What is the right sound system for this Kia Cee'd?


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Aug 21, 2016
Athens, Greece
Hey folks!

I don't actually own a car, but I'm looking for some help finding the right sound system/CD player/radio for my friend's dad's car. They've helped me out a lot in the past year and I want to give something back. So I thought it'd be a cool gift to get him a sound system for his Kia Cee'd.

Now, the thing is that I don't know what the exact model or build year is, but from what I've found out so far it may not matter at all. I just wanted to make sure before I go and buy something that won't fit in the end.

I've found some models like KIA D1 CDP or KIA CDP WMA.

What exactly am I looking for here for this specific car?

I looked for help in the KIA forums but wasn't lucky at all. I hope I'm more lucky on here.

Thanks a bunch!


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