brass set screws and brass socket heads that goes inside the capacitor that holds the metal mounting socket to the cap. Can i use regular steel bolts instead? Or i risk causing damage or loss of power to my system I cannot find M10x1.5 10mm brass set screws anywhere online...
  6. N

    installation help

    this is what i’m working with! i’m not sure how to wire it up to get the right ohms or anything along those lines can someone help me out by answering these questions? will this amp support the sub? is the capisitor going to effect my sub or be beneficial? can you draw a wiring diagram to send...
  7. P

    Capacitor Question (amp, inverter, dist. block)

    Okay here is the scenario. I am starting a build next month. I’m doing this one for a family member and they have a conversion van because my family member recently became handicapped.  They love a decent sound system seems to be a genetic thing haha, anyway all this started with a need for 120...
  8. F

    Amp to match 80rms/170max watts & power reserve

    SPEAKER: MB Quart QS216 (1-pair) AMP: ? CAPACITOR: ? Looking for amp to match MB Quart speakers rated at 80/170w. Power rating is 4 ohms. I only prefer to shop at sonicelectronix. I found a couple 2channel-ClassAB amps that have an rms ranging from 100-150w. Are there any benefits in going above...
  9. W

    Capacitor failure?

    I'm about to un-solder a few capacitors in my amp to check if they are going bad because I can't identify any physical damage on my board or capacitors. This is a Renegade REN1000S MK3 amplifier I had professionally bought/installed about a year or two ago. I started hearing knocking noises from...
  10. R

    Capacitor Needed?

    Hello all, I'm hoping I can get some input on a problem I'm having in my Dodge Caliber. I recently got a new car after being in a pile up and a new audio system along with it. The problem I'm encountering is my headlights dimming along with the speed gauge back-lights when my volume gets to a...
  11. H

    Should I Install a Capacitor?

    I've got a Polk dxi 124 connected to an RE 2000.1 amp in my 1991 Honda Civic. When I play music at louder volumes, the light on the remote dims a lot and the sub seems to lose its power. I haven't really noticed any headlight dim when driving. I was wondering if this is an issue that could be...
  12. D

    Capacitor Problem?

    Hey everyone! Okay jumping right into it. I bought a Power Acoustik 5 Farad capacitor and watched plenty of videos and diagrams so I knew I was hooking it up right. First of all i took out my fuse under the hood so theres no power.I installed the capacitor with in 18" inches of amp. Connected my...
  13. H

    Should I even bother with a capacitor?

    I know they are basically useless, but I have one a friend gave me a couple years ago. Should I bother wiring it in to my system because I have it, or just leave it in the garage?

    Capacitor/amp how to questions

    Alright my first question about capacitors! 1) What is a farad? 2) Do you want more farads? 3) what is the cheapest but yet reliable capacitor to buy?? 4) I don't have any wires to the capacitor, and do I just use the amplifier install kit wires? I have a scosche 500k micro farad capacitor...
  15. rada194

    2 farad capacitor wont charge HELP!!!!!

    Okay guys this is my first post so if I am putting it in the wrong section I'm sorry. Alright onto the question. I have 4 gauge power wire running directly from the battery (with an inline fuse of course) that goes all the way to my trunk were it goes into the capacitor then goes into the amp...
  16. Only The Best

    ?? on rebuilding amplifiers = more power

    I was wondering if it was really that difficult to open up the casing on an amplifier and replacing the resistors and capacitors... if that would result in a higher power output... i do some circuitry so its not that hard for me to replace them but i was wondering if there was more to it than...
  17. F

    What type of Capacitors should be used as bass blockers?

