1. U

    Peugeot 207 2007 stereo upgrade

    Hello, I have a Peugeot 207 SE 2007 and would like to upgrade its existing car stereo. It’s a single cd fm/am radio and I would like to get something that has dab+ and the ability to play music and podcasts from my Apple iPhone (I believe this is called CarPlay.) Do you know which single unit I...
  2. Alian Gómez

    I have a toyota rav4 2009 sport can anyone please tell me a good stereo wireless preferably around 300dollars

    I have a toyota rav4 2009 sport can anyone please tell me a good stereo wireless preferably around 300dollars
  3. V8Nate

    Help needed with amp and headunit setup

    Hello everyone, I'm in need of help with the tuning/setup of my new stereo setup I'm working on in my ext cab s10. The head unit is a alpine ilx-w670 and the amp is a kicker kx700.5. I'll be using a bazooka el804 sub and Pyle pl63bl and Pyle pl410bl speakers off the amp. I also have Pyle pl63bl...
  4. Mr FaceCaser

    Single din radio problem

    I love my SONY DSX M80 but I'm having a problem with it when I turn my car on and stero turns it plays for a few Secs then cuts out about twice then continues playing just fine. 2nd problem is when there is someone else in my car who is paired (not connected) just paired and I'm connected it...
  5. R

    Swapping factory Honda Element stereo 2005 with DMH1770 nex

    I am switching a factory Honda Element 2005 am fm single CD player digital display NO subwoofer to a Pioneer DMH 1770 NEX. I was wondering what harness i can use from the factory wiring to the new radio to keep from having to splice wires if possible? I can call Crutchfield if I need to.Thank...
  6. rebeckascoggins

    Wiring Diagram

    Does anyone have a stereo wiring diagram for a 2012 Kia Sportage?
  7. E

    Speaker Buzz After Installing Amplifier

    I just installed a factory refurbished Infinity Refrence 3004A 4-Channel Amplifier. I have the speaker connected to the amp with 14 guage ofc speaker wire, the power and grounds are 4 guage ofc. I tried to test the first speaker, and there's a constant buzzing independent of stereo volume. The...
  8. E

    Really Need Help Finding a Head Unit....

    I'm looking for a double din stereo with 4-5 volt preamp voltage. I'd like it to have a front facing USB that's capable of sending near CD quality signal. I need at least 3 rca channels, and I'd like it to also have a decent amount of SQ based settings. I don't really care about carplay and...
  9. E

    Audio cracks above certain volume

    Im trying to set up a sub and amp in my 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT. I got everything set up correctly but when the volume is turned up past a certain point it begins to cut out and crack. I suspect my factory stereo is lacking wattage but I'm not 100%. What do I need to do to eliminate this issue?
  10. Ste

    Advice regarding steering wheel control setup with pioneer sph250dab

    My skoda fabia mk2 has no steering wheel controls built in so i bought this unit ( to add the function. I've connected it all up, i have the correct wiring loom that also includes the connects2 steering wheel adapter, to my pioneer...
  11. D

    Help identifying what kind of amp this is.

    I know it’s a 2 channel amp but there is no brand name on it and I don’t know how many watts it is. I need to know what kind of amp I have if anyone can help.
  12. P

    Help with modern receiver that has VERY good AM reception

    In ALL the car stereo shops I go to, I am told that modern aftermarket stereos simply have zilch in AM reception. I am installing into a 1994 Japanese market import Pajero (right hand drive) that is converted to postal use. I want EITHER a modern after market radio with every good AM...
  13. 6

    Stereo turns on but no sound

    I re wired, checked my amps, speakers but still no sound, i have power on both my amps and my stereo but there is no sound, idk what the problem could be anymore if anyone can help thx if not ima just need to buy a new stereo, i have a pioneer deh-s5010bt
  14. T

    HELP! 2010 Subaru legacy head unit wiring

    So I got an aftermarket stereo for my 2010 Subaru legacy, the harness adapter it came with is a 14 pin, and the one that's already on the car looks like a 16 pin. I'm trying to figure out what the best way to wire in the new head unit would be. Do I just cut the wires and try to connect them to...
  15. Reesatta

