high output alternator

  1. 0

    High Output Alternator for Mazda

    Hi. I read through the sticky on high output alternators but it didn't appear to answer the questions I have. I'm interested in upgrading the 130amp OEM alternator for a 2021 Mazda CX-30 2.5L Turbo AWD to a high output alternator. Since the vehicle is so new I'm not finding much available...
  2. momeigs


    Went to startup the car and before I could even connect to my headunit to play music, all of my speakers (besides my subs) blew. There was a thumping noise coming from the subs during the fiasco. The tweeters were making a loud clipping noise. Smoke started to come up from the front door...
  3. NateF

    Too much power draw?

    I've never had battery or alternator problems til I hooked up my system in a Honda. I never used a capacitor until I put my system in a Honda. My brother thinks I need to get a high output alternator because im trying to run too much power. I need some help/suggestions if I should try to find a...
  4. A

    I need to know if I need a high output alternator

    Hello car audiophiles, this is my first ever forum thread anywhere. I'm just wandering if I need to upgrade my alternator to a "high output", and if so, what amperage would I need. My setup currently is a 02 Buick LeSabre, with a 800cca battery from advance Auto, with a PSI platform 3 12 inch...
  5. BayAreaSlaps408

    HO Alternator help

    All right so I got everything and ready to begin my installation. But did research n found out I might need to replace my stock 120 amp alt for high amp output alt. Ima be running AQ/SQ Q1-2200D @ 1 ohm with 1/0 gauge KnuKoncept OFC, installing Big 3 w 1/0 gauge OFC, and brand new Interstate...
  6. M

    single alternator vs dual alternators

    hello i have 1 240 amp alternator but i need more amps if i add another 240 amp alternator will that help or add 1 400 amp alternator and if i add 2 240 amp alternators make it 480 amps or a strong 240 amps im looking to power a dd m3b and 2 mtx 3404 amp plus 2 sets of 35 watt h.i.d lights for...
  7. Chevy Blazin'

    high output alt for 01 chevy blazer

    let me know what you got for a reasonable price
  8. A

    High output alternator for a 2001 chevy blazer

    Looking for a high output alternator or someone who can rebuild me a high output alternator for a 2001 chevy blazer lt v6 4.3 L
  9. icehellion

    Need H.O Alternator for 97 Mustang Cobra DOHC.

    Need H.O Alternator for 97 Mustang Cobra DOHC. Its different than a SOHC Alternator, DOHC is smaller and the alternator websites (Powerbastards, DB Electrical, DC Power, Mechman), I went to do not offer anything. I left some emails, but haven't recieved any responses. Im going to run: Boston...
  10. J

    High Output Alternators

    Hi there, I need to purchase a High Output alternator for my 1996 Chevy Lumina and am wondering how to choose one that would fit my system. I'm running 2 12" Alpine SWR-1223D DVC Subs with a Hifonics Brutus 1700W Amp, and a 2000W amp for my 4 speakers. Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks
  11. T

    Mr. Alternator.com alternators?

    has anyone every ordered a high output alternator from mralternator.com?