1. Doxquzme

    New Front Stage Driver Placement

    Getting ready to swap some drivers and put in mew 2" dome mids. Tweeters: CDT ES 1200is (3500-25kz) CDT Audio ES-1200iS Midrange: Sony 203s 2" Dome mid 500 hz to 3500 khz https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item-183269-Infinity-Kappa-203S.html Misbass: CDT HD-M - 70 to 500 hz CDT Audio HD-M6...
  2. F

    2-way vs 3-way front stage

    Hi all, I'm looking for pros and cons for going 3-way active vs 2-way active. The obvious pro for 3-way is volume and for 2-way is price, simplicity. What are some other things to consider if doing a 3-way front stage. I do have the PS8, so processing power is not an issue. I have a 2-way setup...
  3. R

    2-way with extra tweeter or 3-way?

    Hello! Just bought a Mazda MX-5 the other day and I am very happy! Although, the speakers inside are rubbish! I love my music and want to have the best music quality. Good bass and clear audio is what I want. I've been researching for good quality speakers and found these Pioneer ones! But...
  4. K

    SOLD F/S: CDT Audio HD-642 3-Way Component Speaker System $425 Shipped Including Extras

    F/S: CDT Audio HD-642 3-Way Components $425 Shipped (CONUS)   (2) 6.5" woofers w/grilles (2) 4" midranges w/grilles (2) 1.75" silk soft dome tweeters (2) SubNet 642 bass crossovers and (2) SatNet 642 mid-tweet crossovers Flush, surface, and angle mounts 150WRMS...