    Vintage Blaupunkt car cassette radio problems

    Hello, Not sure if these are common problems or maybe a bit advanced for the forum, but I'll give it a try. I've got a 1980's Blaupunkt car cassette radio (see images for model number, because I'm unsure), and both its cassette and radio functions are defect. I don't have a car to try it in...
  16. Diamond_X_Gaming

    Need Help picking speakers

    I just installed a BOSS Audio Systems BVB9364RC stereo in my 2007 Ford Edge SEL. Speakers are blown and I'm just lost on what speakers I should get. I want to place both front and back.
  17. D

    2004 saturn vue car stereo install: whats this wire?

    Hi im currently in the process of switching put my factory 2004 saturn vue stereo head unit and putting in a touch screen. There is a wire that slides on to the old unit via a metal tab. Does anyone know what this is for?? The new touch screen does not have this metal tab and i had it...
  18. J

    Subwoofer Compatibility Check

    I have a 13 plate Corsa VXR and want to install a subwoofer into it. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to audio so I'm a bit stuck. My stereo is a AVH-Z9100DAB. Does this have an amplifier built into it that'll run a subwoofer? If not, how do I go about getting the correct amplifier for this...
  19. Isaac Lind

    Running two Subs In stereo On a 2 channel Amp???

    I keep thinking this and can’t figure this out in my head and it’s driving me crazy. So let’s say I have a 2 channel amp and two 2 ohm subwoofers. My amp is stable bridged at 4 ohm so I wire them in series. Now both subs pound at the same time. Now let’s say I just hook up each sub to each...
  20. H

    Im doing everything wrong plz halp

    So I bought the cheapest car around and of course, it has a crap sound system. fortunately, I had 2 pair of speakers laying around: - PIONEER TS-R6951S 400W 3-Way (this one I want to put in the back) - Boston exl-60c 25w RMS 220w (and these ones in rear passenger seats) and I plan to buy...
  21. eddie_93

    Kenwood Excelon KDC-X494 head unit w/ USB and Aux

    View Listing Kenwood Excelon KDC-X494 head unit w/ USB and Aux Kenwood Excelon KDC-X494 head unit w/ USB and Aux 3 sets of 4V preouts. Works great.  $40 shipped CONUS  Advertiser eddie_93 Date 02/23/2019 Price $40.00 Category Head Unit Classifieds
  22. A

    6x9’s not working

    I have a 2006 Ford Fusion and had a new stereo installed but now my 6x9 rear speakers aren’t working. They are getting power and I’ve replaced all the fuses for the amplifier. The speakers are in excellent condition
  23. N

    Adding 3.5mm jack to my old car stereo

    Guys, I have an old car stereo - Pioneer DEH-2750MP - bought in 2005 and it is still working without any issues. It has only CD player input and no 3.5mm aux input nor Bluetooth input. I'm planning to add at least 3.5mm aux input. I haven't unscrewed it from the car so I don't know how it's...
  24. Christina Tipton

    New Car & Stereo - Unsure Which Adapter Is Needed

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me find the right adaptor for my car stereo. It’s my first car, a Volkswagen Beetle 2001, and the stereo is a Sony one (see photos). The previous stereo was taken out of the car so I’m not sure if I have all the right wires to get this one set up. I’ve attached...
  25. T

    Hummer H3 SOS HELP!!!

    I have a Hummer H3 and after my battery died my stereo stopped working. I have power to my stereo because the disc drive and radio still produces sound when my stock stereo is in but with both my aftermarket and stock none of the dials work or provide any visuals. I’m clueless of what is wrong...
  26. Z

    Replacing Car Stereo Advice and Thoughts for a NOOB

    So I have a 2010 Mazda 3 and my panel quit working. I hit the buttons and no CD, no volume change, no Aux... nada I'm going to try and switch out a plug or two and see if it helps, but most likely am going to need a new stereo. Mazda dealer said it would be around $700... so I'm looking to get...
  27. M

    What is the right sound system for this Kia Cee'd?

