2-way with extra tweeter or 3-way?


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Hello! Just bought a Mazda MX-5 the other day and I am very happy! Although, the speakers inside are rubbish! I love my music and want to have the best music quality. Good bass and clear audio is what I want.

I've been researching for good quality speakers and found these Pioneer ones! But I do not know whether to get the 2-way set or the 3-way set (there is no 4-way set).

Both my car doors have a speaker at the bottom of the door, and a little tweeter at the top of my door. So, would it be better to get a 2-way and the little tweeters? Or just get the 3-way?

2-way with tweeter: www . pioneer.eu/uk/products/25/131/201/TS-A131Ci/index.html

3-way: www . pioneer.eu/uk/products/25/131/201/TS-A1313i/index.html

Also, the 2-way separate tweeter is 20,0 mm, whereas the 3-way is 11,0 mm. Does that mean the 20,0mm will be better (theoretically)?

I'm guessing the 2-way with tweeter is better, but just wanted some advice from people before I buy.

I really appreciate this and thanks for your advice, guys.



P.S. I am sorry if I have posted this topic in the wrong sub-forum.



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orrr instead of a coax and then adding a tweeter get a nice comp set?



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You see, my car is quite small as it's only a 2 seater. So I thought just replacing the speakers and the tweeters inside will do. I don't have room for amplifiers or subwoofers, and all that jazz, plus I wouldn't know how to connect it all or know what wires to get (if any extra needed). I'm not all the knowledgable with cars lol

So, the 2-way set with the tweeters is the way to go you lot are saying? Cheers for the advice.



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^^^^^ You never said what your budget was??

2-way setup you can go with a 5,6.5, or 8 midbass.

3-way are mostly tweeter-midrange-midbass driver.

if you go with a 2-way you could look into a small footprint amp like JL,Arc,new pheonix gold,there are a lot of chioces in small amp that you can mount under your seat.

in a 2-way you can use slim sub, like JL,RE,Pioneer,etc......

In a 3-way if you can get a 8 inch in your doors or built pods then a 3-way passive setup will work.

You should go to a local shop to look around before setting your mind on either one.


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