Im doing everything wrong plz halp

harman Newbie
Mar 24, 2019
So I bought the cheapest car around and of course, it has a crap sound system. fortunately, I had 2 pair of speakers laying around:

- PIONEER TS-R6951S 400W 3-Way (this one I want to put in the back)

- Boston exl-60c 25w RMS 220w (and these ones in rear passenger seats)

and I plan to buy another 2 pair to put in the front door side for the driver and other passengers PIONEER 600W TOTAL 2-WAY 6.5 INCH.

However, since I'm new to this type of hobbies/ DIY I don't know anything other than how to make the installation, so the thing I want know is if I need a new stereo player and an amp as well or I easily make the setup work without either of them, and is there anything I am missing.

if I put a new stereo I will lose the controls from the steering wheel.

Btw before installing the speaker I'm definitely going to revest the sides of the door with sound proofing/vibration deadening sheets to improve the sound ofc.



Gunz That Turn on Nunz
Feb 5, 2013
South Coast Metro, CA
the main rule of car audio is, less is more. Too many speakers in the system will make everything sound like sh*t and you want all the amplifier power in front, nothing in the rear, that can be left on head unit power.   You will need a new radio around 100 bucks, and the steering wheel retention hardware costs around 70-80 bucks my personal suggestion, screw the steering wheel control, you can play music with bluetooth on your phone and save that money for an amp.   those 600 watt numbers are not the numbers you should be looking at, you should be looking at construction material usually go for silk domes on the tweeters.  You'll want decent sensitivity ratings as well aim for 90db or higher sensitivity. Go for components or raw drivers aka seperate midrange and tweeter drivers and use the head unit to actively crossover.


harman Newbie
Mar 24, 2019
Do you have any recommendations? On speakers and head unit? And I don't need new cabling, right? 


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