    Hey folks! I don't actually own a car, but I'm looking for some help finding the right sound system/CD player/radio for my friend's dad's car. They've helped me out a lot in the past year and I want to give something back. So I thought it'd be a cool gift to get him a sound system for his Kia...
  28. A

    Bet You Won't See This Often... If You See It Twice... Semi-Truck Upgrade

    Ok, first and foremost, you don't see many people upgrading audio systems in a road tractor (Tractor-trailer truck for the unfamiliar), so bear with me... Some of you may have friends that drive semis that may want to try this idea. I found very quickly that the factory stereo in most road...
  29. G

    Need help: installing JVC KD210 cd player into 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic

    I'm having trouble hooking up my JVC KD210 CD player to my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic. The wires from the stereo to the car are all hooked up and seem to be correct. I can get the stereo to turn on by hitting the DSP or eject button, but then it turns off after about 3 seconds and that's it. I'm...
  30. N

    Newbie Question About Stereos

    Hi all! My 16 year old son has a 2007 Toyota Tundra with the original factory stereo and speakers. The stereo has almost no bass, and being 16, that is apparently incredibly important. My question: How do we figure out what touch screen stereo, within reasonable price range, will fit into...
  31. A

    Car Volume turns down after an hour of driving

    Hi all, I'm new to car forums so bear with me, if I miss out any information let me know and I'll add it in. I bought a used Toyota Yaris (my first car) and I've had it for 4 months now, about a month ago I noticed that after about an hour of driving the stereo turns itself right down to the...
  32. T

    Requesting guidance: truck stereo upgrade

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some starting advice to upgrade the stereo in my 2006 Tundra truck. Attached photo shows the stock stereo I currently have in it. Guidance from experienced people is needed. I am completely new to car audio and feel a bit overwhelmed by the range of options out...
  33. S

    Help with Pioneer stereo setup

    Hello I just got a Pioneer car stereo with an Audiobahn 800 watt amp and a 12" Power Acoustik sub. I'm really confused with the settings on the Pioneer stereo. I don't know what the cut-off frequency means for the subwoofer and what the HPF setting means. I would like both highs and bass in my...
  34. J

    Wiring harness, Speakers and Headunit.

    Hey guys, I want to re-wire my car, since the last owner made a total mess of it. I found a brand new 200ft spool of speaker wire in my shop. Could i run speaker wire from the headunit directly to the speaker? (without using the factory speaker harness). The speaker harnesses are like 15$ each...
  35. L

    Kia Rio replacement stereo

    I'd be grateful for any members advice. I recently purchased a used Kia Rio (2009). The garage informed me that the original Kia stereo was faulty and unrepairable. They undertook to install a replacement with the equivalent spec. The replacement turned out to be a used, JVC unit (KD G202 if...
  36. S

    Amplifier advice please.

    I would like some advice on what type of amp I would need for 4 x 90 watt 4 0hm speakers and a 150 watt 8 0hm subwoofer. It's only for a smart car so nothing too expensive. Just decent sound thanks.
  37. S

    About US.

    Integrity is the cornerstone of our business! Stereo Zone has been a family owned and operated business since 1999. We specialize in all car electronics and mobile accessories. We believe in providing a great service with a low price. Our business revolves around building relationships and...
  38. S

    Help making my stereo ipod compatible

    I currently have a Panasonic CQ-C1303U installed in my 1997 Honda Civic. Naturally, it is old enough so that there is no tape player, yet not new enough to have an ipod compatible cable. This bars any means of connecting my ipod to the stereo. However, all that i desire is a way to get an...
  39. F

    Seeking wisdom.

    I am in need of some wisdom for wiring a new DD receiver for the car. -2002 Chevy Impala LS with factory stereo consisting of an AM/FM, Cd Player, and cassette deck (not sure if that info helps). My Impala will lose its functionality to reset the tire pressure light and oil sensor which...
  40. zeke813505

    Stereo Won't Turn On????

    I was installing a new stereo in my truck and lost where the power wire is. Just my luck it touched the stereo,sparked and now won't turn on. Its not only that stereo either. I had two brand new ones and tried those but still would not turn on. I changed the (radio on) fuse on the truck and...