1. gdotcastro

    6.5 2-Way Speakers + Tweeter Install Suggestions

    I'm currently working on installing my own system to a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. My stock system was getting on my nervs, from loud road noise (big mud tires) + an exhaust system, I couldn't hear $#!T So I decided to upgrade my component speakers to some temporary Kickers I picked up at...
  2. R

    2-way with extra tweeter or 3-way?

    Hello! Just bought a Mazda MX-5 the other day and I am very happy! Although, the speakers inside are rubbish! I love my music and want to have the best music quality. Good bass and clear audio is what I want. I've been researching for good quality speakers and found these Pioneer ones! But...
  3. F

    :confused: MB Quart DSH 216 or FSA 216?

    MB Quart DHS 216 component speaker this price inviting in U.S. stores, virtually unchanged from MB Quart FSA216 in some stores, and reports of buyers in places is positive. I hesitate to buy products from MB Quart today because I read that after the purchase by Maxxsonics products do not have...