Dsp settings. Amp gain


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Using a Dayton dsp 408
What is the best way to go about this

should I turn my dsp gain about 3/4 of the way up on the output per channel and then adjust the amp gain to match the watts the speakers are rated for measuring voltage with different frequency based on the speaker hertz range going to the speakers

Or should I turn the dsp settings at about half voltage output. Turn the amp gain with an O scope to just under clipping
And then use the gain output on the dsp to adjust down if need be

trying to figure this dsp thing out. I am not getting anywhere near the volume in the car with the power I am running

my subs are plenty loud. I used a 40hz test tone to measure voltage going to the subs and have calculated that I am getting 1200 watts to the subs. Subs rated 600 watts rms each

just the tweeters and mids are not loud

I am running a 3 way active setup
Focal iss tweeter
Focal iss 5 1/4
Focal iss 6/12

how do you adjust dsp outputgain settings on the amplifierto get the most out up your system

I have already measured the output from the head unit and know the max volume setting that the Dayton dsp recommended on the input

amps used. Us acoustics mike 1500 watts
Barbara Ann 4x100. On the mids
Pioneer premier 2x35 watts on the tweeters

I feel I have enough watts just not getting the performance it should be.


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My PRV DSP does not up the voltage to 8 volts coming from the head unit like I thought it would,, so I used a multimeter to test where my max voltage would be coming from my head unit and I get 2.4 volts (crap head unit) at around 37 on the volume. Then I plugged the rcas into the DSP and brought the gain up on each of my DSP channels to match at 2.4. Set my amps, then adjusted everything down on the DSP gain to customize my sound. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to be done, but it seems to work decent for me. pretty sure you don’t want to feed a cut into a boost though usually.

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