    I have a 2010 Nissan Altima with the Bose system. With that factory Bose system, most of the bass was from the 6x9s mounted in the rear deck. It sounded OK for a lot of music, but the rear 6x9s really fall apart when playing low frequencies at even moderate volume. So I disconnected the rear...
  18. S

    does anyone know how to wire a acap30 10farad capacitor?

    i have the book, but it is very vague. if someone could help it would be great
  19. S

    does anyone know how to wire a pcap30 10farad capacitor?

    i have the book, but it is very vague. if someone could help it would be great
  20. S

    Xs power battery swap

    Just ordered a new xs power battery 2 put under the hood only problem is should i discharge my capacitor before i swap it out??
  21. A


    Ik there is like a million threads like this but im just wondering if im gonna be running 2 12" subs at around 800 rms a peice will i need a capacitor or do u think i should say screw that and get a new battery only? im sure ill need a new battery my battery is probably 3 years old in my 94...
  22. caseymcc

    Tsunami 5 Farad Capacitor Blue LEDs 4 Gauge mounts

    Item(s) for Sale: One Tsunami 5 farad digital capacitor Item(s) Description/Condition: Chrome plastic finish, Metal casing, awesome quality, been sitting in my closet for years, still in perfect working condition. Bought it about 4 years ago, been used for two of those years. Originally...
  23. C

    how to figure out the Farad rating on a capacitor?

    This isn't as easy as the title sounds. I got a free Capacitor from a friend. The Capacitor literally says nothing on it. No label of any sort, or any impressions in the aluminum housing (aside from scratches and dings from age) to give me any indication of the Farad rating. Is there any sort of...
  24. Quizzno

    3 Amps, Remote wire with Toggle Switch Help

    So i have already in my truck 2 12" Jackhammers with a 1250w matching amp. what i want to do is get an additional two, 2 channel amps. One for my door speakers to run all of the time, and one for speakers outside of the cab with a toggle switch. Questions: Can I run 3 amps off of one H/U...
  25. D

    Problems with my 3.5 Farad Capacitor

    Ok, I have 2 Alpine Type-E 12" connected to a Boss PH2.800 1600w amp (2 x 260rms at 4ohms) and a 3.5 farad capacitor. Now, I have a little issue with the capacitor, when I turn up the volume for more than 20 the voltmeter goes off and the capacitor start making a beep sound. I have a 4 gauge...
  26. kustomciv

    Capacitor & Second Battery Questions

    Okay talking to local "Experts" and then getting on google and researching is about to drive me batty. Completely different opinions on everything I have asked so I am going to ask here Local "Expert" said that a capacitor would be a good investment to have less strain on my alternator. Google...
  27. G

    New Problem (from what I've gathered here)

    I bought a new car and had a new shop install my JL 500/1 (v1 I think) powering 2 JL w3's in the H.O. wedge box. I was excited! That was a few hours ago. I also let them put a break in the power chain with a 2 Farad Cap from Tsunami in there. The cap seems to have crapped out. I didn't monitor...
  28. T

    Lights Dimming

    Hey My lights have been dimming just whenever my car uses any extra electricity other then what it needs to run lol and you just see the volt gauge move pretty dramatically but never goes below 10 but anyway at first the batterry was ****** to begi with if i used any elctricity other then...
  29. D

    BatCap wiring, safety concerns

    K I'm a noob, but trying to be considerate and not pollute other more specific threads. I'm installing an Audison lrx5.1 in on 08 WRX/STI (amp is approx. 1500W max, but I'll rarely hit that). The STI alternator puts out 120A. I ordered a BatCap 800 to help preserve my electrical system and to...
  30. A

    Capacitor Issues..Blown Fuse..Need Help

    My fuse in the fuse holder keeps blowing everytime I hookup my power wire to battery. Never had this problem until I installed my capacitor and when I hooked it up. But that was when it was new and had no charge. Now that still has charge and its the only reason I can think of. Had a flat tire...
  31. K

    SOLD 2x 12" Kicker Solobaric L7 's / Box / ZX1000.1 amp/ Tsunami Capacitor

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 x 12" Kicker Solo-baric L7's with Speaker Grills in Custom Built Vented Box Kicker ZX1000.1 Class D Mono Amplifier Tsunami 2 Farad Capacitor Item(s) Description/Condition: Everything is in mint condition and has been well cared for. This setup is loud and sounds amazing...
  32. JL Amp and  BatCap

    JL Amp and BatCap

    JL Audio A4300 and Blackmore Cap
  33. cap for sale

    cap for sale

    1 farad cap for sale, audiobahn $50